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  1. Fedfan
    this is a group where we all proud AAS members can express our admiration for Arkadios
  2. Levenspiel
    I'll join right away.
  3. qiangdade
    the only thing i don't appreciate is his drinking abilities. he's a woos
  4. Fedfan
    Yes I see it now.He definitely needs more practise.
  5. Khalid80
    Thanks for the thread Fedfan


    Arkadios, you should hang out more with qiangdade, whenever he's in Athens, to work on improving your alcohol tolerance, since apparently he's the one taking the pic
  6. Fedfan
    Arkadios is not invited in this group
    or else he would spam it to no end with narcissishit comments.
  7. elaj
    the picture was taken in Berlin (Euroleague Final Four) by me me and qiangdade decided to drink on while he passed out
  8. prtzn
    Well, maybe beer isn't his drink. Judging by his posts, he seems (seemed?) more like a vodka drinker to me...
    BTW, this is a perfect place to ask some of you guys, are Arkadios and Prometeus on Fire the same person?
  9. qiangdade
    yes indeed this pic must have been taken by elaj. i can see my hand on the right of the pic. we also left plent of souvenirs on his face that night
  10. Fedfan
    the same person??hmmm...that's difficult to say really.He has so many multiple personalities we have lost count.
    Like he used to post as Vasileios Spanoulis 666 before,and then respond to himself.
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