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  1. bhinov
    anu hinihithit ni sergio?
  2. dxjayrock2008
    He's been smoking Cigaweed these days. Lol.
  3. reamily
    still in the end practice game iyon kung medyo good shot tayo sa fiba eh sana na wipe out iyang uzbekistan sa seeding because look what happened to kazakhstan defending bronze medalist higher rank sa fiba asia than the most favorite team taiwan eh laglag sila sa seeding
  4. kaiziken_pinas
    sergio. haay sergio. I don't read his posts kasi most of the time, their usually about the Universities and the like
  5. kaiziken_pinas
    YES! My best friend is BACK!
  6. dxjayrock2008
    The NBA and Euroleague fans are having a flame war @ IBN-NBA thread. This is very exciting. Lol.
  7. weward
    alam nyo ba magkanu un mga gilas jackets,shirts,jerseys? thanks
  8. eindhow
    Sino ba yung ariel_muhlach at marami siyang tsismis?? Gaya neto:

    Ryan is still hurting with the way he was not used by Toroman during his time at Gilas how he was dropped like a hot potato just like that by Team Management. Parks family also does not appreciate being told Ray is not yet ready to be part of Gilas. Same "raw" reason is why Kiefer was not asked to join Gilas practices. You cannot blame these players having "tampo" coz at times how they do things in Serbia is not that the way we Filipinos are used to. Thats also part of the reason why Rabbeh, RJ, Rey and now JR decided not to continue anymore. But you really have to give an A+ grade to Magi Sison for his patience and dedication.

    Jersey - around 1.3k
    Jacket - less than 3k
    Shirt - no idea
  9. weward
    oo nga nkakaintriga un ariel_mulach na un..ahaha
    btw,maybe he's one of the people i've invited to join this forum,tiu brothers,
    and is namamangha noli eala?

    thanks for the prices eindhow.
  10. b3lowzro
    @bhinov: anu rin kaya un hinihihit ni yogaflame
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