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  1. donmar
    oo... ano pala ang nangyayari sa U16... any updates?
  2. b3lowzro
    nasa Asian Youth Games sila sa Singapore di ba?
  3. reamily
    opinion ko lang the best point guard in the pba right now is not playing in the rp team oops pati yun sa 2007 ah
  4. The_Big_Cat
    donmar, paki update na lang kami regarding sa petition.
  5. reamily
    it seems really fiba is underestimating the market power of filipino basketball fans subukan lang nila I suspend uli ang rp pagpapaliwanagin di lang si graham lim sa harap ng luneta pati si baumann
  6. donmar
    OK.. no probs.. I'll update it... I'm developing a new website (sort of a social network too)... all Filipinos from different forums will be invited....
  7. donmar
    The group page is now ready... you guys can join now...
  8. jesronne
    patayin si graham lim..!!
  9. reamily
    kitang kita ang imbalance ng ncaa i hope many so called blue chip recruits would see the essence of leading your own team hehehe like rhk said
  10. reamily
    pag hindi siya pinaglaro dun sa tournamnet signal na iyon kunin na sya ng gilas
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