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  1. b3lowzro
    haay no more la salle in final four

    anyway buti naman nag cooled down un mga banatan nila Rhk and some of the IBN pinoys around. Indeed both sides has valid point but sa huli ang SBP pa rin ang huling say s issue.
  2. kerouac82
    Oks lang yan, b3lowzro. Nakakatakot ang DLSU next season.
  3. The_Big_Cat
    Jonar, hindi nakakatakot ang DLSU next year dahil lahat ng rookies nila ngayon ay tatamaan ng Sophomore slump/jinx next year. Hehehe. Joke lang.
  4. reamily
    heheh Happy birthday SirNardy
  5. b3lowzro
    new issues on the forum, game fixing...

    Its been a long issue and still thriving what can you guys say about this?
  6. reamily
    OT: sama sa reality ng laro iyan di na ako lalalim pa

    And if you watched eurobasket you will be amused on how well serbia is playing sans nba players and veteran guys (ave age is 22.3) and oldest guys is 26. true if they field they nba players there they would be suck but if you build a solid team with capable guys (btw serbia is a basketball hotbed so) maybe it will not be a same case but in research isa itong patunay
  7. b3lowzro
    Here's a way how you overseas pinoys out there can help your fellow brothers & sisters here in the Philippines. Click the link on how you can help. All proceeds would go to the Philippine Red Cross/Crescent.

    At the time of writing, 73 people have died and over 300,000 people have been displaced by Tropical Storm Ketsana (local name “Ondoy”) that struck the Philippines with heavy, torrential rains on Saturday, September 28, 2009.
  8. jesronne
    totoo ba yung namamanghoy?? taga SBP ba talaga siya?
  9. rensquared
    @jesronne di ko alam pare. Pero kung ano man siya, di siya dapat ganun. Keep us in line??? DOnt like it at all.
  10. jesronne
    wala na si lee... kulang ng slasher ang smart gilas... si barroca lang ata pde maka slash eh...
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