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  1. The_Big_Cat
    Nice to be part of this group.
    Donmar, you're only 23 but you amaze me with your Filipino basketball knowledge.
  2. donmar
    Thanks a lot... ever since I left the Philippines... I learned a lot about the country especially basketball... I even made sure I get to own the "Legends and Heroes" book..
  3. thadzonline
    where's Alex?
  4. bolabasket
    thanks for the invite...ano gagawin natin dito...:lol:
  5. donmar
    I already invited Alex... I invited all Filipino forumers who posted over 1000 messages..

    This is our group which we can identify ourselves from the rest... I guess the reason why I made the group exclusive is that we all know a lot of RP basketball and most of us post fairly and responsibly... when I join Interbasket, non-Filipino forumers have this stereotypes to Filipinos for being cocky and stuffs like that... and I think its quite unfair for some of us... most of those cocky stuffs are mostly from the new Filipino members and once-post members (only posted once and then left) posted some messages that sometimes its over the line....
  6. b3lowzro
    oi mga kabababayan its nice to have a group of our own. moderated ba ito nila stuart o ni rikhardur? I bet most of us here are itching to speak tagalog.

    now hehe what are the rules and regulations here?
  7. donmar
    Pwede ata tayo mag-Tagalog dito... I started the group and the only rules I made is that members (active Filipino forumers) must at least posted 1000 messages...

    Speaking Tagalog shouldn't be a problem... I mean "Walang problema kung magtatagalog!"
  8. The_Big_Cat
    I noticed that some of you, chose to hide their birthdates. lol
  9. dreamwalker
    Thanks for the invitation, so when is our get together or something ? hehehe...
  10. donmar
    that would be easy for those guys who live in Manila....
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