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  1. donmar
    hehehe I'm enjoying the brief one-sided showdown between jorgii and demonyito in the SBP NT thread ... unfortunately, guesswho was banned....

    @c_d: yeah hopefully simulan na nila... I agree with you minor tournaments that got nothing to do with clubs should be given to the Smart Gilas B team or even the RP U-18... best way for exposure and practice..
  2. alien space bats
    alien space bats
    china ba ulit host ng fiba asia? pag nagkataon lalong yayabang si sinobball. napakayabang tlga ng intsik na yun. racist pa at laging minamaliit ang pilipino.
  3. b3lowzro
    @asb: Asian Games un i-hhost nila, Lebanon ang mag hhost ng Fiba Asia.
  4. alien space bats
    alien space bats
    @zero yeah pero recently me talks na gus2 yta china pati fiba asia agawin p sa lebanon. s leb n lang at m homecourt advantage tau dun miski paano
  5. kaiziken_pinas
  6. b3lowzro
    @mikhail: content is currently unavailable daw
  7. kaiziken_pinas
    hayaan nyu na lang. hahaha. BTW, check nyu lang yung ABL FB page every now and then.
  8. alex15
    got a good suggestion,let encourage smart gilas to take bobby jr on their team,they for sure could use tall point guard for the asian games,if anyone know how to make that happen,i very much wecome the help-Bobby Sr. Via facebook

    Guys let's try to help, What about an Online Petition?
  9. kaiziken_pinas
    @Alex : start one if you want.

    anyway, Jordan lost to Australia by one. Lebanon beat Canada by 10. Does that mean we can beat Australia by 3 and Canada by 9? hahahaha.... We can compete in the world STAGE after all!!
  10. dreamwalker
    Our Lebanese forumer friends were saying that they should not play in the asians games anymore. Waste of time daw, feeling nila world class na at kailan naman kaya sila magiging asian champs ?
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