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  1. b3lowzro
    hehe Eala took the risk of losing his career for his loved one, galing! guts like would lead to a glorious marriage
  2. kaiziken_pinas
    @Asb and Zero : love is stupid. Heck I'd do the same thing coz I am. lol.

    kids are posting in IBN?
  3. kaiziken_pinas
    If Yemen beats China tonight, I don't know what'll happen
  4. donmar
    I think some kids are posting in the IBN... of course, there's nothing wrong with that... its good that they're into our national team while still young and not "yet" polluted by the agaw buko basketball of the PBA... otherwise, some so-called geniuses in this forum are just trying to degrade other forumers with their smart words and 3-5 paragraphs...

    But that just my opinion...


    looks like malaki yung chances natin sa Asiad ngayon especially that other teams not sending their A Teams and not fielding NBA players... either way, it doesn't really matter if the Asiad meant something or not... as long as the team wins a medal or finish in the top 5... I'll be happy...
  5. reamily
    @donmar tama

    sa bata yes maganda simula ang national team

    wag lang madala sa hype jobs
  6. reamily
    @kp although Eala prove me that someone would do everything for true love

    It is in his persona sa totoo lang
  7. kaiziken_pinas
    agree. wala lang hype jobs. medyo may pag ka arrogante eh. haha
  8. kaiziken_pinas
    na agaw na yung babae ko tapos natalo pa sa F4.... just put tang in a glass
  9. dxjayrock2008
    The Bruneian jackass wants us pinoys to shift to football. Well, I'm not against football but our Football Federation sucks!
  10. alien space bats
    alien space bats
    sabi ko nga, the earlier we teach our young bball athletes to hate the taiwanese, the
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