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  1. dreamwalker
    Si Leo Rautins, national coach ng Canada. Pinagsabihan pala itong anak na hinay-hinay lang sa paglalaro baka ma aggravate ang injury, napakabait niyang ama. Talo tuloy ako ng 6-packs at isang order ng spicy buffalo wings sa laban ng Canada at Lebanon. Uminom na rin ako sa sama ng loob dahil kay
  2. reamily
    yeah they never consider Asian games a worthy tourney

    it will be a 4 headed fight that we want to "gatecrash"

    but still I do not think Jordan will make pukpok in this tourney

    this tourney they will send their best "stratgegically" I want them two use their young 6'8's because in palma's system it takes years even decades to aplayer to flourish
  3. reamily
    nardy new avi= Generation gap
  4. dreamwalker
    @reamily, I think their ego is well over their head. They do know what the other asian teams can do. Lebanon needed to use its vast experience and deeper bench to beat the courageous Smart-Gilas Pilipinas squad, 81-80, in their knockout semifinal encounter in the last FIBA-Asia Stankovic Cup which they hosted and played hard for the win. Their one point win against a bunch of college guys if taken as a barometer will confirm their fear that if Toromon's wish list of professional players be included in our team, we can surely kick their
  5. b3lowzro
    pareng dreamwalker hinay lang, (daan mo yan sa hoe garden or sa SMB) their arrogance would be their downfall sa next Fiba Asian Championships.

    I bet experience we gain in every tourney and event that Gilas participates in would be crucial for the NT's success in the coming years. I bet they'll bicker if ever we beat them a year from.
  6. donmar
    best way for Ray Parks is to play in the junior national teams (under-21, under-20, under-19, under-18).. the opponents he faced there are his future rivals in international basketball once he turned senior..
  7. reamily
    @dreamwalker yeah hopefully but honestly I want lebanon to win the tourney next year I want Fadi's legacy to be cemented Lebanon loves their basketball yeah I want RP to win greater than lebanon but honestly won't happen next year but I hope the level of competition of RP woul level up by 2012

    you know what I mean

    Lebanon's "said" arrogance majority of it because of their passion for basketball not really to despise opponents

    at least hindi sila ampaw tulad ng iba
  8. reamily
    sa una ayokio ng 16 sa olympics pero kung may olympic qualifier pa rin ay ok na win win situation if we want to go for glory and development lahat masaya
  9. reamily
    hopefully we get to the final 4 next year because we are long overdue of a level up in basketball competition
  10. kaiziken_pinas
    na busted ako. di nmn ako panget dba?
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