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  1. kaiziken_pinas
    I'll ignore him. Don't worry, I'll keep my cool. ^_^
  2. kaiziken_pinas
    was banned at for trolling. haha. How come they don't ban latinos who call Filipinos Monkeys then?
  3. b3lowzro
    @ Mikhail: well its a different sentiment there compared here

    anyway check this link

    then look who's going to read poetry in this event
  4. kaiziken_pinas
    @belowzero : epicness!~~~~ dang if only I were born in Manila.....!!! ^_^
  5. kerouac82
    Ayos kagabi, mga tsong. Tumugtog si Johnoy Danao. Lupit ng mga Dave Matthews cover niya. I think sa July ang next Happy Mondays. Hopefully by then maayos na ang gitara ko't sumalang sa open jam
  6. kerouac82
    Pustahan tayo, biglang dadami ang mga ka-Facebook ni CKR13 dahil sa IBN. "Claudine" ba naman ang pangalan
  7. b3lowzro
    kinda reminds of that tamagurl poster here, all the boys go gaga over her. it seems a lot of us here ibn never got out of that prepubescent stage being desperado for girlaloos hahaha .

    Jonar do post your invites, i bet a lot of us here in would go and support your gigs .

    Reamily, how are you? we have't heard from you since the Champions cup
  8. kerouac82
    Actually, tumingin ako sa Facebook niya. She ain't bad to look at, so to speak. Pero ayun nga, mga style bulok ang mga tao dito. Hahaha.

    Hiatus muna kami sa live gigs for now. Concentrate muna sa recording at plano na namin maglabas ng full-length CD by October or September. So far we've recorded two tracks out of 10 or 12. Todo na 'to.
  9. b3lowzro
    @jonar: hehehe let's make an experiment here in IBN, hehehe tignan natin kung yung mga boys dito would be nice to me if i make another account here in IBN as a girlaloo hahahhaa
  10. reamily
    hehe A lot of people now are seeing the reality it is good because kailangan nila ang suporta natin, wag natayong sumama sa problema by expecting too much in our team
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