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  1. kerouac82
    I don't do PEx anymore. Hehehe.
  2. reamily
    Birthday Kaiziken
  3. kaiziken_pinas
    Thank you Reamily.
    @Belowzero : na ban yun kasi inaway si JAYVEE AKA Big ticket
  4. b3lowzro
    @ Jonar: it figures bakit ganun si the_bugs hahahahaha.
    @ Mikhail: so you and Jayvee are buddies? pano mo nalaman un pangalan?
  5. kaiziken_pinas
    @belowzero: sinabi ni Patay_Butiki sa akin eh. nalaman niya kasama ni ogre. eh di ayun, troll nila si Big_ticket kaya na ban. grabe yung sacrifice nila.

    Buddy ko si Jayvee? d ako nag bu-buddy sa mga bading na stalker. ^_^
  6. kerouac82
    I have a feeling both of them (patay_butiki and ogre) will resurface, just under new names.

    Oo nga pala, I'll retire this nick. PM ko sa inyo ang bago kong nick. Hehehe.
  7. kaiziken_pinas
    Ginebra and TnT in the Philippine Invitational Challenge Cup.
  8. b3lowzro
    @mikhail: nothing against pb and ogre, pero bat nila papatulan un katulad ni JAYVEE? I think it was plain stupidity to stoop down to the level of someone like big ticket di ba? I admire you, you kept your cool against JAYVEE that's why you're still here in ibn.
  9. kaiziken_pinas
    It was plain stupid however a/an(if it's "H" which do you use, a or an? help me ^_^) Honorable act ^_^. Haven't seen them eversince but I think this sh*t head GINTO guy is either Big_Ticket or Manolo Inigo(her daughter is supah hot BTW). I actually received a warning from rikhardur but I managed to keep my temper afloat. thanks for the compliment. ^_^ Jayvee was trying to make me sabay flame to ban me. haha
  10. b3lowzro
    you're reacting too much with GINTO's sentiments towards the NT, if you don't like his post then just ignore him. Hehehe I really can't believe that my allegory between GINTO and Mr. Senile 'caused a bit of conspiracy theory here in the forums hahahaha.
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