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  1. jesronne
    sabi sa akin ng kilala ko... busy daw si danding kasi election na... binigyan ng hint ni danding si japeth before diba... sabi nya na pde si japeth maka ask ng favor kay danding sa FUTURE... pero yung ama gusto agad pera
  2. reamily
    if nasunod ang aguilar's the rest will follow thats bad in others perspective
  3. jesronne
    pero baka naman di gaanong kalakihan ang offer ng sbp kay japeth
  4. kerouac82
    Wala bang may ESPN-Star Sports dito? Bad trip kasi, Destiny ang cable namin dito. Saan kaya may bar na may ESPN? I wanna watch the first game of the Jones Cup. Hehehe.
  5. dreamwalker
    If ever I did get a chance to watch these games, it will be on you tube, poor me.
  6. jesronne
    wala ata sa espn eh... golf at tennis sa espn at star sports ngayon
  7. jesronne

    muzta na yung 6'10? may confirmation na?
  8. reamily
    I can't wait i can't wait for tomorrow

    I am reading post from other forums looks like good move solar

    RP played for 1 quarter
  9. rensquared
    Wow! Yahoo! Kasali nako dito! Thanks for the invitation guys!. Goodluck RP!
  10. donmar
    I open the group to longtime active members... I might've miss other people but I'm too lazy

    It seems that I'm more excited for the BANNER tonight than the game against the host nation...
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