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  1. donmar
    4th place pala tayo sa AYG... Korea won 33-29.. naubusan ata yung team natin ng gasolina sa semi-final...
  2. reamily
    Baylon is forgiven but not forgotten pala hehehehe ngayon ko lang napansin

    PBA and araneta coliseum(or any pba venues) should also slash punishments for irresponsible fans
  3. dreamwalker
    Jesronne, this might be the guy you telling me about that 6'10 Joseph Imbrogno from Ryerson University of Ontario but not from British Columbia.

    Anyways, I emailed coach Campbell of Wilfrid Laurier University's Golden Hawks to make some inquiries on students playing or enrolled in their school with Filipino roots and to some CIS players mentioned by Sir Nardy. Hopefully, I'll get a positive response soon.
  4. reamily
    nakita ko yun Qatar tournament thread at nalamn ko rin na marunong magtago yun lebanon hehehe
  5. reamily
    Kazakhstan greatest country in the world
    All other countries are run by little girls.
    Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
    its u19 ave age is 24 tenenenen.....
  6. donmar
    hehehehe good one reamily...
  7. reamily
    eala is love me or hate me type of leader he wants results good results to be exact expect toroman to win jones cup next year or asian games (might be too late) or else i will not say he will be changed but an upgrade will be brought

    thats why some other sbp stakeholders did not like him
  8. b3lowzro
    plus puro pangako siya kahit di panaman kailangan mag announce nagbibigay kaagad siya ng press release even if he has really big dreams for RP dapat i control muna niya un kanyang bibig para walang napapakong pangako.
  9. jesronne
    about kay eala... hmmmm.... all i can say is... money corrupts people... tama ba?? hehehe...


    baka yan na siya... kasi parang si thadz or si sir nardy ata ang nakabanggit sa 6'10 na pinoy dyan sa canada....
  10. reamily
    shortened ang season ng pba ngayon and I cant believe that na shortened na pala yun prang hindi eh aabot pala sila ng september kung hindi shortened hehehe

    and natalo ng qatar tourist athlethes ang jordan with the score of 80-48 and jordan prove the meaning of a no bearing game dapat di na lang naglaro kung ganyan
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