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  1. bognut
    so ano na nagyare sa EB nyo? tuloy ba yon?
  2. donmar
    EB? Ano yun?
  3. b3lowzro
    EBAK!!! joke heheh Eye ball!!!

    Biglang nawala parang bula ang mga henyo pagkatapos ng Jones Cup
  4. reamily
    pero the final bugso assault will come by fiba hehehe
  5. b3lowzro
    expect a major shutdown of IBN within a few weeks like what happened last Olympics
  6. donmar
    Hehehehe... there's gonna be a lot of unnecessary multiple threads with the same titles and the same topics... all over again... back to the old days of "copy and paste" your post to answer the same question your answered on the older thread... it already started.. like the "prediction thread"...

    I'm wondering why Al Vergara is not part of Smart-Gilas.. he plays for Singapore Slingers and the club is not playing that much until the ASEAN Basketball League... he could be a huge asset for the team...
  7. reamily
    He is a little bit old and small he is in the age range of 27-29 if I am not mistaken
  8. reamily
    abangan si davonn harp he is 32 and 6'7 still has a place in pba imagine menk still dominating pba will he help him???
  9. b3lowzro
    I thought Davon Harp is one of those Fil Shams kaya he hastily flew out of the country with his wife.
  10. reamily
    but if hinabol ng isang pba team anything can happen but really when davonn was deported is he still in contract with rb malaki ang lugi nung rb nun kung nagkataong may kontrata pa siya

    And about pba draft I would get the best talent available (5th to 8th picks)
    a guy who has an upper body strength of a caguioa and 6'2 at least i will really not pass on Ogie Menor because San miguel will pick him (calling Alaska)
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