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  1. reamily
    marami pa yan sa pbfantasy i really fed when omeone say panggulo lang ang smart gila sa pba hehehe

    they are young fans thought their own Filipino basketball hero is second to chris paul as best point guard, or what

    sa iba naman okay na sa kanila kung sino ang basketbolista sa eskwelahan nila lalo na yun may mga u na school
  2. reamily
    cs9 choose fiba asia than jones cup good decision hehehe baka mawalan pa sila ng audience sa fiba asia

    To the other filipino forumers who are in question one game is important which is the qf if we battle china its over but anything below them will become interesting

    I can say if we use the old format we had no chance in the final 4 but ...
  3. kerouac82
    Ok lang naman siguro mag-criticize ng team, pero kung ang bokabularyo mo ay umiikot sa salitang "tae" or derivatives thereof, pakshet naman.

    Inom na nga lang tayo.
  4. reamily
    Congrats sa UP today for winning the battle of katipunan now there is a reason for a holiday tomorrow

    currently enjoying viewing the opinions of the so called bg's in pex
  5. kerouac82
    What's a "BG"? I haven't been to PEx in a while.
  6. reamily
    Basketball geniuses hehehe
  7. b3lowzro
    hehehe dami rin nun dito! Kaya nga notorious tayo kay coach Chot, anyway ill let the dus settle bago ako magpost ulit nang madami.
  8. kerouac82
    Buti na lang wala dito si bonito99, yung anak ni Boni Alentajan. Hehehe.
  9. bognut
    hey thanks for the invite.
  10. donmar
    no problem
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