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Pick-up basketball in Belgrade?

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  • Pick-up basketball in Belgrade?

    I'm planning to be in central Belgrade this month and since it's summer, I'm planning to take my sneakers with me to play some pick-up basketball this time. Obviously I know the beautiful court in Kalemegdan but I don't know if people play there or not. Can anyone from Belgrade tell me which courts people usually go or when..etc.

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    When are you planning to be in Belgrade? Now it's a bit vacation season, though it's coming to an end soon. Courts in blocks 45 and 70 use to be really full.
    I'll send a map later and update info about courts.


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      appreciated mate. either this week or the next one.


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        The fields are in the bottom of the picture. I recommend taking the bus 95 (it goes from the center of the city) and dropping off at green point A or B, depending on which field you want to check first. Best idea would probably be to go to the one in Block 70 and then just walk to the one in the Block 45 if you wanna check that afterwords. There is a lot of public transportation going there, but I marked just some of the more important ones, especially those that go from the center of the city.




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