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  • Lets badmouth famous places

    Ok. This part of the forum is a bit dead, so the best way to revive it is by using good, oldfashioned hate.
    I'll start.
    Venice - it smells like yuck
    Athens - strikes every single day, with rioting included in our special "pension reforms" package

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    You certainly set the forum on fire with that post.


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      Originally posted by robbe View Post
      You certainly set the forum on fire with that post.


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        Athens for sure. Very chaotic. Very unappealing architecture. Lots of cool ancient stuff for sure, and a very nice and clean underground (albeit small for a city of such a size). The prep for the Olympics helped to improve the image of the city a little bit but ever since it has been on the downhill again...

        London: It just doesn't do it for me. Overrated and overpriced.

        NY: As above. Plus it smells.
        The Euroleague Organization and Mr Bertomeu are like the Bulgarian Government: corrupt, partially stupid, and a huge underestimator of people's intelligence.


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          NYC: Lots of construction; Africans sell gold watches on the street and run like hell when cops show up; streets of Chinatown is filled with litter and spits

          Atlanta: Most ghetto city in America. Olympic Park looks dead.

          Buffalo, NY: Dead city
          Cleveland, OH: Dead city
          Pittsburgh, PA: Dead city
          Detroit, MI: See above but worse.

          Beijing: Cold like shit and you spend more money on taxis than hotels. Subways are cheap but don't be surprised if you spend 3 hours on it just to get to another place. Taxis are not any faster.

          Shanghai: Biggest attraction is "City God Temple", lots of foreigners there all paying a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny place where you can inhale a load of smoke to your lungs
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            Oh noes!

            Shanghai: Lovely combination of humid climate and high air pollution. Plenty of fat, sweaty Americans and latecolonialist British gentlemen wearing safari hats.

            L.A.: Like a large residential area stamped onto the Pacific coast. Nothing to see.


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              Originally posted by Juan Carlos Nadal View Post
              NY: As above. Plus it smells.
              Don't forget the them rats and the them bedbugs
              The last place I visited was London - it sucks, thanks God for the museums, Tower Bridge, Craven Cottage, the Westminster abbey and the 150 meters tall peni errr pen, they saved the day


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                Originally posted by sinobball View Post
                streets of Chinatown is filled with litter and spits
                That's how you know it's authentic!

                Dublin: Most of the city looks like this and the remaining nice parts are packed with tourists drinking Bud Light. WTF?
                Originally posted by Fedfan
                Most ppl get childish when they lose.
                Originally posted by GuTO
                refs in games of Spain walks with literally poop in his pants afraid of the Spanish players


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                  Chernobyl, Ukraine: absolutely dead city. I want to go there ...



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