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2021 FIFA Arab Cup

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  • 2021 FIFA Arab Cup

    Group A

    30/11 IRQ 1-1 OMA
    30/11 QAT 1-0 BHR
    03/12 BHR 0-0 IRQ
    03/12 OMA 1-2 QAT
    06/12 OMA 3-0 BHR
    06/12 QAT 3-0 IRQ

    Group B

    30/11 TUN 5-1 MTN
    30/11 UAE 2-1 SYR
    03/12 MTN 0-1 UAE
    03/12 SYR 2-0 TUN
    06/12 SYR 1-2 MTN
    06/12 TUN 1-0 UAE

    Group C

    01/12 MAR 4-0 PLE
    01/12 KSA 0-1 JOR
    04/12 JOR 0-4 MAR
    04/12 PLE 1-1 KSA
    07/12 MAR 1-0 KSA
    07/12 JOR 5-1 PLE

    Group D

    01/12 ALG 4-0 SDN
    01/12 EGY 1-0 LBN
    04/12 LBN 0-2 ALG
    04/12 SDN 0-5 EGY
    07/12 LBN 1-0 SDN
    07/12 ALG 1-1 EGY


    10/12 TUN 2-1 OMA
    10/12 QAT 5-0 UAE
    11/12 EGY 1-1 2-0 JOR
    11/12 MAR 1-1 1-1 3-5 ALG


    15/12 TUN 1-0 EGY
    15/12 QAT 1-2 ALG

    3rd Place

    18/12 EGY 0-0 0-0 4-5 QAT


    18/12 TUN 0-0 0-2 ALG
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      If the country is new to you. Check mapquest for direction.
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