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2020 Olympics

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  • 2020 Olympics

    Group A

    22/07/2021 MEX 4-1 FRA
    22/07/2021 JPN 1-0 RSA
    25/07/2021 FRA 4-3 RSA
    25/07/2021 JPN 2-1 MEX
    28/07/2021 FRA 0-4 JPN
    28/07/2021 RSA 0-3 MEX

    Group B

    22/07/2021 NZL 1-0 KOR
    22/07/2021 HON 0-1 ROU
    25/07/2021 NZL 2-3 HON
    25/07/2021 ROU 0-4 KOR
    28/07/2021 ROU 0-0 NZL
    28/07/2021 KOR 6-0 HON

    Group C

    22/07/2021 EGY 0-0 ESP
    22/07/2021 ARG 0-2 AUS
    25/07/2021 EGY 0-1 ARG
    25/07/2021 AUS 0-1 ESP
    28/07/2021 ESP 1-1 ARG
    28/07/2021 AUS 0-2 EGY

    Group D

    22/07/2021 CIV 2-1 KSA
    22/07/2021 BRA 4-2 GER
    25/07/2021 BRA 0-0 CIV
    25/07/2021 KSA 2-3 GER
    28/07/2021 KSA 1-3 BRA
    28/07/2021 GER 1-1 CIV


    31/07/2021 ESP 2-2 3-0 CIV
    31/07/2021 JPN 0-0 0-0 4-2 NZL
    31/07/2021 BRA 1-0 EGY
    31/07/2021 KOR 3-6 MEX


    03/08/2021 MEX 0-0 0-0 1-4 BRA
    03/08/2021 JPN 0-0 0-1 ESP

    3rd Place

    06/08/2021 MEX 3-1 JPN


    07/08/2021 BRA 1-1 1-0 ESP
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    Not sure why they bother it when there's a football world cup


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      Seems like a tough time. There is not much time for them to rest. Hope they do well.

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