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    Hello to everyone

    I am looking about basketball trades

    My basketball list
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    Greek basketball teams in Europe
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    My email is

    Best regards
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      Im Lithuanian basketball video collector.

      Sabonis,Marciulionis,Jasikevicius LTU NT team 1992-2016,Ussr 1970-1989,

      There is my list: po

      Contact me --->
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        Hello, Basketball video collectors

        I recently got basketball exhibition games that I don’t think most of them exist in trading hobby of Ussr & Yugoslavia NT playing vs USA colleges in 1975-1988

        Games include such former players like S.Belov,Sabonis,Petrovic,Marciulionis,Tkachenko and many others

        1975-11-02 Ussr-Marquette 42min
        1975-11-03 Ussr-Indiana 41min
        1975-11-10 Ussr-Providence 29min
        1975-11-20 Ussr-Notre Dame 37min
        1975-11-25 Ussr-Alabama 21min
        1977-11-05 Ussr-Washington 54min
        1977-11-08 Ussr-Utah 20min
        1977-11-12 Ussr-Purdue 39min

        1977-11-17 Ussr-Indiana 24min
        1977-11-18 Ussr-Notre Dame 41min
        1978-01-19 Ussr-BYU 10min
        1978-11-10 Ussr-Notre Dame 44min
        1978-11-11 Ussr-Indiana 37min
        1978-11-13 Ussr-Purdue 19min

        1979-11-09 Yugos-Washington 45min
        1979-11-10 Yugos-Purdue 34min
        1979-11-10 Ussr-BYU 30min
        1979-11-15 Ussr-Notre Dame 45min
        1979-11-17 Ussr-Indiana 36min

        1981-11-19 Yugos-Purdue 40min
        1982-11-07 Ussr-Washington 48min

        1982-11-13 Yugos-Marquette 44min
        1982-11-14 Ussr-Indiana 36min
        1982-11-16 Ussr-Vanderbilt 59min

        1982-11-18 Ussr-Illinois 45min
        1982-11-20 Ussr-Purdue 34min
        1982-11-21 Yugos-Notre Dame 58min
        1982-11-21 Ussr-Kentucky 43min
        1982-11-27 Yugos-Ohio state 42min
        1983-11-16 Yugos-Notre Dame 1h15
        1984-11-14 Yugos-Indiana 46min
        1984-11-16 Yugos-Missouri 1h10
        1986-11-10 Ussr-Vanderbilt 47min

        1986-11-12 Ussr-Georgia tech 1h18
        1986-11-16 Ussr-Iowa 1h26
        1988-11-17 Ussr-Vanderbilt 51min

        1988-11-21 Ussr-Tenneesse 35min
        1988-11-23 Ussr-Washington 1h24

        If any of those games interest you let me know

        Regards, Jonas


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