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    Coach Pugh has served as a 10 year varsity coach and college assistant coach in his career that included a national NJCAA runnerup appearance. Matt currently...


    • Kurt Guelsdorf - Multiple Pressing System in the Full & Half Court - Using a Numbering System to Simplify Your Presses
      Kurt Guelsdorf - Advanced Dribble Drive Motion - Sets and Entries to Improve Your Dribble Drive Offense vs Man or Zone


      • I am looking for this course, please let me know if you guys have it.

        1.PJF performance [all] -
        2.Micah Lancaster [all] -
        3.By any mean basketball Course [all] -

        Email me :


        • Many online coaches have a false statement, saying they add 6-15 inches to your vertical jump in a short period of time. Don't get me wrong, adding a few inches in a short time can be possible, but not with their program.
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          Have you ever got scammed by an online coach who promised you a higher vertical? I have. And not just once.I trusted every coach because they probably know what they are saying. I was wrong.These coaches have a few useful tips, and they make you believe th...


          • Would love to Trade Some

            Would love to trade some with you. Can you email me at

            QUOTE=randy249;1207568]Here is my list...let me know if any of you want to trade.

            Part 1

            30 Competitive Skill Drills.m4v
            70 minute player workout.avi
            Adabuto-Championship Pt. Guard.m4v
            Alford-AA Workout 2.m4v
            All American Basketball Post Play.avi
            Archie Miller - Off-Season Skill Development.mp4
            Baker (Creating Space).m4v
            Basketball Sweatshop-Post Workout.m4v
            BB - Better
            BB - Better
            Better Ballhandling 2.m4v
            Better Basketball - Ball Handling.wmv
            Better Basketball - Better Passing.avi
            Better Basketball 1on1.m4v
            Better Basketball Ballhandling WorkOuts
            Better One to One-Torbett.mp4
            Billy Donovan - AAU Basketball Skills Series - Father and Son Workout.mp4
            Billy Donovan - AAU Basketball Skills Series - Shooting Technique and Workout Drills.mp4
            Billy Donovan-PD.m4v
            Charles Glotta - Innovative Ball Handling Drills for Building Explosive Guards.mp4
            Coach K Drills For Perimeter Players.avi
            Dave Clarke - High Rep Skill Development.mp4
            David Thorpe - Post Play Progression.m4v.mp4
            Dena Evans - Point Guard College.mp4
            Developmental Drills-Miller.mp4
            Don Meyer - Developing Your Perimeter Players.avi
            Don Meyer - Developing Your Post Players.avi
            Driscoll-Baylor Player Develop.m4v
            Duke-Pt. Guard Development.m4v
            Eastman-Post Chair Drills.mpg
            Five Star Footwork.m4v
            Forrest Larson-100 Trips.m4v
            Forward Play-Marv Kessler.m4v
            Frank Allocco - Developping The Complete High School Player.m4v
            Franklin Martin - Pro Development Camp - Lunch Break Workout.mp4
            Gannan Baker-Select Workout.m4v
            Ganon Baker - 35 street moves you can use.avi
            Ganon Baker - How to Survive and Thrive as an Undersized.wmv
            Ganon Baker - Superman Workout.avi
            Ganon Baker - Unstoppable offensive moves vol 1.avi
            Ganon Baker-Floor General 1.m4v
            Ganon Baker-Floor General Sample.avi
            Ganon Baker-Perfecting the Art of Moving without the Ball.avi
            Ganon Baker's 15 drills for developing the wing players.divx
            Gard-Player Develop.m4v
            GB The Floor
            Gonzalez individual.mp4
            Gonzalez-Ind. Improvement.mp4
            Greg McDermott- Self-Improvement Basketball Drills.m4v
            Gregg Marshall - Skill Development Workout - Forwards.mp4
            Gregg Marshall - Skill Development Workout - Point Guards.mp4
            Haase-Ind. Develop .m4v
            Handle Your Game - 300 Different Ballhandling Drills.mp4
            hoops king_12.m4v
            Hurley Pt Guard Play.m4v
            Hurley-Pt Guard Play.m4v
            Ind. Shooting Workout-Baumgartner.m4v
            Jamie Angeli - Assembly line skill builder .avi
            Jason Otter-60 Min Pro Summer Workout.mp4
            Jason Otter-Extreme Full Court.avi
            Jason Otter-Handle The Rock
            Jay Hernandez - Advanced Point Guard Skills & Drills.mp4
            Jimmy Todd-Post & Perimeter Drills.m4v
            Kevin Eastman - Skill Development for Inside and Perimeter Players.avi
            Kevin Sutton - 26 Skill Development Drills.avi
            Kevin Sutton - 30 Drills For Guards.mp4
            Layton Around The World 1.m4v
            Layton Around The World 2.m4v
            Meeks Ballhandling
            Mike lee - developing the complete player.avi
            Mike Lee- 26 Two Ball Drills To Develop The Rock.mp4
            Mike Lee-25 Killer Scoring Moves.m4v
            Mike Roller-Clinic 1-2-3.mkv
            Morgan Wooten-Fundamentals.m4v
            Myron Epps Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training - Workout 1.mp4
            Myron Epps Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training - Workout 2.mp4
            Pat Skerry - Four Phase Skill Development Practice.mp4
            Patton-Chair Drills.mpg
            Pete Newell- Big Man Camp.avi
            Playing The Point-Schilling.m4v
            Post & Perimeter Drills-Crean
            Procopio-25 Professional Footwork Drills.m4v
            Rob Senderoff - Skill Development for Post Players.mp4
            Romar-10 Relevant Ballhandling Drills.m4v
            Schilling-Buddy Ball.m4v
            Schilling-Dynamic Ball Handling.m4v
            Schilling-Mandatory Moves.m4v
            Scoring Without A Ball-Torbett.mp4
            Sean Miller - Skill Development School - Guard Workout.m4v
            Sean Miller - Skill Development School - Post Workout.m4v
            Sean Miller - Skill Development School - Wing Workout.m4v
            Sean Miller Ð Offensive Player Improvement Drills.avi
            Self-Developing A Go To Guard.m4v
            Seth Greenberg-Perimeter Drills.m4v
            Steve Nash-Workout
            Sutton Post.m4v
            Tara VanDerveer - 30 Practice Drills for Building Champions.mp4
            Tom Izzo-Michigan State Individual instruction.wmv
            Tom McCorry-Post Development.m4v
            Will Rey-Handling Pressure.m4v
            Will Rey-Handling
            Young, Jeff The Four Phase Individual Improvement Workout.avi

            2-SHOOTING DRILLS
            5 star 50 shooting.mkv
            Alford-Competitive Shooting Drills.m4v
            Barry Hecker - Creating the Perfect Jump Shot.m4v
            Becoming A Shooter Edit DVD
            Better Basketball - better free throws.avi
            Better Basketball - Shooting .mp4
            Bill Hopkins- Shoot the Lights Out.mp4
            Billy Donovan - Drills for Shooting and Defending the 3.avi
            Brenda Frese 16 Dynamic Shooting Drills.mp4
            Darryl Rayfield - Drills for finshing and scoring.mp4
            Dave Loos -30 Shooting Drills.mp4
            Dick Baumgartner Ð 3 Point Shooting Made Easy.mp4
            Duke Basketball Series - Christopher Collins - Competitive Shooting Drills.m4v
            Eastman-Chair Drills.m4v
            Eastman-Difficult Shooting Drills.m4v
            Eastman-Instense Shooting Drills.m4v
            Focused Shooter.m4v
            Gary Boren - Freethrows.mp4
            Gary Boren -
            Glen Rice - Instructional Shooting Video.m4v
            Hal Wissel Shooting Confidence
            Hal Wissel Shooting Drills
            Hal Wissel Shooting Off Dribble.m4v
            Jackie Stiles-1000 Shot Workout.m4v
            Jay Hernandez - FREEZE PULLUPS.avi
            JJ Reddick
            Justin Kittredge - Individual Shooting & Conditioning Workout.mp4
            Kevin Sutton - Fatigue Shooting Drills.m4v
            Paubilinkas Shooting
            Phil Martelli - 15 Competitive Shooting Drills.avi
            Shooting Off the Dribble & Reading Screens_Dave Hopla.mp4
            Shooting The Freethrow.m4v
            Shooting With The Gun.mp4
            Swish 2.mp4
            SWISH-Tom Nordland.m4v
            Toole-Ind & Team Shooting.m4v
            Winning Hoops-30 Shooting Drills.m4v

            MAN-MAN OFFENSE
            Aaron Aanonsen - Continuity Offense from the Inside Out.mp4
            Abdubato-Pick & Pop Off.m4v
            Andrew Grantz - 4-Out 1-In Attact and React Motion Offense Disc 1.mp4
            Andrew Grantz - 4-Out 1-In Attact and React Motion Offense Disc 1.pdf
            Andrew Grantz - 4-Out 1-In Attact and React Motion Offense Disc 2.mp4
            Andrew Grantz & Trae Cunningham - Installing the Dribble Drive Motion Offense.mp4
            Ball Screen Dribble Drive-Clarke.m4v
            Ball-West Coast Stack Off.m4v
            Basketball Coach Guy Molloy - The Dribble Penetration Game.mp4
            Bergman-Back Screen Offense.m4v
            Biancardi-Wheel Offense.m4v
            Bill Self High Low Motion(lecture).avi
            Bill Self-Drills For Hi Lo.m4v
            Bill Self-Hi Lo Entries.m4v
            Bill Self-Hi Lo Motion.m4v
            Billy Donovan-Spread P&R.m4v
            Bo Ryan-Swing Offense.m4v
            Bob Huggins - Cut & Fill Motion Offense.avi
            Bob Hurley-Motion
            Bob Mackey - The Screening Game.mp4
            bollant attacking the rim with ddmohb.mp4
            Bollant Numbered Dribble Drive.m4v
            Chambers-4 Out 1 In.m4v
            Chris Denker-3 Out 2
            Chris Endres - Mastering The Open Post Motion Offense.avi
            Chris Mack-Pick n Roll Offense.m4v
            CMiller- BS Offense.m4v
            COMBS-Hi Lo.m4v
            Dan Monson - Flex Dive Offense.avi
            Daniel Allende - The Argentina Flex Offense.mp4
            Dave Odom - The Complete Guide to the Triple Screen Offense.m4v
            Dave Paulsen adaptable motion offense.avi
            Dave Paulson- Ball Screen Motion Offense.mp4
            Dave Webber - 5-Man Motion Offense.mp4
            David Blatt - Playing Without Plays - The Princeton Offense.mp4
            Dean Smith-Shuffle Offenses.m4v
            Dennis Felton-4out 1 in.m4v
            Dick Bennett-Blocker Mover Lecture.m4v
            DICK_BENNETT-Blocker Mover.mp4
            Don Kelbick - The Hybrid Flex Offense.mp4
            Don Showalter - Continuity Ball Screen Offense.mp4
            Donnie Daniels-4out1in.m4v
            Downs-Speed Game.m4v
            Dribble Motion Drills-Welling.mp4
            Dribble Motion-Welling.mp4
            ED_COOLEY - elbow block, cutter powerful flex actions.mp4
            Endres-DDM Drills.m4v
            EuroBallScn 1.0.ipa
            Few-Motion For Success.mp4
            Five Star Basketball 8 Breakdown Drills for the Triangle Offense.avi
            Fran Fraschilla - International Continuity Pick and Roll Offense.mp4
            Fran Fraschilla The Encyclopedia of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Disc 1.m4v
            Fran Fraschilla The Encyclopedia of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Disc 2.m4v
            Fran Fraschilla The Encyclopedia of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Disc 3.m4v
            Fran Fraschilla- The Encyclopedia of the Screen and Roll Offense 1.avi
            Fran Fraschilla- The Encyclopedia of the Screen and Roll Offense d2.avi
            Fusion offense
            Graves-Loop Offense.m4v
            Greg Gorton-Specializing The Swing
            Greg Kampe - Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense.m4v
            Greg McDermott - How to Run a Set Play Offense.wmv
            Harry Perretta - 5-Out Motion Offense - Volume 2.m4v
            Harry Perretta-The 'Wildcat' Spread Offense.avi
            Henry Bibby ThePick&roll-HighPostoffense_.mp4
            Herb Welling_ DDM Adjustments.avi
            Jamie Angeli-Pass Option Offense.m4v
            Jay Wright - Drills for the 4-Out 1-In.mkv
            Jerry Petitgoue - Dribble Drive Zone Offense.avi
            Jerry Pettigoue-Triple Post Offense.m4v
            Jerry Pettiguoe-Dribble Drive Offense.m4v
            Jicha-Michigan 2 Guard Off.m4v
            Jim Boone-Cal Motion.m4v
            Jim Calhoun, the attacking 3 out 2 in motion offense.m4v
            Jim Harrick-UCLA Offense.m4v
            Joanne Boyle-Hi Lo.m4v
            John Calipari_ Dribble Drive Series_ Breakdown Drills for the DDM Offense.mp4
            John Calipari_ Dribble Drive Series_ Definitive DDM Offense.mp4
            John Calipari_ Dribble Drive Series_ Developing the DDM Set.mp4
            john calipari-point guard drills for the dribble drive motion offense.mkv
            John Giannini - Drills for Building an Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Offense.mp4
            John Giannini - The Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Motion Offense (2 DVDs) Disc 1.mp4
            John Giannini - The Attacking 3-Out & 4-Out Motion Offense (2 DVDs) Disc 2.mp4
            John Hedstrom - Dribble Motion Offene for H.S. & Youth Levels.avi
            John Kresse-Flex + 1.m4v
            John Scott-Circle Offense.m4v
            Kampe-Dribble Drive Offense Drills.mp4
            Kampe-Dribble Drive Practice.m4v
            Keno Davis - Spread Dribble Drive.avi
            Larson Perkins -the A set offense.mp4
            Lason Perkins -HIGH_LOW_TRIANGLE.mp4
            Lason Perkins- Hawk Offense.m4v
            Lason Perkins-SECRETS_INTL.m4v
            Majerus - Disk1_xvid.avi
            Majerus - Disk2.divx
            Majerus - Disk3_xvid.avi
            Maker-Princeton Hybrid.m4v
            Mark Few Flex for Success.divx
            Marques Hines - Scoring Out of 1-4 Sets.m4v
            Michael Peck - 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense.mp4
            Mike Procopio - Pick and Roll Strategies.mp4
            Mike Rudd - Continuity Inside Game.m4v
            Milton Barnes-Open Post.m4v
            Norm Stewart-Triple Post Offense.m4v
            Paul Hewitt-4 Out 1 In.m4v
            Peretta-No Mistake Motion.m4v
            Princeton Stuff
            RICE-Re-Screening Offense.m4v
            Rick Samuels-Open Post & Drills.m4v
            Ryan Looney - Breakdown Drills for Swing Offense.m4v
            Ryan Looney - Introduction to Swing Offense.m4v
            Ryan Looney - Swing Offense Sets and Entries.m4v
            Saul Phillips - Multi Option Pick and Roll Offense.mp4
            Schlosser-Guide To Flex.m4v
            Shaka Smart - Using Ball Screens in Your Offense.m4v
            Sharman White - Dissecting Man-to-Man Defenses with a 1-4 Set.m4v
            Tex Winter_Encyclopedia of the triangle offence D1.divx
            Tex Winter_Encyclopedia of the triangle offence D2.divx
            Tex Winter_Encyclopedia of the triangle offence D3.divx
            Tubby Smith-Variations Of Flex.m4v
            UCLA Offense-Wooden
            Vance Walberg Ð Advanced Dribble Drive Offense Zone and Transition Game - Disc 1.mp4
            Vance Walberg Ð Advanced Dribble Drive Offense Zone and Transition Game - Disc 2.mp4
            Vance Walberg Ð Advanced Dribble Drive Offense Zone and Transition Game - Disc 3.mp4
            Vance Walberg Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense 1.divx
            WALBERG100_DDA_Drills_Disc 1-1.m4v
            WALBERG100_DDA_Drills_Disc 2-1.m4v
            WAVA Disc 1.m4v
            WAVA Disc 2.m4v
            Wes Peek-P&R Drills.m4v
            Wes Peek-Pick & Roll Offense.m4v
            Will Rey_ Spots Offense_Title1.mp4
            Wood-Tempo Control Off.m4v
            Woolridge Triangle.m4v

            ZONE OFFENSE
            Andrew Grantz - 4-Out 1-In Attack & React Transition and Zone Offense.m4v
            Bob Brown-Zone Offense.m4v
            Bob Huggins - The Dive & Fill Zone Offense.avi
            Brian Gregory-Zone Offense.mp4
            CC Bamberg Messina Zone.wmv
            Cleveland-Screening Zone O.m4v
            Don Meyer-Zone Attack.m4v
            Fran Dunphy-Zone O.m4v
            Fran Fraschilla - AAU Basketball Skills Series - Zone Offense and Specials.m4v
            Fran Fraschilla-Zone Offense.m4v
            FRAN McCAFFERY-The rotation continuity Zone Offense.mp4
            Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2.m4v
            Hubie Brown - How to Win against Any Zone Defense.m4v
            Jack Bennett-Zone Motion.m4v
            Jim Boeheim - Complete Guide to Zone Offenses.avi
            Jim Boeheim-Zone Offense.m4v
            John Kresse-Zone Attacks.m4v
            Kermit Davis-Zone O.m4v
            Kevin Boyle - Offensive Strategies to Attack the 2-3 and 1-3-1 Zones.avi
            Kevin Sutton-Zone
            Kristy Curry-Zone O.m4v
            Lance Randell - attacking zones.mp4
            Landers-4out Freeze Zone O .m4v
            Larangarra-3 Zone Offenses.mp4
            Lason Perkins-zone killlers.mp4
            Merfield-Zone Quick Hitters.m4v
            Pete Gillen - Zone Offense and Special Sets.m4v
            Sean Miller Attacking Zone Defenses.mp4
            The Seal Zone Offense-Salscheider.m4v
            The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense Part 1.avi
            The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense Part 2.avi
            The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense Part 3.avi
            thomason-zone o.mpg
            Tod Kowalczyk - Zone Offense.avi
            Tod Kowalczyk - Zone Offenses & Set Plays for Attacking Any Zone Defense.m4v
            Tom Davis-Zone Offense.m4v
            Tom Izzo- Beating the 1-2-2 and .m4v

            Advantage Offense Success vs. Any Pressure Defense.m4v
            Aito G. Reneses - Offensive Game Using the Mid-Low Post.mp4
            Angeli-Backdoor Buckets.m4v
            Barry Adams - 13 Offensive Escape Drills.mp4
            Barry Hinson- Offensive Relocation.mp4
            Coale AAU Offense.m4v
            Dean Smith-T Game & Four Corners.m4v
            Greg Lansing - Using and Defending the Ball Screen.mp4
            Greg Popovich - Defensive Mismatch.mp4
            Hubie Brown-Off. Spacing.m4v
            Kampe-Live Game Clips Of
            Kampe-Live Game Clips Of DD.mp4
            Kampe-Oakland Post Dev & Post DD.mp4
            Matt Bollant-Breakdown Drills To Build Motion.m4v
            Ron Righter-Bombs Away.m4v
            Sherri Coale - Full and Half Court Team Offense.mp4
            Sherri Coale-5 Man Motion With A Purpose.m4v
            Steve Alford-Cutting & Screening Offense.m4v
            Tom Izzo - Multi Threat Scoring Offense.m4v
            Tom Izzo - Quick Strikes &amp

            MAN-MAN DEFENSE
            Attacking Penetrations with a Rotating Defense.avi
            Bob Huggins-Def. Drills.m4v
            Dave Odom-Defense.m4v
            Divilbliss-Man & Switching.m4v
            Dominating Def-Sean Miller.m4v
            Frank Martin - Ball Denial Defense.wmv
            Joe Mihalich - Switching Man to Man Defense.mp4
            Kevin Boyle-Defensive Shell.mpg
            Kevin OÕNeil - KO Defense.mp4
            Larry Shyatt-Face Guard Def.m4v
            Lawrence Frank - Close Out Defense and Pick.avi
            Lon Kruger - Winning Every Possession with Defense.mp4
            Man Defense-Bergman.m4v
            Michael Peck - Half-Court Man Gap Defense.mp4
            Mike Dunlap - Shell Drill On Steroids - Offensive and Defensive Cutthroat.mp4
            Mike Rice-Half Court Defense.m4v
            Morgan Wooten-Building Man to man Defense.m4v
            Odom-Guarding Ball Screens.m4v
            Pack Line Def-Bennett.m4v
            Ralph Willard-Man Defense to Equalize Talent.m4v
            Rick Pitino - M2M Defense and How to React to Various Screens.avi
            Seth Greenberg Closing Out and Defending Special Situations.avi
            Steve Alford Eight Essential Progression Drills for Man-to-Man Defense.m4v
            Tom Izzo-Def & Reb.m4v
            Vance Walberg Half-Court Pressure Defensive System (Disk 1).mp4
            Vance Walberg Half-Court Pressure Defensive System (Disk 2).mp4
            Vance Walberg - Half Court Pressure Defense (Disc 1).m4v
            Vance Walberg - Half Court Pressure Defense (Disc 2).avi
            Wayne Walters_ SWARM- Joliet Junior College Clinic Man to Man_Title1.mp4

            ZONE DEFENSE
            1-3-1-Don Klaas.m4v
            2-3 Buzz Zone
            2-3 Matchup-Kehoe.m4v
            113-Anthony Jones.m4v
            Aggressive 131-Blackford.mp4
            Bill Fennelly 2-3 Match Up Zone Defense.m4v
            Bill Green-Live Matchup.m4v
            Bill Green-Matchup 1 & 2.m4v
            Bill Grier-Matchup Zone
            Billy Tubbs
            bob 1-1-3 zone.avi
            Bob Huggins The Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense.avi
            Brenda Freeze-Matchup Zone
            Brenda Frese 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense.mpg
            Buzz Extended.m4v
            Buzz Situations.m4v
            CC Bamberg Messina Zone.wmv
            Craig R-OSU131.m4v
            Dave Loos The 2-1-2 Match-up Zone Defense.avi
            Davis 3-2 Matchup Zone
            Dean Smith-Point Zone.m4v
            Denis Felton Mich 1-3-1 Z+Drills.avi
            Don Casey-32 Sliding Zone.wmv
            Don Casey-Temple of Zones 2.m4v
            Don Casey-Temple Of Zones.m4v
            Don Kelbick - Matchup Zone Defense part 1.mp4
            Don Kelbick - Matchup Zone Defense part 2.mp4
            Flip Saunders-Match Up Zone.m4v
            Hibson-23 Switching Zone.mp4
            Jankovich-32 zone.m4v
            Jerry Tarkanian - The Modified Amoeba Defense.mp4
            Jerry Tarkanian - UNLV Amoeba Defense.avi
            Jim Boehiem-23 Zone.m4v
            Jim Goorman - 1-3-1 Defense.m4v.mp4
            Jim Larranaga - 3-2 Camoflauge Defense Disk 1.avi
            Jim Larranaga 3-2 Campflauge Disk 2.wmv
            Keno Davis-32 Extended Zone.m4v
            Klaas-131 Basics.m4v
            Lute Olsen 1-3-1.mp4
            Lute Olson- 1-1-3 and 1-3-1 Matchup Zone Defense.mp4
            Marshall Zone DVD 2.m4v
            Marshall Zone DVD1.m4v
            Mike Dunlap 1-1-3.avi
            Mike Dunlap-113.m4v
            Mike Ricks-4 Out 1 In Defense.m4v
            Mooney-Matchup Zone.m4v
            Rollie Massimino - The Ultimate Match-Up Zone-3.m4v
            Silv Dom Match Up.wmv
            Steve Klaas - Dominating 1-3-1 Zone Defense.m4v
            STEVE KLAAS 1-3-1 ZoneDefense The Complete Package.avi
            Steve Klaas- Traps and Adjustments_Title1.mp4
            Teri Mitchell-1-1-3.m4v
            Tom Pecora-23 Zone.m4v
            Wayne Walters - Swarm 1-3-1 Spider.mp4[/QUOTE]


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