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Cloudflare conirmation while opening the Website

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  • Cloudflare conirmation while opening the Website

    The image CAPTCHA confirmation here in the last couple of months is one of the most over-the-top application I have ever seen in the Internet. Every time I click the IBN bookmark, I have to select images at least twice, sometimes it gets as ridiculous as having to select 2 times FOR 3 DIFFERENT TIMES IN A ROW, meaning something like 54 indistinguishable pictures.

    I can understand why you might need confirmation to prevent spambots, but there should be another way for logged-in users with a message count of a couple thousands. I believe I am not the only one because I have seen other people complaining. I am logged into the website, I don't have any viruses, and the "Privacy Pass" link leads to a 404 page. I cleaned cookies, didn't work. Nowadays I just close the page when I get that CAPTCHA confirmation unless I really want to write.

    P.S. And the cherry on top is you write a post, click send, and then BOOM CAPTCHA. Of course your post is lost. Like WTF?
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