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Vertical Leap Training Program?

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  • Vertical Leap Training Program?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to put together a jump training program. I've been going over the information listed in this guide:

    I know there are a few good premium jump training programs out there, but I'm not sure I want to pay the money for them. I think I'm just going to combine a bunch of the exercises listed in the guide above, but I'm not sure how I should space the workouts apart.

    Anyone want to share their jump training programs?

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    Thanks a lot


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      the best jump training:


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        Many online coaches have a false statement, saying they add 6-15 inches to your vertical jump in a short period of time. Don't get me wrong, adding a few inches in a short time can be possible, but not with their program.
        My short e-book tells you how these big coaches are stealing your time and money, explains the basics of jump training and gives you 4 beginner exercises. For only $2!

        Have you ever got scammed by an online coach who promised you a higher vertical? I have. And not just once.I trusted every coach because they probably know what they are saying. I was wrong.These coaches have a few useful tips, and they make you believe th...


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          I also had to enroll in a vertical leap program to increase my vertical as I was inches away from being able to dunk which had been my lifelong dream I must say.

          Funny thing is, I didn't consider equipment could play a role and effectively help me jump higher. How wrong was I...

          I recently bought the Harden Vol 1 from Adidas after reading about it on this article that pretty much details what basketball shoes can help you jump higher :

          Needless to say that I am super happy with those. I don't know if they actually made a difference or if it's sort of a placebo effect but being 6'1 and able to throw down tomahawks is nothing short of a miracle!


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            The best jump programs are the ones that focus on body weight exercises because this will train your fast twitch muscles and reduce the risk for injury. While body weights exercises are safe for the younger players because these types of exercises will not stunt the young players growth. I can link to a review that I found that describes the best vertical jump program out there.
            Get a free book to increase your vertical by 4 inches


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              From the one's I've personally seen, it's between Vert Shock and The Jump Manual. But if you're structuring your program, I'd say be careful with how you make it, since there can be plenty of overwhelming and even conflicting info online.


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                Like the programm! I saw some reviews on on it.


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                  Honestly, it could work, you could get by with creating your own training regimen using a couple of the exercises you would find commonly used in premium programs (box jumps, depth jumps, squat jumps, etc.)

                  As I previously mentioned, I've personally boiled it down to choosing between Vert Shock and The Jump Manual if you plan to go down the route of purchasing (if aren't already familiar with the two, I wrote an article explaining and comparing the two here: ) a jump program.

                  Some people online might recommend other programs like the flight system, boingvert, bounce kit, and many more, but I find that they simply can't compete with the previous two that I mentioned. That being said, research is the way to go; I wouldn't go into a program without knowing exactly what I'm getting out of it and how it's gonna work.

                  Taking a few minutes to read a few reviews is a great way to gauge the value the program provides (at least on the surface since some reviews can reasonably be biased to a degree). That's why I'd also learn up on general jump training and how it works so that you can go into the program with the knowledge necessary to know if what you're doing is actually gonna be of benefit.


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                    Originally posted by basketrw View Post
                    the best jump training:
                    Thank you very much, I've already signed up. Not great prices and great attitude of the trainers.
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                        I understand your hesitation about investing in a premium jump training program. Combining exercises from various guides can definitely be effective if done correctly. When it comes to spacing your workouts, it's essential to allow NJMCDirect.Ticket for adequate rest and recovery to avoid overtraining and injury. Generally, it's recommended to have at least 48 hours between intense jump training sessions. I'd love to hear about others' training programs as well. Sharing tips and experiences can help everyone find the most effective routine!



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