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How To Improve Your Basketball Handles

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  • How To Improve Your Basketball Handles

    Do you know what it feels like to know how to get past any defender that comes your way?

    Alright, let me ask you this.

    Do you know how to make your defender look like a fool?

    For you to answer yes to both of these questions there is one thing you need to have.

    That thing is serious basketball handles. If you don't have serious basketball handles then you need to know how to improve your basketball handles.

    There are other ways to make your defender look like a fool, for example, you could dunk on your defender or splash a jumper in your defender's face but, having elite ball handling ability is the most effective and guaranteed way to make your defender look foolish.

    The reason I recommend focusing on developing effective basketball handles over dunking or having a great shot is, once you can handle the basketball at a high level you will always be able to get past your defender. You may be able to shoot very well, but when there is great defensive pressure, you're not going to be able to pull up for a high percentage jump shot. And if you can dunk, you still need the ability to get to the basket, which is why you need to have great ball handling ability.

    You need to improve your basketball handles every day. Every basketball player needs to develop his/her basketball handles as much as possible.

    The best way to improve basketball handles is by doing ball handling drills. Ball handling drills involving cones, two basketballs, and even simple garage type drills are all effective ways to develop your dribbling skills.

    The harder you work the more confident you will be. Basically skill and confidence go hand in hand. If you want to improve your ball handling skills, you need to improve your self-confidence. The more confident you're in yourself and your abilities the more it will show in your game.

    A great way to boost your confidence is to picture yourself performing at a high level.

    Before you step on the basketball court, you should already have a picture in your head of how you want to play the game of basketball. You should know the intensity you're going to play with, the types of moves you're going to do, and the types of shots you're going to take.

    Being confident in your abilities will help you handle the basketball with more purpose. So with practice and development of your self-confidence, you will find yourself breaking your defenders ankles and scoring at will with your new-found basketball handling ability.

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    A good player will strive to become ambidextrous. This allows you to be multidimensional. The defense will not be able to predict your movements as easily. Many street-ballers can only drive hard to the basket in one direction. If a defender knows this they will anticipate it and thus have a better chance of shutting them down.
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        check out this method:


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          Check this:
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            Every player should have proper safety gear while playing the game or practicing for the game. Last day I was ready a blog related to the basketball safety knee pads and I think without any proper safety anyone can get Best Basketball Handles. this is because players can not feel themselves free to do anything. hats why I suggest to keep this in mind.


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              A good player tries to be ambiguous. This allows you to be multi-dimensional. The defense will not be able to make your move easier. Many street collectors can only run to the basket in one direction. If the guardian knows this they are expecting it and therefore have a good chance of closing it.
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                I'd like to practice but I'm not entirely sure what I should be doing. Any specific drills you would recommend? free movies


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                  thanks basketrw, very good method, thanks


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                    Improving your basketball handles really just comes down to practice. To give you a routine that you can follow, when practicing your handles first start with:


                    With wraps you want to wrap the ball around your body with dribbling it, just passing it around your body. These help to get the blood flowing through your fingers and getting you loose for practice. A couple of wrap drills are:
                    • Wrap around the Legs - Put your legs together and wrap the basketball around your legs.
                    • Wrap around the Body - Wrap the basketball around your torso.
                    • Wrap around the Head - Wrap the basketball around your head without letting it touch you.
                    • Wrap around the World - A combination where you perform one wrap around the head, torso, and legs, and then go back up to the torso and head, then repeat.

                    You also have taps where you just tap the ball back and forth between your fingertips to again get them loose.

                    Now moving onto the actual basketball dribbling drills, these are a few that I think are essential:


                    The crossover dribble is the most useful dribble you can perform. To perform a crossover over dribble, dribble the ball from one hand to the opposing hand, dribbling the ball and allowing it to tap the floor only once. You can do the crossover in front of you, between the legs, and even behind the back.

                    These are some crossover drills:
                    • Continuous Crossover Drill - Continuously crossover the basketball back and forth.
                    • Double Crossover Drill - Crossover the basketball to your opposing hand, crossover the basketball back to the starting hand, and take a quick pause before repeating.

                    Pound Dribbles

                    The pound dribble is basically a hard dribble where you push the ball down with force, making it harder to control. This will improve your overall ball control as you adapt yourself to the intensity of the dribble during practice, making it easier to dribble in-game.

                    These are some pound dribble drills:
                    • Knee Pound Dribble Drill - Pound dribble the basketball at around knee height.
                    • High Pound Dribble Drill - Pound dribble the basketball at around eye level.
                    • Low Pound Dribble Drill - Pound dribble the basketball at around shin to ankle height.


                    A pullback is essentially a dribble where you bring your upper body forwards in an attempt to fake out a defender as you dribble the ball back towards yourself. You could also add a hesitation to make the pullback more convincing.

                    This is a pullback drill:
                    • Pullback Crossover Drill - Dribble forwards, and then stop. Crossover the basketball, and dribble forwards again. Perform a pullback and finish with a move of your choice at the rim.

                    Hopefully, these helped you, here are a few more drills you can use.

                    Be sure to practice as much as you can with a basketball, since getting your hands in the basketball for any length of time is going to improve your handles, even if it's as much as ten minutes.


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                      Thanks for the great advice, I think one of the techniques will definitely suit me


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                        Yes, a basketball player's hands are a very important tool. And their training is a very important element of preparation and training.


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                          A great sport! Let's practice everyday
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                            Thank you for sharing! I haven't been playing for a while cos I got busy playing online games such as Resident Evil Bio hazard and sports betting crypto I gotta get back in shape. Dribbling is one of the skills I need to work on, I got so focused on shooting that I mostly end up getting stolen lol. Wraps, Crossovers, pullbacks... Many thanks for the info
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                              Thank a lot! Many street collectors can only run to the basket in one direction!
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