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2022-2023 NBA Finals

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  • 2022-2023 NBA Finals


    01/06 Denver Nuggets 104 Miami Heat 93
    04/06 Denver Nuggets 108 Miami Heat 111
    07/06 Miami Heat 94 Denver Nuggets 109
    09/06 Miami Heat 95 Denver Nuggets 108
    12/06 Denver Nuggets 94 Miami Heat 89


    Nikola Jokic-DEN 30.2pts 14.0reb 7.2ast 1.4blk
    Bam Adebayo-MIA 21.8pts 12.4reb 3.2ast
    Jimmy Butler-MIA 21.6pts 4.6reb 6.4ast 1.0stl
    Jamal Murray-DEN 21.4pts 6.2ast 10.0ast 1.0stl
    Aaron Gordon-DEN 14.0pts 7.4reb 3.0ast
    Gabe Vincent-MIA 11.4pts 2.4ast 1.0stl
    Michael Porter Jr.-DEN 9.6pts 8.4reb
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope-DEN 7.4pts 3.4reb 1.4ast 1.4stl 1.2blk
    Kevin Love-MIA 6.8pts 4.5reb
    Max Strus-MIA 5.8pts 4.8reb 3.0ast
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    Denver is perhaps the logical favourite for the title. However I trust Spoelstra, he is the best NBA coach. He'll try to invent something in order to stop Jokic.


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      Nikola Jokic's resume after winning 2023 Finals MVP
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        It's like a video game putting fantasy numbers



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          Just have to say this - Jamal Murray is the man. He has never been an all-star, but come playoffs he turns into a superstar. The real tough guy. Makes you wonder how much credible are those all-star selections, it's becoming less and less important. There are actually role players who perform better than all-star players in the playoffs. Jamal Murray was basically better than any all-star player in these playoffs not named Nikola Jokić. And he has zero all-star selections.


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            Jokic became the first player ever to lead playoffs in points, rebounds and assists. Remarkable feat only comparable to LeBron James 2016 finals series where he lead both teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.
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              From 2008-2011 as NBA fans we were robbed the pleasure of enjoying a Kobe-LeBron NBA finals dual. In those four years we had a realistic shot but it never materialized. I hope years from now we don’t have to say the same about a Jokic-Giannis matchup. There’s a great chance it can occur in the next a couple of seasons and that would be an incredible watch.
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                If my dad was alive, I bet he would be so excited about this. I guess I'll be watching this game in his stead. Anyway, I wish I get to see some of my favourite players perform well. Miami Heat is truly an incredible team but the Denver nuggets can also be a tough opponent to beat.
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