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    The Bucks visit the Mavericks in Dallas in a few hours, if I may predict coach Bud's mind for the rotation, I would say that:

    1. Giannis will see only a few minutes (if any at all) on the floor.

    2. Coach Bud will continuously try to rotate the wings in order to take his final decision on who the 5th starter next to Bledsoe, Middleton, Giannis and B.Lopez will be for when the official season starts - I believe he has settled to either Brown or Hill, but he will rotate all in order to rank them for the rotation series and the roles he will address to each wing.

    3. Thanasis Antetokounmpo will have the role to guard Doncic, which will answer the questions of many on "why the Bucks have signed Thanasis"... I believe Thanasis will have the role to guard the opponent's (any opponent's) most "dangerous" player (Kwahi, Lebron, etc...) during the regular period or the playoffs.


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      It seems that I was all wrong in my prediction for the role of Thanasis, or the minutes Giannis will get for this game.

      The Mavericks have put all their firepower (including Porzingis) on the floor in an attempt to beat the Bucks which other than having Bledsoe injured, additionally decided to rest another starter on Brook Lopez and also had D.J. Wilson injured and Wes Matthews rested... Still, no problem for Giannis to score 27pts only in the first half and be withdrawn in the middle of the 3rd quarter with 34pts and 11 rebounds on the board (including three 3pts made in four attempts).

      Other than that, the Mavs continued to play Doncic and Porzingis even after Giannis was withdrawn from the game and used their 2nd squad only in the 4th quarter.

      With the difference to 18pts and 8mins remaining, the Bucks brought in the court their 3rd unit of 2-way and exhibit-10 contracts, which caused 7" taller than anybody else on the court Marianovic to have a party in the rim and the Mavs to have a 14-0 run to bring the game down to 4pts with 2 mins remaining and the crowed screaming demanding a win. The Bucks called a timeout, brought Bender on the floor next to only Thanasis from the regular roster and the rest still 2-way and exhibit-10 contracts to win the game by 7pts.

      To resume, another impressive performance from the Bucks, who other than power, they showed character and disipline, even if playing without two starting players away from home, against a pretty good team of the West conference that puts all its got on the floor and demands to win...

      The Bucks shurely look scary this season.


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        Some more conclusions out of the Bucks vs. the Mavericks game, which (I repeat) had nothing to do with the usual "preseason" games in the NBA, but the MAVs rather tried to demand a win against all "laws of fair competing" that should rule sports above all other matters...

        1. Coach Bud has selected Thanasis (obviously because of the phenomenal energy he brings on the floor) to lead the youngsters whenever they are "alone" on the floor as a team. It happened on all previous preseason games all the same...

        2. Middleton starter at 2 (with Connaughton at 3), meaning that coach Bud considers Connaughton as well as a solution on the starting roster and move Middleton back at 2 as to take Brogdon's role in the previous season... (coach Bud played the same during the payoffs last season but with -now gone- Mirotic playing at SF and Khris at SG).

        3. He also "internally rotated" the roster to its "normal" (meaning usual) "Middleton at SF and either Divincenzo or Brown playing SG...

        What coach Bud's final decisions will be, remains to be seen, up to now he has considered on the floor during the previous games all these options:

        A. Starting either Hill, or Matthews, or Brown, or Divincenzo at SG...

        B. Starting Middleton at SG and either Connaughton, or Matthews, or Korver at SF...

        C. Starting Middleton at SG, Giannis at SF and either BroLo or Ilyasova at PF...


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          Another solid performance from the Bucks in the nation's capital against the Wizards.

          This time resting Giannis Antetokounmpo, Robin Lopez, Pat Connaughton as well as having injured D.J Wilson and Eric Bledsoe, the Bucks had Erzan Ilyasova, Dragan Bender, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Donte Divincenzo stepping up to make the difference and win the game.

          Despite all the major absences the Bucks had in the roster, the only time in the game that the Wizards were able to fight back and close up the score, was when twice in the game coach Bud had a short line up with Middleton playing at PF, which simply didn't work against the "size" and "length" of the Wizards.


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            EDIT: Comment removed and posted again to the thread it was meant to be at the first place, as it was posted here by mistake.


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              Coach Bud: "(Bender’s) just a skilled player, to be his size and be able to shoot it, pass it, catch and finish, we just feel like there’s a lot of skill to work with. I think him picking up everything is pretty impressive. We’re just going to continue working on his body, get him stronger, get him leaner, just all those things we feel like can help us when we need him."

              "We put a lot of time into developing their games and I think he’s flourishing in that, we’re certainly excited about him and his future." the coach added.

              On Monday, the Bucks released Luke Maye and Jaylen Adams, but not Rajon Tucker, therefore there is one more roster spot to be decided and that won’t be releasing Bender, moving Mason to the regular roster and sign Tucker on a two way…

              If a change will happen in order to open up a roster spot, it will either by releasing Reynolds, or trade a couple of players out of the main roster for a new comer and then proceed to add Mason on a regular contract and then add Tucker (for who the Bucks also think highly) on a 2-way…

              Maye and Adams can still sign with the Herd and also can Tucker if he will also be released, but it’s up to players to decide and do so and the Bucks think highly for all Bender, Tucker and Raynolds (short) time future potential, therefore would like to "lock" them all three.

              Therefore a trade happening soon is a very probable scenario if the Bucks can find a partner and achieve a deal during the up coming week. The 15 regular contract roster and the two 2-way roster spots must be decided until Oct. the 21st.

              Note that the Bucks can only trade: Bledsoe, Divincenzo, Connaughton, Ilyasova, Brown and D.J Wilson before Dec.15th where all others but Middleton can be traded, (Middleton can be on the trade block after Jan the 15th).

              Of course the ideal scenario for the Bucks would be to have Tucker joining the Herd and then negotiate a trade after Dec the 15th, were more players would be trade eligible, but the problem is that Tucker may not want to play in the G-league and may look to join another NBA instead (there should be no problem in finding an NBA "home" elsewhere for him).

              IMO, keeping Bender means that either Ilyasova or D.J Wilson should be one out of the two that must be moved. The other position that the Bucks are overcrowded at, is SG/SF combo 3&D wings, with all Middleton, Connaughton, Brown, Divincenzo, Matthews, Korver and even Thanasis being able to handle the role and therefore if somebody is moved, it must be out of these players. Ideally, it's Matthews who's role is of less importance for the Bucks (short) future plans, but Matthews contract can't be moved until Dec the 15th if the Bucks have to do a trade now in order to keep Tucker.


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                5th (and last) offseason game for the Bucks against the Wolves, showed no different than the previous ones, other than the team playing with 13 players of the main roster (all but Thanasis who was rested and injured Bledsoe), leaving out all 2-way and exhibit-10 players.

                Another dominating victory for the Bucks, with Giannis clearly a step up from last season and long shooting. Robin Lopez had his best game yet with the Bucks and also scored two out of his four 3pt. attempts.

                Next game is the 1st of the regular season in Houston against the Rockets, where the Bucks will try and show early that they are going to be a dominating force this season.


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                  It looks like Bledsoe is probable to be cleared from injury and play against the Rockets on Thursday's season's opening game at Houston.

                  Here is coach Budenholzer's interview on his thoughts on the Bucks rotation.


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                    The Bucks have requested waivers on Rayjon Tucker, Trevor Lacey and Jemerrio Jones.

                    Trevor Lacey and Jemerio Jones were signed on an exhibit-10 contract, just after Jaylen Adams and Luke Maye were waived and then they were waived again without everhaving playing time with the Bucks… All exhibit-10 players, can now be signed with the Wisconsin Herd.

                    Out of all, the Bucks are most interested on keeping Rayon Tucker within the "family" and therefore him to sign with the Herd. J.Jones is expected to sign with Herd at anytime soon.

                    It is a player’s decision if he will sign with the Herd in the G-league or not, normally the players are looking to sign with an NBA team (even on a 2-way contract), before they decide signing with a G-league team.


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                      Surprisingly, Eric Bledsoe recovered from his injury much faster than expected and he will start for the Bucks in the season opening against the Rockets in Houston.


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                        First game, first triple double for Giannis, the Bucks take down the Rockets in Houston, proving beyond any doubt their intentions to win the title this season.


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                          Giannis with 7 assists and another 7 rebs on only the 1st half of the 2nd Bucks game, is all set to have his 2nd triple double in 2 games...

                          The Bucks with 70 pts scored in only the 1st half against the Heat, look absoutely scary!


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                            Still early in the season, but the Bucks didn't have the start they hoped, or anywhere near what last season's start was... The Bucks have blown a huge lead during the 2nd half on two out of their four games against the Heat and the Celtics and ended up losing both games.

                            It looks that the absence of Brogdon from the roster is crucial, but the Bucks also lack a "big" 3/4 combo wing... They better make a move and improve the roster as soon as possible, before they loose too much ground.


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                              Bucks start their 5th game in the season against the Magic by being down 13pts mid-way the 1st quarter, only to finish the 1st half with a ...21pt lead, having made a 34pts turnover in only 1+1/2 qtr...

                              Why is Wes Matthews starting with the Bucks, is still a mystery... Nor it is explainable why he was signed at all and then on a 2yr contract...


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                                The game against the Magic in Orlando, was definitely the best game the Bucks have had up to now...

                                It was the first game that coach Bud used extensively Donte Divincenzo and Sterling Brown in the rotation, which (along with Pat Connaughton) made the difference and the Bucks started their long lasting counter attack...

                                Clearly coach Bud trusted last year's proved rotation for in this game, which proved that there is a chemistry issue in the Bucks tactics when Wes Matthews is on the floor...

                                It will be interesting to see what the rotation will be against the Raptors tonight and if the starting roster will include Matthews, but if D.J. Wilson will take minutes out of Ilyasova too...



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