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    Originally posted by Straight forward View Post
    Australia still has very deep and very talented roster. One tiny bit weaker than France, Canada or even Germany ATM I would say though. The discussion on twitter show however that they have tons of talent still. Again, Giddey has to show he can be an ultimate lead guard which he wasn't particularly able to do in WC. While he can be better with decisions and turn the ball less I guess, he can't shoot and that's the problem.
    agree with your assessment. How about the womens which team do you posses a threat to US team?


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      Originally posted by FilWelsh View Post

      LBJ, KD and Steph are locks. Players who could be joining them in roster are Embiid, Kawhi, AD, Lillard, Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Haliburton and Ant Edwards. That makes 11 and anyone of the 41 men pool could be inserted as the 12th man…
      As both The Process’ and AD’ legs are fragile, I do hope Kerr will call Bam. Adebayo will make as an insurance…


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        So no Kawhi, no Kyrie, no Dame​. But Curry, Lebron, Durant in. Do these old superstars can still carry USA NT impressively in FIBA? I kinda not super stunned by this roster. In the MVP race you have Tatum and Ant as best players. They are both nice, but nowhere near prime Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Curry. No-where near. I never liked Tatum. To me he seemed like soft, non reliable version of Durant or whatever.

        Still one spot left. It's still on Lebron and KD to make total difference, IMO. Such guys as Tatum and Ant are not exactly there, IMO. I like Ant though, and I think he might get there. Nor Booker can do it. I would be more impressed if they also had Kyrie and Liilard. Now then it would be crazy offensively talented roster.

        Now...what if Lebron and KD looking kinda old physically in FIBA and Ant, Booker, Tatum are chucking...Scoring in non efficient way...I could see that scenario. What if France locking them defensively...

        They did a smart move at least to have Bam and Holiday. To have defence.

        I kinda expect Embiid to be more of a contra productive. In tighter FIBA court he won't feel nearly as comfortable as in NBA. I see a lot of offensive fouls coming.

        Greta roster, but I expected even bigger punch.

        Embiid is meh though...never liked him, never respected him and now he's just an object of pity to me. Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1780009778934394985%7Ctwgr% 5Eb99b2df36b8d7ecc23c8c8c2601f07c46706c8a2%7Ctwcon %5Es1_& aujiena%2Faiskus-vienuolika-olimpines-jav-rinktines-nariu%2F334828
        LTU NT will snatch Eurobasket 2029 title with this roster:

        Jokubaitis, Marciulionis, Laurencikas
        Indrusaitis, Brazdeikis, Rubstavicius
        Buzelis, Lelevicius
        Murauskas, Sirvydis
        Tubelis, Krivas


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          Originally posted by FilWelsh View Post
          And there is a high likelihood that Van Lith will be included in USA 3x3 national team for Paris Olympics
          My final crew for womens 3x3 are Burdick, R. Howard, A. Gray & Van Lith. I made one tweak from Basketball USA’’s instead of Hull, I’ll go for Gray.

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            USA Basketball managing director finalised his line-up for Paris… LBJ, Steph, KD, Tatum, Embiid, JRue, Booker, A. Davis, Bam, A. Edwards, Haliburton, Kawhi… I got 9 rights from my previous predicted picks… Kerr opted for a steady recipe by calling in more shooters…

            USA Basketball men’s senior team managing director Grant Hill has assembled a legendary who’s who of NBA stars for the USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics.


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              Kerr...I could have coached USA team last year and it wouldn't have made any difference whatsoever. That's how impactful Kerr's coaching was last year. But with this Olympic team, I can pretend to be their coach and win it all. LOL

              It's a little shame that a country like USA with that kind of national pool of ridiculous basketball players have to seek for naturalization of Embiid to claim Olympics. It's really killing the game. But I guess they feel a little bit insecure.



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