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Would the U.S. win gold with this team?

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    Originally posted by Dirtyh View Post
    What if USA takes part with Euroleague players team?

    World tournaments are ruined because USA is so dominant. Now Eurobaskets are in trouble because of Fiba. Great times!
    As Jerry Colangelo said not up to US to play down to the comp it is up to the rest of the world to rise up and play better. Remember you can only play 5 guys at one time and really need no more than 8 for a game.
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      Originally posted by Bruno Díaz es Batman View Post
      Well, if we consider that the US has 318 million inhabitans it's logical that they make up a good team even with no black players

      But, What if they play vs an European team?

      Bogdanovic-De Colo-Gentile-Belinelli-Bogdanovic (Bogdan)
      The team with Durant coming off the bench i posted still has the advantage at every position, starter and bench. The only positions your team could compete at is center and power forward. Everything else is super lopsided in the U.S.'s favor.


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        Originally posted by R1ou View Post
        I'd go with something like this,on a 30-men pool.

        Belinelli,DeColo,Rodriguez,Fournier,Bogdanovic,Osm an
        Jokic,Saric,Printezis,Motiejunas,Porzingis,Bjelica ,Mirotic
        Gasol,Gobert,Valanciunas,Bourousis,Marjanovic,Vuce vic
        Any combination you want, i doubt it will make a difference against my team with Durant coming off the bench i posted.


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          Some statistical information i figured out related to my 3 starters/9 bench players team that is very interesting, which i calculated by breaking down career and last seasons stats into per minute numbers and factoring in how many minutes each of the 12 players would play in a 48 minute game. So 7 out of 12 stay the same, but Jack, Smith, Dudley, Gibson, and Davis i give 8 minutes extra a piece to get a feel for how this team might look as an actual team playing in the league for 48 minutes a night.

          117.4 ppg based on career numbers. It's been 24 years since any NBA team, Chris Mullin's Warriors, averaged more than that.
          129.5 ppg last season. 14.5 more than the league leading Warriors last year. 3 more than the all time leading scoring team in nba history.
          47.1 career rebounds. In the last 5 years they would've finished 2nd twice and 1st three times in the nba.
          51.6 rebounds last season. Most of any team this century. I didn't look further back.
          25.7 career assists. In the last 5 years they would've finished 2nd twice and 1st three times in the nba.
          29.8 assists last season. Most of any team this century. I didn't look further back.

          Also, this team has 3 of the top 11 and 5 of the top 43 in the league at defensive field goal percentage at the rim. Likewise with points saved per 36 minutes at the rim. So no easy baskets.

          Finally, this may not be a good method, but in an attempt to get a rough estimate of how good this team is by other statistical measures and to get a comparison with the team USA that just won gold, i calculated offensive and defensive rating for last season.

          My team with 3 starters/9 bench players:

          Offensive rating=114.4, 2nd in the nba last season
          Defensive rating=104.3, 6th in nba last season.

          Team USA: 112.8 on offense and 104.3 on defense based on nba stats.
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