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Bronze Medal Game: Argentina vs. Russia

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    Congrats to Russia, well deserved medal.
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      I predicted a 4pt win for Russia against Spain... wrong game. Hahaha!

      Did Mozgov get injured? Why only 7mins?


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        Argentina complaining a foul wasn't called at the end was this true or not?


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          Originally posted by jiggawhat View Post
          Argentina complaining a foul wasn't called at the end was this true or not?
          Yeah, the Argentines nearly started a second Falklands War with Bill Kennedy because he didn't blow the whistle on what they thought was a foul at mid-court on Prigioni. I only saw the highlights, so I can't attest to what led up to the supposite no-call, but from what I saw Kennedy made the right decision. Through out the tournament, too many games have been decided by the officials influence. I think Kennedy's NBA instincts told him to let the game play out instead of deciding the outcome by bailing out Prigioni.


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            Thank you Argentina. It was a pleasure to watch this team for the last 10 years.


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              It's a pity that one of these teams left London without Olympic medal. What a great generation of Argentine basketball players: Prigioni-Ginobili-Delfino-Nocioni-Scola is one of the best and most clever starting fives I ever witnessed (especially, say, 5-7 years ago but that's another story). It was a great swansong for this generation which will be remembered by many. And NBA experts put Argentina 4th behind Brazil - well, we've seen it in QF who is the real Latin American basketball super-power.
              I'm glad with the first Olympic medal for Russia but ain't really excited - we were obliged to play in the final and give USA a good fight.
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