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Your Awardees for London 2012

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  • Your Awardees for London 2012

    First 5

    Pau Gasol
    Luis Scola
    Linas Kleiza
    Manu Ginobili
    Tony Parker

    Second 5

    Timofey Mozgov
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Lebron James
    Nicolas Batum
    Patty Mills

    Third 5

    Tiago Splitter
    Yi Jianlian
    Luol Deng
    Kevin Durant
    Leandro Barbosa


    Pau Gasol

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    It seemed premature to comment on this the first time you posted it, but I wonder if you would change your team now that everything's been said and done?

    Here's my (obviously biased ) take. Forgive some position shifting:

    LeBron James... but still, Kevin Durant... :\

    First Team All-Olympics:
    C: Pau Gasol
    PF: LeBron James
    SF: Kevin Durant
    SG: Manu Ginobili
    PG: Tony Parker

    Second Team All-Olympics:
    C: Luis Scola
    PF: Marc Gasol
    SF: Andrei Kirilenko
    SG: Alexey Shved
    PG: Patty Mills

    Third Team All-Olympics:
    C: Kevin Love
    PF: Linas Kleiza
    SF: Luol Deng
    SG: Nicholas Batum
    PG: Leandro Barbosa

    Tough Omissions:
    - Vitaliy Fridzon: cool in the clutch against Brazil and Spain, but hard to find someone to take off the list
    - JC Navarro: brilliant first half of the gold medal game would have redeemed his lackluster early tournament and gotten him on if Spain had won the game
    - Marcelinho Huertas: almost a toss-up between him and Barbosa for me, but Barbosa seemed (in my memory) to be less streaky
    - Yi Jianlian: statistically a beast, but for a team that got crushed every game; would have put him instead of Love

    I see there's a lack of attention to non-NBAers here, but I wonder if that's legitimate or if it's just my background/bias showing. I'd be interested in seeing others' opinions


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      top5 player should be from top4 team,so mentione all leaders of those teams.


      MVP Durant

      and oscar for best acting display goes to Rudy Fernandez


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        PPG, RPG, APG, 2PT%, 3PT%

        First Team All-Olympics:
        C: Pau Gasol (19.1, 7.6,, 2.9, 62%, 31%)
        PF: Luis Scola (18.0, 4.6, 2.8, 54%, 0%)
        SF: Kevin Durant (19.5, 5.8, 2.6, 42%, 52%)
        SG: Manu Ginobili (19.4, 5.4 4.1, 53%, 44%)
        PG: LeBron James (13.2, 5.6, 5.6, 72%, 30%)

        Second Team All-Olympics:
        C: Marc Gasol (12.6, 4.8, 2.1, 52%, 50%)
        PF: Carmelo Anthony (16.2, 4.8, 1.2, 58%, 50%)
        SF: Andrei Kirilenko (17.5, 7.5, 1.4, 62%, 26%) + 1.9 spg, 1.8bpg
        SG: Nicolas Batum (15.5, 5.7, 1.2, 72%, 36%)
        PG: Patty Mills (21.2, 4.5, 2.2, 47%, 35%)

        Third Team All-Olympics:
        C: Kevin Love (11.6, 7.6, 0.4, 81%, 36%)
        PF: Linas Kleiza (13.8, 6.3, 1.7, 51%, 20%)
        SF: Joe Ingles (15.0, 5.0, 4.2, 63%, 31%)
        SG: Carlos Delfino (15.2, 3.8, 1.6, 63%, 35%)
        PG: Leandro Barbosa (16.2, 2.2, 0.3, 54%, 40%)

        Ben Romdhane (15.0, 8.6, 2.6, 52%, 13%) + 2 spg, team was competitive with much more talented teams.
        Yi: (14.8, 10.2, 0.8, 42%, 67%) + 2 bpg team performed atrociously
        Diogu: (14.9, 9.0, 0.6, 48%, 30%) - poor team performance
        Freeland (14.6 6.6, 0.4, 52%, 29%) - solid stats, shone in best game vs. Spain

        Shved: Terrible in 4 out of last 5 games - hurt his team
        Tony Parker: Inefficient scorer, didn't give much else, sad to say.
        Deng: Less production on worse efficiency than Ingles on a worse team, disappeared in meaningful games.


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          Originally posted by DarkoMVP View Post
          PG: LeBron James (13.2, 5.6, 5.6, 72%, 30%)
          Interesting position for him, and certainly not something I can say is wrong. I wish I'd thought of this instead. I wish Krzyzewski had thought of it more often, too

          Originally posted by DarkoMVP View Post
          Shved: Terrible in 4 out of last 5 games - hurt his team
          Fair enough about Shved, but I give extra points for big performances in meaningful games. Without him, would Russia have gotten bronze? THen again, maybe a better showing against Spain could have had them in contention for gold/silver instead.


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            From what I've seen I would not forget Chris Paul. I believe he was clutch at some important games, including the gold medal game, and I really liked his quality and toughness. The toughness/experience part to me was there for all to see when he was hard fouled by the Spanish players a couple of times.
            So IMHO:

            C: Pau Gasol
            PF: LeBron James
            SF: Kevin Durant
            SG: Manu Ginobili
            PG: Chris Paul

            MVP: Kevin Durant


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              MVP K Durant

              Kevin Durant (30 decisive points at the gold medal match) to me deserves a special mention. His talent, his seemingly effortless elegant talent looks unlimited. If you foul him like Spain did, he'll go to the line and make you pay, he sinks free throws like he is having a cup of tea... He runs, he defends, he dunks and hits treys, he is the real deal. I really like the joy he puts into his game. Watch him play for the US. See his joy on the stand when receiving the gold medal and listening to the USA national anthem. Feel the positive feelings and vibrations coming out of this man. He has fun playing and dealing with the pressure to do more. He shrugs off all negativity and reacts maturely and positively to excessive agressiveness and fouling: he just plays better, he outplays you. This 23 year old World and Olympic basketball champion will become the best player in the world. And he looks like a great likeable personality. I want to follow his career for many years.
              Sorry if this is too long but, as they say, I LOVE THIS GAME!




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