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Quarterfinals: F.Y.R of Macedonia vs Dominican Republic

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  • Originally posted by Illegal2k10 View Post
    Not really. Greece was really robbed, while MKD lost, cuz of the short bench.
    If Greece shot 9 free throws all the game and their opponents got to the line 31 times then all of the people who talks of 'robbery against Greece' would be 10 times louder (and definitely more adequate). Refs heavily favoured Dominicana - it's not the only (and not even main) reason for Macedonians to lose but to write it off is a clear mistake. The main problems of Macedonia in this game was the lack of might in the paint, including being hugely outrebounded on both sides of the court, weak and nonpassionate defense in the second half and extremely short bench which brought heavy fatigue and lack of freshness to the team's leaders (who are all playing 35+ minutes in every game).
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    • There are many reasons why we lost and the refs are one of them. Not only 10 times louder but greeks woul send bomb to Fiba headquarter.

      We have big problems on defence with out Antic and Cekovski and both got many personal fauls with out any reason. This hit us even more than 31-9 from the line.

      This should be sport but a lot of corruption among fiba and refs.

      Maybe we should stop investing on basketball, close down the project MZT Skopje and the new youth project KK Junior

      Basketball just started to get popular in Macedonia, nice job fiba.

      Handball is the most popular team sport in Macedonia and basketball started to get closer Handball more investments both federation and clubs.

      Handball 18.000 fans in Belgrade
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      • Analyze from an Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian-Macedonian-Slovenian and Montenego sport web.

        The reasons for the failure of the Macedonian is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

        Macedonia failed. So close, yet so far. Small step to the historical success proved to be insurmountable, however.

        Macedonian basketball miracle of EuroBasket 2011 and will continue to be at the Olympic Games in London. I will try to analyze the failure of Macedonia from the neutral angle, although last night I wholeheartedly cheer for the team.

        The night after a difficult and painful defeat, however, things can look smoother and with more reality. Where we err? Who is the culprit and the main reason why the whole of Macedonia will tremble and cheer for their favorites at the Olympics in London? First things first:

        1. Marjan Lazevski.

        The question is, Is the coach who has achieved no Notable result, the capacity to lead the team in which we have some super star? Why was he had to change the menu? Is there a way to Dokuzovski, who made a historic success with teams of Macedonia, left on the bench? Marjan lying is not good at these meetings led qualifications. The first two meetings were evident where the worst of Macedonia and Macedonia, where the game is lost. In the first two games convincingly out jumped Macedonia, and a third more than that. Dominican Republic has had a massive 19 more jumps from Macedonia and 28-4 score from second chances points. It could have been prevented. Likewise, when the decline was evident in the game is not good mjenjao.Glavne Macedonia players spent to the limit of endurance, and had guys on the bench that they could odmjeniti and rest. After all why they led with them if they do not believe. He had to have more courage and the personal mistakes and Antic Chekovskog into play to push the young, 211 cm high Kiril Nikolovski. Especially when Gečevski looked more ridiculous than against Dominican centers.
        Chemistry in the team in Lithuania and this was evident ista.Timski spirit did not exist, and this was the main forte of Macedonia in Lithuania. For all of these omissions is guilty of a menu that has borne a large share of responsibility.


        The team jersey is holy. At least it should be. It is clear and understandable that the players had a long and grueling season, but it Is fair to the guys who were prepared from the beginning worked hard to condition its playing for the Saints jersey coming just days before the start of qualifying. Gečevski, Ilievski and Antic had to be on prepared from start not join the team 7 days before the start. They were able to scratch apply a special program to restore freshness if they need to rest, but for team spirit had to be with the rest of the team.

        3. Third Physical stores

        20 differences lead after 15 minutes, play great defense and poketljivu, receive 28 points for one half and then the total decline. Players were left without air, the physical fitness of players was not good. I'm not sure whether 58 points in one half received the Macedonian U15 national team last night against the Dominican Republic. The reasons for the defeat can be traced in it.

        4. Referee

        Although it is not good to talk about judges, however, last night we watched a weird judging criteria. Several errors in the direct expense of Macedonia, when the Dominicans back from the abyss, it certainly was a springboard for them. The top Canadian Weiland. Yet it is Macedonia that took place knows and can do 6 or judges would not help Dminikancima to return, even though the main reasons to be sought in the first 3 items listed.

        Finally, to conclude. It is easy to be a general after the battle, but I still think that some of these things above still could have been prevented. Macedonia was very close to the whole nation is proud. Especially after dropping the Greeks only small step left is a small to large investments in the Olympics. Longing for the occasion propuštenm remains difficult and is usually the Macedonian fan explain how it happened sort of decline, why are individuals seemed so disinterested as to play for 7th place on a street hoops? Why is America in the ranks of Macedonia showed the biggest heart, and you have the courage of individuals from the team after a look into the eyes of a foreigner who potted 35 points and left heart field.

        We hope that the national team coaching staff to recognize problems in the Macedonian national team and will respond appropriately and eliminate those that do not deserve their knowledge and commitment to defend the colors of Macedonia
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        • Both Greece and FYROM were clearly robbed by the refs.


          • I agree but it is easier to destroy Macedonia than Greece you have a bigger bench.

            But Ok that only one of the factors. But who are responsible that Marin Dokuzovski gott fired ???? and to replace him with a amateur Like Marjan Lazovski is a complete joke. His best result as coach is 4th place in our domestic league.

            Gecevski, Ilievski, Makaleb and Antic show up only 7 days before the torney !!! how can you prepare yourself with only 7 days ????. As exampel Kirilenko has been part of the Russian preperations for 23 days.

            Lazevski is a joke, no rotation on brothers Stojanovski and Sokolov who playd 16min avg in Spain 2007, 24 min avg in Poland 2009 and 9 min avg in Lithuania playd 0 min 2012.

            The 212 CM Nikolovski on he bench whole match even with Antic and Cekovski with faul problems. Instead he choosed out of form and out of fitness Gecevski. Nikolovski wos better than Gecevski the whole season and gott offer from Russian Lokomotiv but choosed the new ABA league team MZT Skopje.

            We had great organization problems and federation president should resign. This is a disaster.


            • Oktay Mamuthi (Turkish) but born in Skopje big coach now with Efes Pilsen. Zare Markovski former Lotomatica Roma, Armani Milano and Bologna coach, Sasko Filipovski now with Union Ljubljana.

              And the choosed no one Marjan Lazevski ????? at least Dokuzovski should stay, krist sake.

              Our basketball federation even lost Vladimir Micov (new CSKA player) to Serbia a few months ago.

              Total organisation chaos. How can Ognen Stojanovski be left out from the team ???? how can Riste Stefanov be left out former AEK, Union, Besiktas and Lukoil player.
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