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  • Senegal national team

    Senegal announced it's formal 12-man squad. Two players are completely unknown to me:

    Pape Ibrahima Faye
    Souleymane Aw

    Does anybody have any information about these players (height, weight, birthdate, current clubteam?).

    or could they be ' regular' players for instance Jules Aw and Sidi Faye?


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    SEN – Afrobasket Libya 2009: Boniface Ndong - "we are not in our place in Africa”

    Dakar — The Senegalese international player, Boniface Ndong feels that Senegalese national team that the wild card has be givent to take part in the Afrobasket Libya 2009, ‘’is not in its place’’ not only in Africa but also in world level.

    "We are not in our place in Africa less in world level” has noticed the player who is doing well with its club Malaga (Spanish championship) since three seasons.

    Speaking to APS to analyse the Senegalese basket with its potential spread everywhere in the world, Boniface Ndong underlines "the gap" between the Senegalese potential and the results gained those last years by the Senegalese national men team that recently received the wild card to take part in Afrobasket Libya 2009.

    "We have some players who play in the most valuable championships in Europe, but also in NBA and others countries. And most of them are their group leaders. Then what are we lacking?”, has asked the player for who the answer of this question resides in triptych.
    “We need to have a good organization, a updating clinics programme to have all the players on duty for Senegal in the same moment .It is all we need to shine even in world level” has analysed Boniface Ndong, designated as the most valuable centre and player at the 2005 Alger.

    “It is a fundamental, structural and organizational issue. The proof is that we have never been able to put all the Senegalese players together for a project. It is for that we don’t play the top role in Africa and in the world as a team”, according to him.

    Currenly, Boniface Ndong is in holiday in Senegal, waiting for the starting of the Lions’ training camp ahead Tripoli.
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      So it means Boniface will actually play for Senegal?


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        SEN – Afrobasket 2009: ‘Determination’ and ‘good ambiance’ in team’s camp

        There are “huge determination and good ambiance in Senegalese national team’s camp” said last Monday, the coach Abdourahmane Ndiaye“Adidas”.
        The national men team of Senegal will take part in the Afrobasket 2009 planned to be held in Libya from 05th to 15th August.
        The “Lions” of basket carried out last Monday at Marius Ndiayes stadium their 5th training session.
        The players of US Rail, Gorgui Dieng (season’s revelation) and Ibrahima Mbengue have been called up as reinforcements by the coach.
        “We called up for Gorgui Dieng and Ibrahima Mbengue to replace Cheikh Samb and Thierno Ibrahima Niang who are absents. We have to work hard for the post selection”, explained ‘Adidas’.
        The presence of Cheikh Sambo, a NBA former player in Senegalese team’s camp, will depend on his situation of free agency looking for a club. About the young play maker of Us Rail, Thierno Ibrahima Niang, he broke his left arm during the Senegal National Cup final game. “ Our 5th training session has done well. There has not yet been some touch with the game. We are working more on the fundamental, the physical and little on mental function” underlined the National coach.
        About the non- presence of Boniface Ndong and Pape Sow at the camp, ‘Adidas’ says that they will join the group quickly. “Boniface Ndong has not yet signed his contract. He is not to take long to join the group. Pape Sow is in USA, but he will also join us very quickly” he added.
        List of players in the camp:
        Ibrahima Mbengue, Gorgui Dieng, Babacar Cissé, Kabir Pène, Antoine Mendy, Malèye Ndoye, Mouhamed Faye, El Hadji Malick Ndiaye, Boubacar Coly, Malick Badiane and Mouhamadou Moustapha Niang.
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          SEN - Afrobasket: Cheikhou Thioune joined the Lions’ den, Desaagana and Sow expected on Wednesday

          Cheikhou Thioune joined the Senegalese national team that camping in Bormio, Italia, said coach Abdourahmane Ndiaye ‘Adidas’ who revealed that Desagana Diop and Pape Sow will join the group by Wednesday.

          The group of 13 players has trained twice awaiting for the arrival of Desagana Diop, Pape Sow and Boniface Ndong. Boniface Ndong still retain by his transfer problems. According to ‘Adidas’, a new round of preparation has started.

          We had two sessions of training and have started the preparation based on collective defensive and offensive has indicated Abdourahmane Ndiaye; who underlined that the training will be carried out every except the days of matches.

          We had two good sessions carried out without problem apart from a small worry about Moustapha Niang’s ankle said the coach. He let know that three games are already confirmed against Czech, Italia and Sweden.

          Senegal will start its tournament on Thursday face to Czech, before playing with Italia on Friday. The ‘Lions’ will end their first series of games against Sweden.

          According to the coach two others games are still discussing and he pointed out the absence of Cameroon in Bormio and the denial of Angola to play against an African team as Senegal


          Thursday 16th July

          17h30 Senegal –Czech Rep

          20h30 Italia – Sweden

          Friday 17th July

          17h30 Sweden – Czech Rep

          20h30 Italia – Senegal

          Saturday 18th July

          17h30 Sweden – Senegal

          20h30 Italia – Czech Rep
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            SEN - Diop, Ndong in strong Lions squad

            DAKAR (2009 FIBA Africa Championship) - Charlotte Bobcats star DeSagna Diop and Regal FC Barcelona center Boniface Ndong highlight a strong Senegal squad named for the Afrobasket 2009 in Libya next month.

            Armano Jeans Milano's Pape Sow is also in a powerful-looking Lions group, which is due to head out to Tripoli on Saturday.

            There is also a mix of youth and experience at the guard positions, where Babacar Cisse has come out of international retirement to mentor the younger Ibrahima Mbenque.

            Squad: Babacar Cisse (Fos Ouest Provence Basket, France), El Kabir Pene (ASM Basket Le Puy Haute Loire, France), Ibrahima Mbengue (US Rail Thies, Senegal), Antoine Mendy (Elan Bearnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez, France), Maleye NDoye (Le Mans Sarthe Basket, France), Cheikhou Thioune (SPO Rouen Basket, France), Mouhammad Faye (SMU, USA), Pape Sow (Armani Jeans Milano, Italy), Boniface Ndong (Regal FC Barcelona, Spain), Boubacar Coly (unattached), Malick Badiane (Springfield Arsenal, USA), DeSagana Diop (Charlotte Bobcats , USA)
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              I really like this team. Senegal has the best big men in Africa. boniface,desange and pape and malike are solid. too bad cheike samb is mising but its loaded.They barely got in through a special invitation to libya. but they didnt have this team. i want to se Senegal,Angola and Nigeria in the podium and it looks that way because they are doing it right . calling their best,good coaching and training properly


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                Boniface is the backbone of Senegal in Africa, Angola is also a unique player himself & i would like to see both in the tournament.


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                    SEN – N’Dong desperate for Senegal to receive wild card to Turkey

                    BARCELONA (2010 FIBA World Championship) - Time is running out on one of the best African centers of the modern game.

                    At the age of 32, Senegalese big man Boniface N’Dong has yet to appear at a FIBA World Championship but he hasn’t given up hope of doing that as early as next year.

                    The Senegalese tried to qualify directly last summer at the Afrobasket in Libya but failed.

                    Now, the only way this extremely talented African country will take part in next year’s big event is if they receive one of four wild cards that are to be handed out by basketball’s world governing body in less than two weeks in Istanbul, where the FIBA central board will convene.

                    “I would be really glad if I had the chance to play in this World Championship,” N’Dong said to

                    “This may be my last chance. If we get a wild card, we can do better than (African champions) Angola.”

                    An Afrobasket 2005 MVP, N’Dong had wanted to play in 2006 when the FIBA World Championship was in Japan but did not.

                    A disorganized Senegalese Basketball Federation, he says, led to his absence.

                    The Regal Barcelona man missed the following Afrobasket in Angola as well but rejoined the team in Libya this summer and averaged 19 points and nine rebounds.

                    In Libya, Senegal claimed three victories in as many games and looked good bets to make it to Turkey.

                    Cracks began to show in the Eight-Final round, though, as Senegal suffered a 72-59 defeat to Rwanda.

                    That upset was followed by another, a 75-73 shocker at the hands of Morocco.

                    Senegal ended up facing a very good Ivory Coast side in the Quarter-Finals and lost 84-78, despite 20 points and nine rebounds from N’Dong.

                    The Senegalese next lost to Nigeria before signing off with a 74-63 defeat of Mali to finish seventh.

                    They left Libya with 5-4 record.

                    N’Dong understands the magnitude of the FIBA central board wild card decision and is keeping his fingers crossed that his country will be one of the lucky ones.

                    “If Africa had the possibility to get two wild cards, I, definitely, would say that Nigeria and Senegal are the teams to get it,” he said.

                    “These are the teams with the biggest potential in Africa.

                    “Between these two, of course, Senegal is the ideal country to get it. Not only because it is my country, but because we have many players playing at a high-level. We could do good.”

                    Failure to get Amagou costly

                    Last August, with the likes of high-profile players such as Charlotte Bobcats center DeSagana Diop, former Toronto Raptors Pape Sow, Georgia Tech ace Mouhammad Faye, Le Mans star Maleye N’Doye, Japan-based Boubacar Coly and former NBA draft pick Malick Badiane, Senegal believed they had the makings of a team that would qualify yet they missed out.

                    Asked to describe their performance in Libya 2009, N’Dong replied: “Big disappointment, but we all learned the lesson. We had a good squad with big guys, but we missed (something) in the point-guard position.

                    “Without a point guard, who makes us play, our big guys can do very little.

                    “We don’t have a point guard playing at high level, and this makes things very difficult for us.

                    “I am in position to say that we, as country, are desperate to find a high-profile point guard. We must find a solution urgently. Where this point-guard will come from, I don’t know. An American naturalized point-guard could be an option.”

                    N’Dong says he was already aware of this need before the Afrobasket and voiced his opinion to Senegalese basketball bosses.

                    “I urged the Senegalese Federation to persuade Pape Phillipe Amagou to play for us, as he is the son of a Senegalese mother and an Ivorian father,” N’Dong said.

                    France-born Amagou opted to play instead for the Ivory Coast, and ended up making the all-tournament team in Libya after averaging 11 points and two assists.

                    Even worse, he buried three three-pointers and finished with 15 points in the win over Senegal.

                    Amagou, who plays professionally for French side Roanne Basket, will play in 2010 Turkey.

                    In the gold medal-game against Angola, Amagou poured 18 points and had four assists but his team had to settle for the silver medal.

                    “I think that the Federation did not do enough to convince him,” N’Dong said.

                    “Amagou is a great defender, and a brilliant game controller. He is the player we are missing.”

                    N’Dong was only one year old when Senegal first appeared in a FIBA World Championship.

                    It was 1978, and Senegal finished bottom in the Philippines with 1-6 record, their lone triumph coming against China.

                    They appeared in two more FIBA World Championships, in 1998 in Greece and eight years later in Japan.

                    Senegal have won five African championships in their history, the last in 1997 as the host nation when they beat Nigeria 69-48 in the Final.

                    Four years ago, Senegal finished runners-up at the Afrobasket after 70-61 defeat to Angola.

                    N’Dong was the MVP of that event.

                    Julio Chitunda
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                      Senegal men basketball head coach resigned

                      Abdourahmane Ndiaye, who was in Senegal last december for a private visit told the FSB (Federation Senegalaise de basket-ball) and the sports ministery that he was resigning from the post of head coach.

                      FSB president, As Gaye confirmed the information about that resignation saying "it's not a contract rupture because between Adidas and the federation it was over right after the 2009 Afrobasket".

                      "he signified his desire to stop while he came to visit us" said the president As Gaye.

                      Some people close to the coach confirm that he told them about his idea to stop the adventure with the national team during his last staying in Dakar.

                      Named for the first time as the head coach of Senegal national team in 2005, N'diaye led the team in the final during the Afrobasket in Algeria, they finished second by loosing Angola in the final. They were qualified for the world championship the next year.

                      Fired by the minister of sports,El Hadj Daouda Faye, he intented a law sue against the country for abusive contract rupture." Adidas" is under contract since couple years at Villeneuve d'Ascq a french premier league female team. He won the law sue and the counry paid the salary they were suppose to give him.

                      He came back as head coach of the national team in the month of May in year 2009 for the zone II tournament, the technician didn't qualified on the court because he didn't have his best players but had the wild card from Fiba Africa.

                      Senegal won his three first games before loosing the last two. "Adidas" second adventure last with a place in quarter final which they lost against Côte d'Ivoire in the 2009 Afrobasket in Libya.

                      Par Amadou Lamine NDIAYE (
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                        i which nigeria and senegal got a wild card


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                          SEN – Federation to negotiate with Abdourahmane Ndiaye

                          27/05/2010. Abdourahmane Ndiaye ""Adidas " may come back at the head of the technical staff of Senegalese male team. Indeed, negotiations are undergoing with the national technical management for the return of Abdourahmane Ndiaye "Adidas".

                          The statement has been released yesterday by the President of Senegalese Basketball Federation, Baba Tandian, during a press conference. «We are in very advanced negotiations with Adidas to resume his job at the technical staff of the Lions for zone 2 qualifiers for Afrobakset 2011 », he declared. According to Baba Tandian, the federation chose Adidas because he is a great coach but also he knows the players and the mentality of the Senegalese. So, from today, he will contact him together with the national technical director to try to convince him. If the federation manages to obtain the approval of Abdourahmane Ndiaye, he will coach as well of boys as of girls who prepare to go at world championship in Czech Republic. Baba Tandian supports to have contacted Aimé Toupane, but as the last one is not available before next June 20.
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                            [SEN] - Sitapha Savane (Gran Canaria) : "i am at the disposal of the Senegal national team"

                            Pensioner of Gran Canaria in the Spanish basketball championship, Sitapha Savane did not return to the national team since 2007.

                            For the preparation of the zone 2 tournament, he is not on the list of prequalified. In the last Afrobasket 2009, he was not featured in the team. People said he had refused to come to the national team because his father, Landing Savane, had political problems. What he denies.

                            Senegal is preparing the Zone 2 tournament, scheduled for August. The list of shortlisted players came out, but there is not the name of Sitapha Savane.

                            What happens between you and the national team?

                            Sitapha Savane : This is a week that I am in Senegal. I had no news of the federation for a long time. I learned the date of the zone 2 tournament when I came to Senegal in speaking with Boniface Ndong. Frankly, I expected to hear from the federation. It's a bit surprising, but hey .....

                            People said that in 2009 you refused to go to the national team because your father had some political problems...

                            S.S : I said that for personal and family reasons that I could not answer the call of the national team. Also had said that I needed time to handle this. Everyone, at one time or another, can have little personal problems that forced him to take a little time for what is most important to us, the family. It was not a boycott of the Senegal national team or as some people have said. Far from it. It would be a mistake. People come and go and the country is still there. I'm still here; I'm not retired from the national team. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding somewhere. I am still and always available to the national team of Senegal.

                            Can we expect the return of Sitapha in the national team?

                            S.S : I'd love to talk again with people of the federation. The dream of all players is to play in the national team. But there must be some conditions. Unfortunately these conditions are rarely met here in the organization. It's always the same problems we have in selection. I would love to participate and assist in all possible levels.

                            How was your season in Spain this year?

                            S.S : The season went well. On a personal level, I had a very good season with a large presence at the statistical level in the line. At the team level, we started a little less good in early season, but came back strong to finish 8th and play Play Off. In the quarter-final of playoffs, we had the misfortune to play against Barcelona of Boniface. We lost. I re-enlist, I still have one year contract with Gran Canaria. I am in my seventh year there. I leave in one week in the United States to resume training during the summer.

                            Compared to your career, you'll stay in Spain or you have other temptations?

                            S.S : For the moment, Spain is clearly the best league outside the NBA. There is no reason for me to leave. it's been a while since I'm in Spain. I am comfortable there, so there is no reason to change.
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                              Any chance Senegal would invite Hamady N'diaye to their future NT? N'diaye, a former Rutgers Scarlet Knight and was drafted by the Washington Wizards on the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft but it is looking like he won't be signed to a contract.

                              N'diaye is said to be playing abroad as his agent have been in discussion with foreign teams.

                              On the National Team side, N'diaye would give Senegal another potent center to compete with other African countries.
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