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I am french... Im in depression since the last day

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  • I am french... Im in depression since the last day

    I dont come from the basket ball like a lot of people in Europe, im a soccer player. Anyway i take this world cup very seriously, i was very surprised that in USA u dont give any s**t about fiba lol.

    The game against Spain i was crying Guys, we dont like so much spanish here in France when its about sport, all the people was crazy about this Win ... Everybody say that we Will loose even the players. I was not in the same point of view, i was confiant, we have the players even if parker or noah isnt here, France Win everytime when people say They Will dont, in soccer its the same, in every other sport its the same.

    So after this Win i was like ... Holly s**t Serbia.

    Come on i dont like this, i want my game with USA. Free Tv here in France Will show the match only if we make the final .... I was prepared for my little sunday i was so enjoy about this... But this Serbian Guys i feel it They Will troll me

    " no we have diaw, batum... Come on we are not shit "

    First half ... Wtf ? What is that ?
    We play like shit, i dont know any thing about défense and tactic but i see that this Guy teodovic is EVERYWHERE! His 3 points was like " its easy for me "

    -14 before the 3 half, isnt over but everything can happend. Third half was again bad, or Serbia was just better
    Fourth half, wouaw batum start to play finally ! Hot hands, -5 at 5 minutes before the end !

    Heart attack, i say " GOD come on ... HELP US ! ", They come back from nowhere, i swear god that parker was here... But we loose

    We loose... I was stunned

    No USA is a nightmare ? Dad wake me up !

    since the last day im so bad, basket hurt me for the first Time lol.
    Here in France french from Serbia troll us in the famous forums ( i guess They feel more serbian than french lol )
    its so painfull, yeah Serbia was good... But its like we fight against every body ( crowd, etc... )

    French say in twitter " thank you Guys for this ! " but i cant ... I just cant. Are we deserved to Win ? Hell no in this game, but we did a good road and the USA was the present... Diaw batum Fournier GOBERT against kenneth faried the alien lol.

    Seriously im sad, we loose again before the final, i was not expecting that Serbia was at this point so good.

    Thanks to read me, and sorry for my english i need to go un USA to improve it lol.

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