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PLEASE Do Not Support FIBA Anymore

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    Originally posted by Levenspiel View Post
    So, I finished watching the game. There's nothing to talk about the first 3 quarters. So my notes on the last 10mins. There were a few calls that could go both ways, so i skip them (Keselj's foul on rebound, Kerem Gonlum offensive foul etc).

    - Two fouls on Markovic (one blocking foul and the rebounding) were wrong.

    - Omer Asik got a hit in his eye, but then decided to pull a stunt. It was a very stupid act, but Arslan could get 1 of 2 fts, so no real gain here. Still, it was plain annoying, but you cannot blame the refs here.

    - Teodosic was trying too hard to get fouls but they were so obvious that even FIBA tv commentators mocked him, who were actually worshiping his game. These and a few others changed the psychology though, creating a victim scenario in their fans' eyes.

    - Krstic foul on Semih Erden's last minute lay-up was wrong. He stretched then pulled back his hand. Could be honest mistake. Erden missed his FT anyway.

    - The last sec play: Nobody thought Tunceri stepped on the line. There was a top view camera and it looks clean. Damn, no Serbian even objected. I hope the later photo showing his foot on the line is not fake (remember the photoshopped photo of Asik's block on Llull's last sec lay-up in Eurobasket2009, some people can get really low). In any case it's bad luck for Serbia. Hardly a ref mistake.

    All in all, I feel much better after seeing this that we actually did not steal anything, but won a big game against a very very good opponent. But on the other hand, I'm disappointed at IBN, to be honest.
    No need for hard feelings friend. You are a basketball nation on the rise and that is a fact nobody can take away from you. Everyone understanding the true value of basketball development around the world agrees that the steps forward made since the beginning of the 90's are truly remarkable. And he feels that they are welcome on the global scene too.

    To make a long story short, I believe the tournament was excellent as far as organization is concerned. The level of basketball displayed could obviously have been better without the absence of some major stars and some unfortunate situations (the Greece-Serbia brawl litteraly drained the Greek team emotionally and did not allow them to find their rythm on the court, whereas Serbia performed poorly in all their games until the QF), but that does not change the fact that Turkey was the third best team in the tournament after the US and Serbia. Most importantly though they have established themselves clearly as a top 8 team worlwide in the last 2 years (USA, Argentina, Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Brazil, Slovenia and Russia being right behind), a progress that could very well lead to something even more impressive in the years to come.

    Enjoy your success, the majority of Turkish fans showed they deserve it.


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      What a nice topic.
      I'm proud to see this here.

      We always complained that refs stop us.
      This year in Cholet-Fener and Fener-Barca games there were some critical mistakes in the breaking points, against Fener.

      If FIBA supports Turkey, that's great I think.
      But it seems people think Greece, Spain and Yugoslavia/Serbia should be supported always and only.

      NO NO NO...
      Republic of FENERBAHÇE


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        try to read FIBA's facebook page and you will find yourself reading more on NBA instead.

        also, look how the three point rainbow distance had been adjusted to accomodate NBA's standard.

        just some few things we have to look and think about.

        Sports is Business
        Someone under 5 feet can be a great coach, don’t get me wrong, but to be a big man coach and have never played in the post or even played high level ball? C’mon now.

        - Jamal Sampson


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          FIBA Europe Basket/Euroleague/Lakas Fan Yo is a troll.

          - He Hated Ricky Rubio, The Americans, and Team USA.

          Originally posted by Lakas Fan Yo
          This just now donned on you? How many times did I tell this forum he is OVERRATED. The most overrated player in the HISTORY of Europe.

          How many times does it have to be said here before people grasp it?
          All this guy can do is pass, he can't shoot, he can't penetrate, he can't score. It's delicious watching Rubio completely useless in the final minutes of the game. And there were people comparing him to Steve Nash and Pistol Pete, LOL.

          Originally posted by Lakas Fan Yo
          These are Ricky Rubio's 2010 Spanish ACB League playoff stats (as you can see, he is the most overrated player in all of history):

          29% FG%
          21% 3 PT FG%

          4.4 PPG
          3.6 APG

          Try to understand that to figure out field goal % in Europe - in Europe they count 2 pts and 3 pts separate, you have to ADD the 2 pts and 3 pts together to get the overall field goal % as it is counted in America. In Europe they don't automatically add them together for an overall field goal %.

          Americans constantly mistake 2 pts % for overall FG % from European stats. They don't give overall field goal % so you have to add the 2 pts % and 3 pts % together to get what Americans understand to be "field goal %".
          basketball message board nba forum - hoops forums message board - basketball forum

          Originally posted by Lakas Fan Yo
          The Euroleague plays a much more serious basketball than the NBA does. That is a fact. The way these Team USA players are performing is proof of that to anyone that is not biased towards the NBA.

          Kevin Durant looks like a scrub without refs helping him all game long. The NBA is totally controlled by the refs and the games are scripted to what the league wants for marketing purposes.
          basketball message board nba forum - hoops forums message board - basketball forum

          - He overrated the Greek Players. Nikos Galis being better than Michael Jordan.

          Why? While checking the Sabonis/DRob stuff at youtube, I stumbled over his European Championship finals game in 87, where he singlehandidly put Greece over Sabonis/Russia with 40 pts. That was some awesome stuff and then I found out he was born in Jersey and a college star, who got drafted by the Celtics in 79 (??). Could have helped the Celtics a bit against the Lakers I guess. :confusedshrug: :confusedshrug:

          - Blind Nationalism is tiresome patriotism.

          - I expect him to call me a Xenophobe or a racist.

          "Stop Being Xenophobic" - Lakas Fan Yo.

          "Racist" - Lakas Fan Yo

          From what European media is saying there is going to be a new international league formed in Europe called the Mediterranean Basketball Association, abbreviated as MBA. The league would be partnered with the Euroleague. The league will be formatted as a national domestic league with a regular season where each club plays each other home and away and with a playoffs where the rounds are played as series. So setup like the NBA instead of the Euroleague. The league will be designed to

          How old are you bro? You have an agenda. The NBA is still the best professional basketball league in the world. The best players from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Middle East, Eurasia, and Asia are playing in the National Basketball Association.

          Team USA won the Gold Medal in the 2008 Olympics, and 2010 FIBA World Championship.
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            I remember Lakas Fan Yo on ISH. We had a lot of heated arguments with him on ISH and the ESPN boards. Fun times.

            Sometimes LFY's threads are comical relief if you do not take him seriously. Speak something good about Michalis Kakiouzis or Nick Calathes and he will agree with you. I invited him here on IBN a month ago. It is a shame that he did not respond.

            Sometimes LFY does make valid points. On the EL forums, that I agree.
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