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    Originally posted by the_black_planet View Post
    I thought so,I read the he got injured some time and he didn't play for many games lately.Is he playing?A good news at last!(not so big but anyway)
    He got injured in the friendly game vs Spain, but he is expected to go to Turkey and play. Probably miss some games.


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      Originally posted by Unimane View Post
      Speaking as an American, here is my issue with threads like this. I am a big fan of two international sports, basketball and soccer (football).

      In soccer, the USA is told that they are not important because they are not good enough and the European/World fans and players are justified in ignoring American players and teams due to their lack of capabilities when compared to the big powers.

      However, in basketball, the USA is clearly the most dominant, yet still gets criticized for not showing proper respect for the European/World players, teams and leagues, which are all inferior to the American versions.

      So, my problem is that people want it both ways in criticizing the American. In soccer, they judge us by our level of play and, in basketball, by our acceptance of the international aspects of the sport.

      In reality, the American basketball team is in a no-win situation. Winning is expected and often a relief. Then, you have to deal with countries looking for any reason whatsoever to despise you and you wonder why even to bother. Fortunately for me, I am just a big basketball and USA fan, so I enjoy every win, but I can certainly understand why an American player wouldn't sign up every year to deal with all the crap.
      haha I was very happy when you advanced in front of England and I think that for some time now everyone takes seriously team USA in football.And whoever doesn't and makes fun of them,usually pay the price.Because arrogance usually leads to that,wherever it comes from-football,bball,europe,america etc etc.

      As for antiamericanism is a reality but to your comfort these years,greeks are more antispanish when it comes to bball.

      Originally posted by bobo81 View Post
      See, this is the problem I have with many of our Euro/international friends. They scrutinize and disect ev-er-y little thing, from how USA shakes your hands before the game to "how dare they not know Athens is the capital of Greece!! Off with their heads!!!!!". I mean, are you guys serious or joking? How do you know that Russel was serious here btw? So what if he didn't know and is telling the truth? You guys have to understand that your international competitions are larger than we consider them to be. USA soccer (football for you) had boners when they defeated Spain in the Confederations Cup last year. Spain took it as a joke and didn't care. What do you expect from a powerhouse team in their own sport?
      oh really?And why I think they would laugh the same or even more if one didn't know where was Florida on the map?Or who is your president?

      And don't even get me started at the "spanish racist scandal" when the usa demanded from the rest of the world to share immediately its complexes. And I have been in american forums and I have heard countless jokes about french ppl.Don't get me even started on this.
      "The worst part is wondering how you’ll find the strength tomorrow to go on doing what you did today and have been doing for much too long,where you’ll find the strength for all that stupid running around,those attempts to escape from crushing necessity,which always founder and serve only to convince you one more time that destiny is implacable,that every night will find you down and out,crushed by the dread of more and more sordid and insecure tomorrows.~Céline


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        Originally posted by Dtown View Post
        Unimane, Unimane, Unimane. It's that time of year again. Don't expect little things like facts to stop people from getting their hate on. It's cathartic for a lot of Euros. Let them have their fun. Let what happens on the court be your vindication.

        If we lose fine, we didn't have it this year, be a man admit it.

        If we win feel good, but don't expect some of these posters to man up and give the US props. 2008 didn't change a thing in some trolls' minds, even if we win this year in 2012 we'll see the same articles about US ignorance and arrogance and how the NBA is the root of all evil.
        See, D, that's the thing. If Team USA wins, we shouldn't brag about it. (Nobody should brag. Just take the victory and run). If Team USA loses, we have to go through all the psycho-analysis again.

        What bothers me is hearing people say that Team USA is arrogant. This year, our players have been pretty good about giving other teams credit. Do all the US players know everything about all the other teams? No, but they respect the other teams. I'd like to see some quotes that people think are arrogant from Team USA.

        Are USA fans arrogant? Well, yeah, sure. Of the 15,000 or so people who post on basketball forums, I'm sure there are a lot of jerks. But don't confuse a few people with the entire team or the entire basketball community.

        I've hated on Team USA in the past. I've actively rooted against our team in the past because I didn't like their attitudes. This year though, it is different. This team wants to travel to Turkey and earn respect. That's why I like them this year. Yes, they've admitted that they want to win the Gold, but they've also admitted that it's going to be very, very hard.

        The Vet US fans need to remember the lessons of 2008, keep cool heads, and if necessary make good use of the ignore button.
        Great advice for anybody.
        "I really like the attitudes of eagles. They never give up. When they grab a fish or something else, they never let it go. It doesn't matter. In a book, they write they find a skeleton of [an] eagle and there is no fish. It means that the fish beat him and killed him, but he didn't let go." -- Donatas Motiejunas


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          After five games the U.S. has looked strong in stretches and weak in stretches.

          The bad:
          -Our ball movement on offense is non-existent most games
          -shot selection has been poor
          -outside shooting is still ok at best

          The good:
          -rebounding- our lack of size hasn't affected us
          -defense has been keeping us in games
          -we've been able to force turnovers, although not consistently

          Durant, Rose, Love and Billups have filled their roles on the team very well. Everyone else has been very inconsistent in their duties IMO. We have adapted our team strategies on defense fairly well and I hope the coaching staff works on our offensive sets before the knockout round.



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