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Road To Turkey (Episode1) : Jordan

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  • Road To Turkey (Episode1) : Jordan

    Road To Turkey (Episode1) : Jordan - Feb 27, 2010 (by Omar Shafaamri)

    The 16th of August 2009 became an Unforgetable Date in the History of Sports in Jordan , The National Basketball Team of Jordan reached FIBA World Championship in an Exceptional achievement in Team Sports in this Small country on Map and Big One in Expectations .

    This Qualification had a special Taste from the Gate of Neighbours Lebanon in the 3rd Place Game of FIBA Asia 2009 in Tianjin - China , 84-67 was the Final Score for Jordan after Great Performance in the Whole Tourney , the Day before Jordan NT Lost in the last Seconds against Asia New Champion ' IRAN ' (77-75) in the Semi Finals Round .

    Asia 1st Round
    The Road To Turkey 2010 began with Lebanon also in the 1st Round of FIBA Asia 2009 Championship and the Win went Also To Jordan's Side (80-66) , this Game Group's Top Game with all Respect to UAE and Indonesia National Teams and this What Happenned as Jordan and Lebanon went to 2nd Round as was Expected . Jordan NT Second Game in the 1st Round was against Indonesia and the Expected Easy Win on paper happenned on the Court with (105-47) Final Score for Nashama's Side .

    1st Round Final Game Against UAE was the Toughest ! Jordan NT Head Coach Mario Palma Used the Bench for the 1st Two Quarters as Expected , But the Emirates Side played their Best and lead the Whole First Half ! this Made Palma Use the First Five to Stop this Unexpected Dominance and Grabbed the Hard Win (79-67) .

    Top12 : Let the Party Start
    By the 2nd Round began the Real Test for ' Nashama ' (The Most Beloved Nickname For Jordan NT players) , this Round unbearble for Carelessness Idle As UAE Game in the 1st Round ! , with the New FIBA Asia Championship system ; Every Team in the Top 12 Round takes it's Points from the 1st Round to 2nd Round ,So Jordan Took 6 Pts from 3 Consecutive Wins .

    Nashama Won 2007 FIBA Asia Championship PowerHorse Kazakhsatn Easily (98-80) in Top12 Opening Game , Followed by the Win with 'Specialization ' over Qatar (74-60) , the Big Game was against Hosts China , A Game Between the Unbeatables till then , Center Weakness : Jordan NT Weakest Position gave the Win Hardly For China (89-83) with Extraordinary Performance From Competition MVP and Best Scorer (20.7 ppg) Rasheim Wright (194-G-81, college: District of Col.) without Preventing the First Loss .

    Quarter Finals : Pinoy Strength !
    Pinoys Strength , Philipiness NT were in it's TOP that Day and Would Have Broken Nashama's Big Dreams for the Title ! But Mario Palma's Great Experience Made the Difference this Time and Secured the Win Finaly (81-70) to Reach the ' Judgement Game ' against Iranians in the Semi Finals , Rasheim Wright Starred as Usual .

    Semi Finals : The Judgement Game
    West Asia Secured at Least 1 Team in World Championship as Iran and Jordan reached this Big Game , Both Faced Each other in Jones preparatory Cup 2 weeks Before but Did Not play then as Jordan National Team Withdrew after Iran's Big Guy Hamed Hadadi attacked Jordan Player Abbaas Zaid (203-F-83) in a Shared Ball in the Air and that caused a Fight between Both Sides which resulted to Mario Plma Jordan NT Coach to Withdraw from that Game .

    Tough Game between Both Sides with Iranians Lead the Whole Game until the Last Quarter which witnessed Nashama's lead with small Gap for the First Time in the Game , Hadadi Was out of Concentration while Samad Nikkha Showed his great Level friom the Iranian Side , While Rasheim Wright and Sam Daghlas (199-G-79, college: Midwestern St.) were the Best from Jordan NT Side .
    Iran Leads with 2 Points (77-75) and the Last Chance for Jordan Side to Tie the Game and Go to OT But the Confusion lead to 2 Consecutive Missed Shot From Rasheim Wright and Mousa Awadi to Declare Iranians Celebrations reaching Turkey 2010 and leaving Jordan with One Last Chance in the 3rd Place Game with West Asia Neighbours Lebanon NT who Lost To China Dragons Dramatically !

    3rd Place Game : Game of Last Chance !
    Game of Last Chance between Jordan and Lebanon for the 3rd Card to Turkey 2010 World Championship was the Toughest for Both as they played big Games in the Semi Finals the Day before with Daramtic Losses ! But Jordan Nashama Determination and Focus were in the Top and Grabbed the Win over Lebanon NT 'Ghost' as in the 1st Round Game ! Rasheim Fantastic Performance and Ayman Idais (208-C-78, agency: Court Side) Golden Hand from the Arc lead Jordan to Win (80-66) and Started the ' INCOMPLETE ' Celebrations as the Ex-Federation who planned for this Goal Since 6 years But unfortunatly Dissolved by the Jordanian Olympic Committee due to Financial Violations abd Debts .

    All The Way to FIBA World 2010

    6 Aug. 2009 vs Lebanon 84-67
    7 Aug. 2009 vs Indonesia 105-47
    8 Aug. 2009 vs UAE 79-67
    10 Aug. 2009 vs Kazakhstan 98-80
    11 Aug. 2009 vs Qatar 74-60
    12 Aug. 2009 vs China 83-89
    14 Aug. 2009 vs Philippines 81-70
    15 Aug. 2009 vs Iran 75-77
    16 Aug. 2009 vs Lebanon 80-66


    Rasheim Ali Abd. WRIGHT
    DOB: 21.07.1981
    Height: 194cm/6'4'
    Avg: 20.7
    Name PPG
    1. R. WRIGHT 20.7
    2. Z. ABBAAS 13.8
    3. A. IDAIS 10.9
    4. O. DAGHLES 10.8
    5. M. HADRAB 5.3

    Zaid ABBAAS
    DOB: 21.11.1983
    Height: 198cm/6'6'
    Avg: 8.8

    Name RPG
    1. Z. ABBAAS 8.8
    2. I. ABBAAS 5.4
    3. A. IDAIS 4.3
    4. Z. AL-KHAS 4.3
    5. R. WRIGHT 3.6

    Osama DAGHLES
    DOB: 18.09.1979
    Height: 199cm/6'6'
    Avg: 4.1

    Name APG
    1. O. DAGHLES 4.1
    2. R. WRIGHT 1.9
    3. W. AL-SOUS 1
    4. M. ALAWADI 0.8
    5. F. ANAJJAR 0.7

    The Roster :
    4. Fadel Anajjar (192-G-85)
    5. Rasheim Wright
    6. Abbaas Zaid
    7. Mousa Alawadi (192-G/F-85)
    8. Mohammad Hadrab (201-F-84)
    9. Enver Soobzokov (198-G/F-78, college: Cal.St.-San Bernar.)
    10. Sam Daghlas
    11.Wesam Al-Sous (183-G-83)
    12.Jamal Almaaytah (213-C-81, college: Greensboro)
    13. Zaid Al-Khas (206-C-76, college: Gannon) (C)
    14. Islam Abbaas (201-C-80)
    15. Ayman Idais

    FIBA World Draw
    Group 1:
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