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    Originally posted by Lewis View Post
    I think the myth that playing under international rules make nba player worse is not only quite silly but also has been disproved in Beijing already.
    That's not entirely true though...
    You are right in the motivation part and this was proven in Beijing, but you are wrong on the rules part. In Beijing the rules were theoritically FIBA, but practically 50-50 Fiba-NBA. The biggest effect was the travelling that was not whistled like it is in european courts.

    It's might not seem like too much, but it's subtle things like this (travelling) that lead players to mistakes, and this leads to frustration and worsen's their play for the remaining of the game. If they have to think before they act they can't perform as well/fast as they would in the NBA, and whenever they play instinctively they are prone to do mistakes that they don't know about...
    It's really important, when you got a team that is so much better than the rest talent-wise , and this change in rules can bring them much closer to the rest....well in Beijing this didn't happen.
    Of course the motivation also helped a ton...but it was not the only factor.



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