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Personal Evaluation of the participating countries (recovered)

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  • Personal Evaluation of the participating countries (recovered)

    02-19-2006, 02:18 AM

    What are your rankings of the NTs that are participating in the WBC in terms of talent?

    1. Angola
    2. Argentina
    3. Australia
    4. Brazil
    5. China
    6. France
    7. Germany
    8. Greece
    9. Italy
    10. Japan
    11. Lebanon
    12. Lithuania
    13. New Zealand
    14. Nigeria
    15. Panama
    16. Puerto Rico
    17. Qatar
    18. Senegal
    19. Serbia & Montenegro
    20. Slovenia
    21. Spain
    22. Turkey
    23. USA
    24. Venezuela

    Here are my ranking TALENT WISE. I am very open for criticism. This is my evaluation on the assumption that they everybody is sending their very best of course that’s excluding Team USA of course.

    1. USA: Doesn’t get any better than having Kobe & LBJ on the same team.

    2. Serbia & Montenegro: If you have 9 guys in the NBA it just shows how good you are

    3. Argentina: If their players aren’t playing in the NBA they’re definitely playing in Europe’s top clubs. Not just a Team of All Stars it’s an All Star Team.

    4. Lithuania: They have the best point guard in the international basketball scene and feature a quality sidekick (Macijauskas) who can rain those threes from anywhere. What's more their frontcourt don't mind doing the dirty work hence, allowing their backcourt to do the offense.

    5. Spain: La Bomba and Gasol. For me the best combo in the international basketball scene while being surrounded with quality players like Toronto’s Calderon, Rudy Fernandez and future NBA player Fran Vazquez.

    6. Puerto Rico: In my opinion they have the second best point guard in international basketball (Arroyo) while having a quality shooter in Ayuso and embodying a quality centre anchoring the middle (Santiago). What’s more, their defeat of Team USA in Athens just enhances how good they can be.

    7. Greece: For me an All Star team. With a quality backcourt and anchored by a quality centre (Papadopoulos) and a power forward that can play inside or out (Fotsis).

    8. France: For me there’s one word for the French, “versatility”. They have Europe’s answer to Matrix in Boris Diaw, they have an awesome playmaker (who’s so lucky since he’s got the hottest chick in the world) and an athlete on the wing in Pietrus Miektus.

    9. Australia: In my opinion, they have one of the best centres in the Bogey Man while being supported heavily by two awesome players (Anderson & Nielsen) in the post. Their backcourt embody former NBA Draft pick (no.53 1997) CJ Bruton and former Cibona Zagreb import Jason Smith as their defensive specialist. Though their wing players are their weakness but they have a quality coach to guide them to greater heights.

    10. Brazil: The Samba Kings feature a frightening frontcourt: Varejao, Nene and Tiago Splitter. Damn THAT’S GOLD!!!

    11. Italy: In my opinion they have the best youngster on the rise in Andrea Bargnani. An NT that definitely know how to play “Team Ball”. For me always a joy to watch.

    12. Turkey: Potentially, they have the best combo or at least one of the best combos in the international game (Hedo & Okur) who are well supported by quality players like former NBA players Kutlay and Turkcan.

    13. Germany: They have the best player in the international scene however, can the other players step up besides Ademola Okulaja and Patrick Fermeling to provide the German Super Freak the support he needs?

    14. Slovenia: An awesome team on paper. Another team that can be considered a Team of All Stars with 7 players in the NBA.

    15. China: They have the best centre and possible on the rise one of the most promising power forwards. Just like the Boomers their wing is a concern however, it’s supported well by their backcourt, which feature a quality shooting guard.

    16. Angola: Most likely the dark horse of the tournament who will cause some upsets in the tournament. Besides their very experienced unit they have a rising power forward playing in Europe and a quality coach in Mario Palma.

    17. New Zealand: The Tall Blacks have numerous players in quality Euro leagues such as Penney with power house club Maccabi, point guard Dickel in the Russian league, Jones in Italy’s Serie A and Cameron as well as Coach Baldwin in the tough Turkish League. Other supportive players are in the strong Australian League suiting up for the New Zealand Breakers. I see their strength in their familiarity within their team.

    18. Nigeria: On paper they are a powerhouse with so many of their players playing in Europe or in the US. Potentially, I could imagine them in the future as a top 14 team however, their national team’s roster is never consistent hence, hampering their team chemistry.

    19. Venezuela: These guys I don’t know much about however, for me seeing a country qualify again for the WBC says that they can be a force in the future.

    20. Senegal: With their starting centre in the French League and doing a fair bit of damage as well as his other countrymen these guys are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their game against Le Bleau is definitely one to watch.

    21. Lebanon: They have probably the second best player in Asia if not definitely the best swingman in the continent in former Clipper Fadi El Khatib and also feature in the middle former NBA Draft Pick and U. Colorado player Joe Vogel in the middle to provide them consistently with a double-double.

    22. Panama: The surprise participant of the tournament qualifying from the tough Tournament of the Americas hence, you’ve got to give them credit for making this far and could make some serious damage.

    23. Qatar: They have a quality coach and an administration that supports the team well. With most if not all their players playing in their local league Qatar will rise in the future.

    24. Japan: The host realistically are an okay team BUT besides the NBA’s marketing tool they don’t seem to have much.


    02-19-2006, 06:59 AM

    1. USA
    ...enough said... and if they compiled 10 different NT's at the same time, in terms of their players strenght, they'd have at least 8 teams in top10...

    2. S&M
    Strong frontcourt in Milicic, Krstic, Rebraca, Askrabic, Milojevic, Popovic... backcourt Bodiroga, Rakocevic, Jaric, Avdalovic, Vujanic, Plisnic... and loads of players to replace them...

    3. Lithuania
    Extremely good frontcourt (imo the second best and no.1 when it comes to versatility in the world), while One of Siskauskas, Macas, Saras will always step in when necesarry, if Salenga

    4. Argentina
    team of extremes, court vision of Prigioni, crazy Ginobili, great hustler in Nocioni, Oberto, Scola, Sanchez, Hermann...

    5. Slovenia
    loads of players that won't even get in the first team would be one of key players for 3/4 of european teams (including Tušek, Jagodnik, Gorenc, Golemac, Jurak, Dragič... Slokar, Čapin, Dončič and some others would get on lower teams roster as well)...otherwise all positions are stacked
    PG: Lakovič, Udrih
    SG: Ožbolt, Bečirovič, Vujačič
    SF: Milič, Nachbar, Maravič
    PF: Smodiš, Lorbek
    C: Rašo, Brezec
    when it comes to talent Slovenia has lots of it, but lacks of team spirit and chemistry and i'm still not impressed by coaching...

    6. Greece
    simmilar story as with Slovenia in the past but from this EC I think their barrier (whatever kind it was to show all of their knowledge) will be broken, and to that team they'll add Spanoulis that imo should improve this year with the role he is getting in PAO...

    7. Spain
    they are playing great basketball, with defined roles have names such as Garbajosa, Gasol, Navarro, Calderon and loads of useful bench players that keep surprising me year after year, not the most talented, but they keep it up with imho being the second best team (1st place MUST go to Italy in the past), so they can easily compete for the gold because of it...

    8. France
    only lack of a quality big man, Weis improved a lot but still carry his team in the paint, is keeping France from being a constant medal contender on every tournament they appear

    9. Turkey
    Turckan (well... I'd had him off the bench but anyway), Besok, Okur, Turkogolu, Kuqo, Arslan... if thoese team could comunicate normaly between themselves, they'd be great... but so far....

    10. Puerto Rico
    just my opinion from few games I saw, they have the talent but sometimes exaggerate with run&gun... they can beat USA by 20, as well as loosing to Brazil by 20 the next day

    11. Australia

    12. Panama

    if all of their players would appear...

    13. Italy
    they had great teamspirit in the past, have some great rolepšlayers, but lack of a player that has the quality to step out game after game... Bargnani, Da Tome, Bellinelli have the talent, but they're not yet on the level to be able to do that right now...

    14. Brasil

    15. Germany

    16. Venezuela

    17. New Zealand

    18. China

    19-20. Senegal, Nigeria

    21.-24.Angola, Lebanon, Qatar, Japan no idea in what order really

    also I'd like to add that this was my evaluations stricktly in terms of talent= capabilities of individuals in the team.
    I didn't care much about who will be missing much, while there will be loads of other factors at world championship... so that list will definately be much different than the final results...


    02-19-2006, 09:00 AM

    Assuming, all invited players will join and play at their best...

    1- USA
    This time they will make it... with no loss...

    2- Argentina
    Great players, great team play; this is the basketball I love to watch. they were simply the best in Indiana (where serbians&referees robbed their gold medal) and in Athens... if not better, they've lost nothing since then...

    3- Spain
    European version of Argentina, with a better defence. Best team in Europe, and they know it, you can sense their confidence on floor. if they lose any team apart from first two, this is because of bad luck.

    4- Lithuania
    Everyone knows them. with jasikevicius in guard position, absolutely dangerous for any opponent. however, in order to beat any of the first three team, they need to be in their good day, esp regarding 3pt attemps (I mean, good luck)...

    5- Greece
    Papaloukas and Diamantidis; two of four best guards of Europe.. winner team overall... even in the worst circumtances, they are resilient and never give up; play their best in the clutch... very hard to beat...

    6- France
    very physical and tough team... they may further surprize everyone...

    7- Slovenia
    as everyone agrees, awesome roster on paper.. I've realized they are getting better as a team also... Lakovic, Udrich, Smodis, Lorbek.. wow!

    8- Australia
    I don't know much about them... but are always good in international level and I think they can make first 8.. I refer to Saskibaloia's previous posts, I'm convinced

    9- Serbia&Montenegro
    I don't like them at all.. however, my ranking is not affected by this subjective distaste.. they are similar to a few years' back slovenia; very good players, but inadequate team effort.. even worse, in-team conflicts...

    10- Germany
    Nowitzki alone is enough to put them in the first ten... maybe better...

    11- Brasil
    They're the South America champs (if I'm not wrong). only time I watched them was in Indiana and they had beaten us with buzzer beater 3-pointer of Machado... that team must have been changed substantially, but Nene, Varejao, Barbosa, and Giovannoni will absolutely form a good team...

    12- Italy
    As a Turk, whose NT has never beaten Italian NT for over 40 years, I'm naturally intimidated by them.. sometimes they play superb, but other times they just look constipated (this is how we say in Turkish, I don't know if gives the same meaning)

    13- Turkey
    Lots of potential that has produced pretty little so far... if Hedo and Memo put their hearts on floor (which they never did already), others will certainly do their job... Kuqo, Gönlüm, Erdogan, Peker are the ones we can always trust...

    14- Puerto Rico
    I completely agree with Saskibaloia on Arroyo. He's someone else in his NT as far as I've watched... however, Santiago and Ayuso will not be so effective this time, and I'm not impressed with Dalmau at all.. players that I don't know may turn the thing otherwise, though...

    15- China
    Yao Ming and other prospect that I don't remember his name is not enough for a better position, even though they may beat some of the teams ranked above...

    16- New Zealand
    When they won the first group stage in Indiana, that was a nice surprise.. but I don't think they can do it again...

    17-24: No idea
    5 out 6 scientists say Russian roulette is safe.

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    02-20-2006, 12:39 AM

    1. Argentina
    They play together for a long long time and have a great mix of shooting and athletic abilities, move the ball very well, have an MVP candidate in Ginobili.

    2. USA
    Well, somehow they'll manage to get to the Finals but they won't be dominating, will again have chemistry problems, alot will depend on how Kobe Bryant does on and off the court.

    3. Spain
    Gasol, Navarro, Lopez, Calderon, Fernandez, Garbajosa, Vasquez.... Always do very good in international competitions till Semifinals, won't be different this time.

    4. France
    Still desperately lack outside shooting but a strong defensive team, very athletic. Parker and Diaw are having a great season.

    5. Greece
    Very good defense, ugly to watch but successfull. Will cause a lot of problems for team USA with their slow play, big PG's, bulldozer Papadopolous and big men shooting three pointers like Kakiouzis or Fotsis. To win a medal Diamantidis and Papaloukas have to step up again as a leader, if not they could have problems to even qualify for Quarterfinals.

    6. Germany
    Will be strong again with three starters Hamann, Garris and Okulaja returning to the team and playing a good defense like in EC or Bamberg in EL. Nowitzki is almost unstoppable, even team Team USA had no idea how to defend him in 04.

    7. Lithuania
    Would be higher ranked with Jasikevicius and Macijauskas, but I doubt that they will play. However, still good players wih Lavrnovic brothers, Siskauskas, Salenga, Jankunas and hopefully Kaukenas. Good ball movement, good shooting, but they lack a leader without Jasikevicius.

    8. New Zealand
    They always did good in the last years in these tournaments with their great three point shooting ability.

    9. Serbia Montenegro
    Sakota said that maybe not the best players will take part, but the ones who really want to play for their country. Last years were a very big mess, I don't think that can change in just one year, rebuilding will take some years.

    10. Turkey
    Good, balanced frontcourt, Okur is playing a good season but too many difficult charakters in the team and too bad chemistry to go to Quarterfinals.

    11. Slovenia
    I don't really know about them. They are loaded with great talent and they showed that they do not necessarily disappoint in every big tournament in last EC, but somehow they lack a leader, the outstanding individual player you need to win a medal. Too balanced IMO with good, but not outstanding palyers.

    12. Brazil
    Varejao, Nene and Splitter form a very talented Frontcourt, Barbosa and Marcelinho are a good backcourt but do they have a go-to-guy on international level and can they play for the team instead of trying to win games on their own?

    13. Italy
    Italy is in a rebuidling process, they will be among best teams again in a few years but not this time. However, they can beat every team, especially the USA, as Basile, Bulleri, Belinelli and maybe Galanda if he plays can hit three pointers from everywhere.

    14. Puerto Rico
    Similar to New Zealand, can suprise with the three-point shooting but more potential to disappoint because of big egos.

    15. Australia
    Andersen, Nielsen and Bogut are one of the best frontcourts in the tournament on apper but Andersen did not outstanding in former international competitions so he will have to improve. Apart from that, the other players are nothing special.

    16,17. Panama, Venezuela
    Cota, Garces and Lloreda sound good but will they play? Don't know much about them though. Same goes for venezuela, don't know much of them but they managed to qualify so they are not a bad team.

    18. China
    They have Yao, that's it. He will maybe win one game alone for them against a team with weaker frontcourt, but that's it.

    19. Angola
    They improved a lot during last years and have quite an ok team. Can suprise, but the competition is really stroong this time.

    20-24. Senegal, Nigeria, Lebanon, Quatar, Japan

    I did not judge just on talent as talent does not win games but how the players work as a team is also important. Of course the final standings will be different because of the schedule but it's kind of a Power Ranking.

    All in all it's a very strong competition, even stronger than Olympics or European Championships.
    Now imagine Canada, Croatia and Russia playing instead of Senegal, Lebanon and Nigeria, that would be the hell of a tournament.
    MVP candidates are Bryant, Nowitzki, Ginobili and Gasol, I would assume at this point of the year.


    02-20-2006, 12:50 AM

    Originally posted by DanMajerle
    8. New Zealand
    They always did good in the last years in these tournaments with their great three point shooting ability.

    15. Australia
    Andersen, Nielsen and Bogut are one of the best frontcourts in the tournament on apper but Andersen did not outstanding in former international competitions so he will have to improve. Apart from that, the other players are nothing special.
    I know that I've created this thread to let everyone put forth their personal (subjective) opinion.
    But I must say that bro, you definitely do not know the difference in talent between us Boomers (Aussie National Team) and the Tall Blacks.
    Though you may disagree I'm sure alot of Tall Black fans would agree with me rather than you in placing the Boomers up ahead of their national team.



    02-20-2006, 11:18 AM

    Is that not his opinion?

    And NZ did finish 4th in the last WC and beat Australia to get there. So what if they have that same run again?


    02-20-2006, 04:54 PM

    They did beat us BUT we had a B grade team.
    I'm more than happy 2 C the Tall Blacks do well. They're my 2nd favourite NT. However, objectively speaking from other sources the AUS NT has been the better team.
    You just have to go to an Aussie or Kiwi Bball forum and see the evidence. Even the Kiwis would say that they're not as good as us.


    02-21-2006, 07:16 AM

    Hmmm, not a great thread, since it's too early, no absences are known, no rosters are filled, no exhibitions are played, no competitions are finished... but surely a temptin one..

    Let's see.

    1. Spain
    Starters: Calderon/Navarro/Fernandez/Garbajosa/Gasol, bench: Lopez/Cabezas/Jimenez/Reyes/Vasquez. This is the best team in International hoops right now. They underperformed in Beeograd and still made it one Dirk shot before the final game, even w/o Gasol. New coach. Very good group draw. Seem to have gotten rid of their losing mentality. Best season of almost all the roster.

    2. Argentina
    Final call for them? Ginobili/Scola is battling Navarro/Gasol for the best duo International basketball. Very deep, experienced and able to win. Very efficient basketball. Extremely strong mentally. Reach their potential. Doubtful PG and C position. Will Prigioni play? How is Oberto doing mentally? How is Wolkowisky?

    3. Greece
    Young, deep and experienced team. European Champions. Beat their losing mentality twice in Beograd. Excellent guard line, probably the best in the world. Papadopoulos rebounding from a disappointing Eurobasket performance. Nice combo forwards. Excellent defense and dedicating team spirit. Not a pleasure to watch.

    4. Lithuania
    Quite a question mark. Without Jasikevicius and Macijauskas, they are not as effective. A fine frontline and an even better backcourt. They have yet to show their dominant game, after the 1st round of the 2004 Olympics. Inside defense is a concern. Saras may not play in the summer. Tough group games.

    5. USA
    There is no question here about talent. By far the most talented in the world, but not in the International game. High spirit organization by Colangelo's invitations. Still unknown roster. Not many accepted. Concerns about the frontline. Recent results are quite worrying. Kszyzevski seems like a soft choice. High hopes may end up against them.

    6. Serbia & Montenegro
    Declining team. No Bodiroga. They are there because of a wild card. Full of unproven prima donnas. Zero team spirit. Zero coaching lately. No leader except maybe Rakocevic. Still, splendid talent. Magnificent shooting. Nice future, if Sakota works with them. Bad mentality. They are considered underrated outsiders and this could hurt their egoism. They are still defending their own crown (2 times in a row btw...).

    7. Brazil
    Young, motivated and talented. Nene returns. Excellent performance in the Pan-American games. Splitter on the rise. Fine but not deep back court. A bit inexperienced. Tough group games in a row could hurt mentality. Unknown potential performance in knock out games of such a high level vs an Italy, a Slovenia or even a USA.

    8. Slovenia
    Extremely deep roster. Nice offensive PG line. Strong inside defense. Finally a break-out tournament in Beograd improved their mentality. Still, not proven yet. Deeply, they kept undeperforming. Not an easy group. Question about players who will participate. Questionable offensive decision making. Not trustworthy team-play.

    9. France
    Athletic, young, motivated and continuously improving team. Deep backcourt, full of creative players in Diaw, Pietrus, Gelabale and Parker. Fair rebounding and patient game organization. Very intense and sustained defense. Not even one trustworthy big man. Limited offensive game due to that. Petro or Turiaf could be added there.

    10. Italy
    It's the end of the veterans' era, but there is not enough material to succeed them. Bulleri as the new captain and then only youngsters, or last chance for the other vets? It could be a top-16 or a top-4 team, given their decision. Recalcati is a dinasaur coach. They depend much on shooting and trap, intense defense. Incomplete opinion until the roster is known.

    11. Turkey
    Top-5 roster, but not a top-10 team. Getting old and slower. Terrible locker room environment. Constantly underperforming after 2001. Turkoglu is playing 10% of his potential in the NT since then. Okur and Turkcan also don't have a chemistry. A tough group round might get them together.

    12. Germany
    Extremely polished team. They have the best player in International basketball. One of the few teams which exceeded its own potential last summer in Beograd. Fight till the end. Extremely weak back-court. Only Dirk is a dangerous scorer. A fantastic, overperforming team mentality seems impossible to be repeated.

    13. Puerto Rico

    Nice team, with a very good back-court and a powered defensive game. Streaky shooters in Ayuso an Arroyo. Weak frontline after Ortiz's retirement. Coming off a disappointment PanAmerican tournament.They do not luck experience, but do not have much stability and potential. Very tough round and elimination games.

    14. Australia
    Young and talented. They have probably the best frontline around, led by Bogut, Andersen and Nielsen. Bogut will be fantastic in International hoops. Andersen's injury could slow his productivity. Inexperienced backcourt. Unknown shooting abilities. Disappointing Olympic performance in Athens. Very tough group games.

    15. China
    Yao Ming. Maybe the most effective big man in the history of International hoops. Once again, he will draw double and triple teams quite often. Decent PFs. Infinite potential. Absolutely untrustworthy perimeter shooting. Killing group games. They are not even a lock for the top-16. They will face extremely tough competition. Good for them they will be playing in Asia. Many fans will support them.

    16. New Zealand
    Overachievers of 2002 were "revealed" in Athens. Absolutely predictable game offensively. They have some interesting perimeter line, but hardly any refreshment in the frontcourt. Marks and Cameron are decent but old. Very good draw for them. They are close to top-16. Rosterwise they are not any better though.

    17. Venezuela
    18. Angola
    19. Panama
    20. Japan
    21. Lebanon
    22. Senegal
    23. Nigeria
    24. Qatar


    02-22-2006, 02:56 AM

    My Top Five Individual Talent Teams:

    USA - USA is obviously the top team in terms of individual talent. But they were in 2002 and 2004 as well.
    Serbia - They are stacked with talent. But they were in 2004 as well.
    Spain - Their roster is chocked full of great individuals.
    Slovenia - They have a wonderful roster, but every year it's the same with these fellows.
    France - Come on...we can't forget about these individual talents, can we?

    Now that's completely different from who I think the best teams are.



    02-27-2006, 01:01 AM

    Originally posted by DanMajerle
    7. Lithuania
    Would be higher ranked with Jasikevicius and Macijauskas, but I doubt that they will play. However, still good players wih Lavrnovic brothers, Siskauskas, Salenga, Jankunas and hopefully Kaukenas. Good ball movement, good shooting, but they lack a leader without Jasikevicius.
    I also doubt for Jasikevicius playing, but Macijauskas had already mentioned about playing for his NT - he has something to prove for himself after sitting in Hornets...

    Also remember Songaila and Kleiza, who also gave the agreement for playing.
    So the frontcourt should look - Javtokas, both Lavrinovic, Songaila, Kleiza, Jankunas... than Siskauskas, Macijauskas, Jasaitis, hope Mindaugas Zukauskas... even Kaukenas, but i doubt we need him, cause he isn't a playmaker that could run the team... The only problem that this team faces is to find the key how to replace Jasikevicius - both Gustas or Ginevicius weak, but it is better than nothing...

    So i see very optimistical future... and the 7th place in your list is motiveless...
    5 out 6 scientists say Russian roulette is safe.


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      02-27-2006, 03:15 PM

      The best team I have ever seen in this country: Ginobili, Pepe Sanchez, Scola... Anyway you see it, it's an all-star team

      Pau is up there, an Calderon, and Navarro... With two players per position, with Pau, who makes any team he is an aspirant to all... And, also, look where I am! :spain: :spain:

      Great team, but too selfish. Their players make me put Serbia in third place, but the team doesn't.

      "FIBA sucks!". Strong people, but... the field is smaller.

      Strong, hard game for this country. I like them so much.

      T.Parker, and many other players make this team a favourite, but I don't think they will win.

      You know... That bit, blond guy, who shoots pretty good from anywhere in the court? He is the team. But only with him, they can win the WC

      I'd bet on Argentina.


      02-27-2006, 06:46 PM

      each time i think of nowitzki i for some reason think of him as a viking more than a german terrorizing the basketball courts in a true traditional fashion of rape, pillage and burn. that is with him on germany's squad he pretty much is a leif ericsson. first he is going to be unstoppable raping(sorry) to use this word the oppononents onth e court, pillage the low and high posts. and burn people when they think he cant take anything in the perimeter shots. this guy imho is the best player right now in the world. he can play any position and dominate for a good portion. so you germans on this board even this yank has to admit it.


      03-22-2006, 08:55 PM

      1) USA: It seems they are trying to bring the dream team back. On paper, they have the best squad but even they have the chance to lose...

      2) Argentina: Manu, Nocioni, Scola, Prigioni, etc.......

      3) Spain: They won't be the champs, but very big chance of winning a medal. Gaso&Navarro...

      4) Greece: As always, they got no stars but team play. They will do something good.

      5) Lithuania: Getting old... They are still good but I believe this will be their last tournament that they will do good. Don't expect something great from this team after 2006, for 10 years...

      6) France: Parker&Diaw duo does not sound bad. They are good. Very athletic team but they lack the fundementals of basketball.[no good shooting, Parker sucks crunch time...] They wouldn't go further than 6th spot I guess.

      7) S&M: Full of talents but no team play. Until they learn how to play as a team, [which might take a couple tournaments], they won't be back as champs...

      8) Turkey: Our team is again full of talents, very good frontcourt.[Okur, Turkcan, Kuqo, Peker, Gonlum etc...] I would actually put Turkey for a higher spot but let's not hope so much now. But I can say that I am expecting a huge comeback from Turkey. We should make the top-8. We've had enough with all the chemistry problems. If you were to evaluate the teams of their strength of rosters, we would definitely be in 5. [US, Argentina, S&M ..?]
      I don't think we will have the problems as we've been having. If we still have those problems, then by 2010, you will probably see a new Turkey without Memo, Hedo, Turkcan, Kutluay etc...

      9) Germany: Dirk, Dirk, Dirk... Is one person enough to win a championship?

      10) Italy: Has been good at basketball everytime. They won't do too bad.

      11) Brazil: Looks they have a good roster; Nene, Splitter, Barbosa, Varejao. But 11th spot is good enough for them.

      12) Slovenia: Very overrated here. I don't understand how some of you put this team ahead of Turkey, Italy, France etc... They have good players, but none of them is even as good as our Memo...

      13) Australia: not a bad team, but don't expect too much from them this tournament. maybe the next one, huh?

      14) Puerto Rico: Interesting team, insane players Arroyo, Ayuso, Santiago etc... Good but not good enough.

      15) China: Yao will be able to carry China to 15th spot, further? I don't think so...

      The rest:

      I don't care :turkey:


      03-23-2006, 12:43 AM
      Originally posted by Türkcan
      5) Lithuania: Getting old... They are still good but I believe this will be their last tournament that they will do good. Don't expect something great from this team after 2006, for 10 years...
      Guess who won World U21 Championship and were second in European U20 Championship in 2005? Yea, no future team


      03-23-2006, 05:17 AM

      Yes true. We have many young talented players. And some of them already have Euroleague experience like Jasaitis, Jankunas or Maciulis. I don't think that Lithuania will have much problems during the change of generations as some young players are already good. And to add to that we are basketball country


      03-23-2006, 08:09 AM

      Originally posted by Vilius
      Yes true. We have many young talented players. And some of them already have Euroleague experience like Jasaitis, Jankunas or Maciulis. I don't think that Lithuania will have much problems during the change of generations as some young players are already good. And to add to that we are basketball country
      you forgot some : Linas Kleiza 21 years old (Nuggets), Renaldas Seibutis 21 years-old (Olympiacos), Martynas Andriuskevicius 20 years old (Cavaliers), Martynas Pocius 19 years old (Duke university), great potential in Mantas Kalnietis smth around 19 playing in Zalgiris as point guard, Arturas Jomantas 21 years old, extremly versatyle player, a leader of 3rd team in Lithuania after Zalgiris and Rytas, not to forget some others: Darius Silinskis 21 years old, very big (216 cm or smth), can shoot from anywhere, stepped up few times when Beard was abcent and played very good, also Stepas Babrauskas 21, Povilas Ciukinas 23, showed that he can play very good (imho he outplayed Scola totally in last game), Martynas Gecevicius 20 - young Macijauskas, but a bit more versatyle, Antanas Kavaliauskas 21 , Javtokas type, and many many others, not even mentioning 16 year old kids who despite beeing 10-20 kilos lighter in every position (northern people grow slower) still manage to trash everyone around

      dont be naieve everyone, Lithuania with years passing will become better and better


      03-23-2006, 09:27 AM

      Lack of a true leader... That may be the main problem for Lithuania in the World Championship in Japan. I hope, that if Saras gets pissed off about how he is treated in Pacers, he will agree to join the national team to prove his worth and the effectiveness of the style of teamplay he offers. Then Lithuania should be among favorites.

      Else there is a serious problem at #1 spot and in the place of the team leader.

      Ginevičius is unreliable, though can provide with some sparks in both offence and defence. Gustas plays more like a shooting guard. A point guard of the youth world champions - Marius Prekevičius does not shine in Poland. At least I do not hear anything about his performances for Anwil. What position is Pocius playing in? Kalnietis is surprising this season, but I think his place is still in the youth teams.

      All other positions are packed with solid players, that have been already mentioned here in the posts above.

      What about the leader?
      Šiškauskas seemed to become one in EC'05, but he failed to performe in the most important game of the tournament. He always was considered as Barney not Fred, Luigi not Mario. That's what he proved once again last year in Serbia and Montenegro.

      Macijauskas? Maybe. But he will arrive to the preparation camp without playing real basketball for whole year. I hope he will arrive as soon as the very first camp begins.

      During the Olympics in Athens the masseuse of the team was asked, who has the potential to become a team leader. One of his mentioned was Robertas Javtokas. Maybe he has the mental abilities, but he is not consitent on court. He is more a defensive tipe of a center - but we need a player who can take all the responsibility on himself and do something on his own to help the team, when other players are in somewhat of stagnation. I can't see him doing that.

      Can't tell much of the youngsters. But I hope, that someone from them could do such things, as Šarūnas Jasikevičius did in the quaterfinal of EC'99 against Spain - nomater, that he was only 23 years old, nomater, that there were more experienced players on the team.


      03-23-2006, 09:40 AM

      Originally posted by Türkcan
      12) Slovenia: Very overrated here. I don't understand how some of you put this team ahead of Turkey, Italy, France etc... They have good players, but none of them is even as good as our Memo...
      I don't really have some kind of good opinion about Memo... since in quite some games I can remember he was actually overplayed by Nesterovič...
      forget NBA, euro-bball is a whole lot different...


      03-23-2006, 02:27 PM

      besides, our Memo played not as half well as Kraljevic would play in the last EC.
      5 out 6 scientists say Russian roulette is safe.


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