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  • Originally posted by Killer Bob View Post

    Everything what Fiba does is some egalitarian nonsense. Windows are the reason that some good teams are not playing in big competitions. Than you have nonsense that games against teams that are not going forward counts in next round, easier groups with clear advantage there. And then you finally have this ratings system, which is in place for the same reason, socialistic egalitarian ratings.

    Slovenia not in 2019 World Cup was biggest wtf ever.
    Champion is not playing in World Cup "because we decided different ".


    • Great to hear a player not afraid to say this...

      Obst: “The NBA can call themselves whatever they want, we are the World Champions”

      “In the NBA they say they are World Champions because the best players in the world play there, but they are still Champions of the domestic league, and we in Germany are the Champions of a World Cup”, he commented on the much-discussed topic of the days.

      “In the NBA, they have always had this attitude, that they are the best at something and you can certainly characterize them with many different things. It’s funny that people are still talking about it. They can call themselves whatever they want, the bottom line doesn’t change. We are the world champions”.


      • FIBA 2023 is a big triumph of fundamentally sound, disciplined and tactical basketball that European powerhouses provide. USA looked like uncoached team, amateur or lazy in terms of coaching (no even proper scouting of opponents). Canada also survived mainly because of talent. Kyle Hines was absolutely right saying “I’d say the NBA is checkers and Europe is chess" and Durant reacted like an idiot TBH. No-one question that NBA has the best individual talent, but Europe is way ahead in terms of tactics, discipline, tram culture, fundamentals of basketball. NBA is ISO skill and athleticism heaven while in all other aspects of the game it's inferior to Europe. FOA, who are the best passers in the NBA now? Easy - Jokic and Doncic. They are most fundamentally sound players in the world ATM and barely anyone are close. The worst part for USA is that their basketball even declining. They don't have such players as Bird, Magic, Stockton, Duncan, Lebron anymore. Mainly USA produce pure scorers now. You barely find fundamentally sound magicians. Super talented scorers - yes. Super talented fundamentally sound all around freaks as Doncic? Not a single one. FIBA Europe powerhouses rule in terms of providing highest culture of basketball. That can be overcome only with ridiculous amount of talent that USA (or now Canada) can bring occasionally (meaning in a more primitive way).

        LTU NT will snatch Eurobasket 2029 title with this roster:

        Jokubaitis, Marciulionis, Laurencikas
        Indrusaitis, Brazdeikis, Rubstavicius
        Buzelis, Lelevicius
        Murauskas, Sirvydis
        Tubelis, Krivas


        • Europe is ahead with coaches. Because there are thousand professionals coaches in youth level and in professional level.(personal training)
          However in USA there are only high school(different coach skillset), NCAA coaches, NBA level coaches.
          In Europe basketball teaching in sport schools but in USA not in sport schools.
          USA is making athletes but Europe is making basketball professors.

          However NBA is athlete league and professors are not fit enough to compete with athletes.
          When you get strong and fit professors(Doncic, Jokic)- you win.
          I will add Ginobili in this case
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