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[SemiFinals] Spain - Australia

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  • Well here you have one. I can't stand it, even when done by Rudy or whoever.....


    • Well here you have one... I don't like any flooping, including when our players do it. I really don't like Rudy because of this.
      On the other hand being almost 50 years old I consider the Greek and Yugoslavian teams of old to be the true masters of flopping. I really cry of joy when you do complain about it, this is Karma on my mind.

      Originally posted by Picek View Post
      maybe you haven't paid all three refs but just two
      in all my years here, and I have been coming to interbasket for more then a decade, I have never seen a comment from a spanish user in which he would condemn a spanish player for flopping or bitching to refs on the floor.
      whether it is an NT game or spanish club game.
      just curious, do you really don't see all the flopping of your players or you see it but you are just fine with it?

      you know, I'm a fan and I can bitch as much as I want and you will come here and say I'm not right about it. and that's fine.
      but at the same time when your player bitches to the refs on the floor you don't say anything?
      you are fine with that or you are simply not objective about it?


      • Originally posted by achinet View Post
        If this is your point. What have you to say about that 3 point by Marc that referes take as 2 points because they say that Claver touch the ball. You can see that he did not touch the ball, plus a Tecnical fault to Scariolo because the protest of that action. (2 points less because that, you will not reach first OT). Second, what about that call on Mills when he was between Mar and Rudy. They did not move and the call was taken. What about that fault on Mills when he impact with Claver who jump vertically. Come on, you only see what you want.
        Everybody can argue on fouls. But as you said a 3 pointer is 3 points, not 2. This is undeniable that they gave one point less to Spain. But Bogut and the crying posters here will never admit it.



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