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[SemiFinals] Argentina - France

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    Originally posted by paspalj View Post
    I like to think of emojis as supercharged punctuation
    (Talking about the “:P” at the end of my post)
    I quoted you but actually I was commenting on the previous post , after your "fix".


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      Surprised no one has made the joke yet, hinting at France losing on purpose to avoid Spain in the final. Definitely has gotten old.


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        Originally posted by Darrell Armstrong View Post
        Surprised no one has made the joke yet, hinting at France losing on purpose to avoid Spain in the final. Definitely has gotten old.
        good one, nonetheless...

        I just saw a pic that reminded me Luis Scola & Ender Arslan were once teammates... life is strange...
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          Originally posted by christodoulou76 View Post
          only objectionable thing about this great ARG team is Galizzi's haircut, which is a crime against humanity
          Hahaha that is the cut of Pedro the Scaly


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            The level of defensive intensity the 40 minutes is the key to the victories of Argentina and what feeds their offensive, the rivals are frustrated because they do not leave any space and apparently do not know how to respond to this approach, and Spain knows what to face and if they make a better game than Argentina can be champions, also have to come fine from the perimeter.


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              Finally was able to watch the game. Just my two cents.

              Key here was France's poor offensive execution. Don't think Argentina played a great game even. France just couldn't score enough.

              I liked how Fournier was aggressive, didn't shy away from the moment. He was getting to his spots, just not making the shots. France failed when they couldn't get an alternative to Fournier-ball. That's when you gotta start blaming the coach.

              I actually think Collet was smart against the US when he punished again and again their small lineup by running pick&roll with Fournier and Gobert, but none of that happened yesterday. Gobert attempted 3 shots from the field. He had De Colo, their second best creator, playing only 27 minutes and Batum reduced to a spot-up shooter role.

              He let Fournier rot on the bench for 10 straight minutes before putting him back in with 4 minutes left and the game all but decided. I know he had 4 fouls, but what was Collet saving him for?

              The only bright spot for France was Ntilikina. You just know by watching him that he is going to be in some winning teams in the future (probably not the Knicks). He just does all the little things, all the dirty work. Impressive defender. His offense is coming along nicely. He hit big shots against the US, yesterday he sparked a shy attempt at a comeback.

              Gotta give some credit to Argentina though. They fought hard and they have two competitive, proven winners in Campazzo and Scola.
              They seem to have a decent core to build around for the near future, as everyone except for Scola is under 30.

              In conclusion, an incredible achievement for Argentina and a huge disappointment for France.
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