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  • Originally posted by Levenspiel View Post
    this is the least of his offences.
    We will see in June if we can finally get rid of him. Big year for the hole nation.
    Is he retired now playing professional basketball?


    • TBH I hate these FETO idiots (and the rest of the corrupt bastards in Turkish politics too) and Enes is an even bigger imbecile to be a follower of this stupid cult but still I feel sorry for the guy.
      He is probably the biggest wasted talent in Turkish basketball. He had the tools to be a very good center and probably even a pretty big name in the NBA too if he played his cards right. He was an elite rebounder and probably one of the best post up players in the world but his career and life choices ruined him. I feel like he is way too naive and easy to manipulate which lead him to be used as a tool in the dirty game of Politics. I doubt that he even understands what those above him use him for.
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      • Originally posted by Toruko View Post
        This regime is getting on my nerves. Always polarizing people, always putting tension into the society. Enes Kanter is a stupid idiot but it doesnt mean he deserves this. Following a fundamentalist religious guy without questioning anything doesnt make him better than this regime. I am really sick and tired of every of them.
        yeah, that's one thing I don't understand about regular people's reaction. AK trolls yes, but people in the street thinks this is normal, too. Kanter is an idiot, a dangerous cult-follower, but this does not justify revoking his passport & putting a target on his head. if this was a criteria, the entire government and their cronies should have been in prison (well, they should be, for millions of other reasons).

        Originally posted by Giannis34GOD View Post
        Is he retired now playing professional basketball?
        not sure, but probably not.
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