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Portuguese Finals 2017

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  • Portuguese Finals 2017

    FINALS GAME 1 : PORTO 70 - 73 BENFICA (0-1)

    Porto: J.Silva 20pts+4reb+1ast, N.Washburn 10pts+13reb+2ast, B.Tinsley 10pts+1reb+8ast, S.Borovnjak 10pts+6reb+2ast, J.Xavier 9pts+4reb+4ast, F.Ventura 6pts

    Benfica: T.Barroso 16pts+5reb+5ast, D.Hollis 14pts+6reb, C.Morais 13pts+5reb+3ast, R.Barber 12pts+4reb+2ast, C.Andrade 8pts+2reb+2ast, N.Oliveira 8pts+4reb+3ast

    FINALS GAME 2 : PORTO 81 - 83 BENFICA (0-2)

    Porto: S.Borovnjak 21pts+3reb+2ast, B.Tinsley 17pts+2reb+2ast, J.Xavier 15pts+4reb+5ast, J.Silva 9pts+4reb+5ast, M.Queiroz 8pts+6reb+2ast, N.Washburn 6pts+2reb

    Benfica: D.Hollis 15pts+6reb+3ast, R.Barber 11pts+7reb+1ast, D.Raivio 11pts+4ast, T.Barroso 9pts+2reb+1ast, J.Soares 9pts+1reb+2ast, N.Dos Santos 8pts+4reb

    FINALS GAME 3 : BENFICA 87 - 57 PORTO (3-0)

    Benfica: C.Morais 17pts+4reb+3ast, D.Hollis 15pts+6reb+4ast, N.Oliveira 12pts+2reb+2ast, R.Barber 11pts+13reb+2ast, T.Barroso 11pts+2reb+3ast, N.Dos Santos 8pts+1reb

    Porto: S.Borovnjak 17pts+3reb+1ast, M.Miranda 11pts+3reb, N.Washburn 11pts+10reb, J.Xavier 6pts, B.Tinsley 4pts+5ast, P.Bastos 3pts+2ast
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    No particular stand outs this year.

    Benfica is still poorly coached and doesn't have dominant players to win them the league like Jobey Thomas and Troy DeVries (for Porto) did in recent years, but the gap in individual quality was way too much between the two sides.

    Benfica recovered the league title from Porto, conquering their 27th championship, the first one won at home since 2010.

    Best players in Benfica this season were Carlos Morais (SG) and Damian Hollis (F) as expected, with huge contributions from Nuno Oliveira (G) and Raven Barber (C).

    Best players in Porto this season were Sasa Borovnjak (F/C) and José Silva (SG).


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      The champions are going to change their coach.

      Apparently Carlos Lisboa will go back to the boardroom and José Ricardo (former Oliveirense coach) will be the head coach from now on.

      Although his coaching skills are doubted by the fans including myself, Lisboa retires from coaching with 5 league titles as a manager, adding that to his 10 league titles as a player. Carlos Lisboa contributed to 15 of Benfica's 27 league titles.



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