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  • The 80th Portuguese Championship is over. A special thanks to all those who battled to keep Portuguese basketball alive. Here’re the V LPB award winners.


    Foreign MVP: IVAN ALMEIDA (Vitória de Guimarães) ‒ 18.6 pts, 9.7 reb, 2.28 st, 1.24 blk
    Portuguese MVP: JOÃO GOMES (S.L. Benfica) ‒ 14.8 pts, 7.9 reb
    Finals MVP: LACE DUNN (S.L. Benfica) ‒ 27.8 pts, 5.5 reb
    Coach of the year: JOSÉ CALABOTE (Sampaense Basket)
    Defensive player of the year: JOÃO GOMES (S.L. Benfica)
    «Sixth-man» award: FÁBIO LIMA (C.A.B. Madeira) ‒ 8.5 pts, 5.5 reb
    Most Improved Player: CARLOS FERREIRINHO (Sampaense Basket) ‒ From 4.5 pts, 1.0 reb to 11.9 pts, 4.0 reb
    “Illustrious veteran” award: JOSÉ COSTA (C.A.B. Madeira) ‒ 5.4 pts, 3.9 ast, 1.08 st

    All-Portuguese LPB first team

    G José Barbosa (A.D. Ovarense): 10.4 pts, 6.6 ast, 2.39 st;
    G Nuno Oliveira (B.C. Barcelos): 16.3 pts, 6.0 reb, 1.92 st;
    F João Gomes (S.L. Benfica): 14.8 pts, 7.9 reb;
    F Miguel Miranda (A.D. Ovarense): 13.5 pts, 8.4 reb, 4.0 ast;
    C Elvis Évora (S.L. Benfica): 7.2 pts, 4.5 reb.

    All-Portuguese LPB second team

    G Mário Fernandes (Académica de Coimbra): 13.5 pts, 5.6 ast;
    G João Balseiro (Académica de Coimbra): 16.5 pts, 1.82 st;
    F Arnette Hallman (Académica de Coimbra): 14.0 pts, 10.2 reb, 1.91 st;
    F Paulo Cunha (Vitória de Guimarães): 11.1 pts, 8.4 reb;
    C Cláudio Fonseca (S.L. Benfica): 7.8 pts, 3.6 reb, 0.97 blk.

    All-Foreign LPB first team

    G Jason Smith (C.A.B. Madeira): 15.9 pts, 5.1 ast;
    G Lace Dunn (S.L. Benfica): 16.9 pts, 4.4 reb;
    F Ivan Almeida (Vitória de Guimarães): 18.6 pts, 9.7 reb, 2.28 st, 1.24 blk;
    F JaMarkus Holt (Algés): 19.2 pts, 11.8 reb;
    C Marko Loncovic (B.C. Barcelos): 18.1 pts, 8.9 reb, 2.28 st.

    All-Foreign LPB second team

    G Charlie Swiggett (Vitória de Guimarães): 13.9 pts, 4.8 ast, 2.00 st;
    G Steve Baker (Sampaense Basket): 15.5 pts, 4.5 reb, 1.50 st;
    F Al Rapier (Sampaense Basket): 17.1 pts, 7.1 reb;
    F Durrell Nevels (S.C. Lusitânia): 11.8 pts, 9.3 reb, 1.77 blk;
    C Marcel Momplasir (S.C. Lusitânia): 14.1 pts, 10.6 reb, 2.05 blk.

    José Calabote
    José Calabote 1.jpg


    • 2nd ACADÉMICA DE COIMBRA (22-11)

      Ideal starting five (in bold: MVP)

      PG Mário Fernandes: 13.5 pts, 5.6 ast
      SG João Balseiro: 16.5 pts, 1.82 st
      SF Fernando Sousa: 10.2 pts, 1.83 st
      PF Arnette Hallman: 14.0 pts, 10.2 reb, 1.91 st
      C Szymon Lukasiak: 10.9 pts, 1.06 blk

      FERNANDO SOUSA can be considered as the first «historical» LPB player: more than 1000 pts, 500 reb, 250 ast, 150 st and 50 blk; he’s now the second leading scorer (only behind Greg Stempin) and the more efficient burglar (238 st). I know that ARNETTE HALLMAN’s outside-shooting is suspect, but at least he’s a rebounding beast (my kind of PF). Except for Tim Toler, Académica’s signings were a huge hit: JOÃO BALSEIRO led all Portuguese in scoring; only José Barbosa dished-out more assists per game than MÁRIO FERNANDES, SZYMON LUKASIAK (only hired because of the help of a couple of anonymous benefactors) gave the team the inside presence that MARCO GONÇALVES (7.2 pts, 4.5 reb) alone couldn’t provide. The other two men of a very short rotation were BRUNO COSTA (6.8 pts, 3.1 reb), who had an important role when Sousa was injured, and DIOGO SIMÕES (4.2 pts, 3.6 ast), who ranks 5th all-time in assists (503).

      Arnette Hallman
      Arnette Hallman 5.jpg

      Addenda: Arnette Hallman left Académica and was signed by Union Basket Chartres Métropole (French NM 1).




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