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  • NBA players in Portugal

    I am trying to compile a list of NBA players who played at least one game in the Portuguese Basketball League. So far I only found 11 of them. Here they are:

    Table NBA.jpg

    I would be grateful to anyone who helps me complete this table.

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    Mario Elie!! one of my all-time favourites. Must've been one of the most underated players ever.
    Originally posted by Jon_Koncak
    That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"


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      Chris Porter.
      Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht
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        Many thanks to Rikhardur for the Chris Porter reference.

        To Joško Poljak Fan:
        Mario Elie is indeed an underrated player. His biggest claim to fame? Three NBA titles (Houston Rockets 1994 and 1995, San Antonio Spurs 1999) and, more importantly, a Portuguese League title in 1987/88 with A.D. Ovarense. He was also the only athlete to have played in Portugal, Ireland and Argentina, to have bounced back from that ordeal and still enjoy a successful NBA career.
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          25 former NBA players... so far!

          Here are 13 more players:

          - MILOS BABIC (Tennessee Tech; 1990 NBA Draft: 2/50): Ginásio Figueirense / C.A.B. Madeira (2001/02), Cleveland Cavaliers (1990/91), Miami Heat (1991/92);
          - GENO CARLISLE (California; undrafted): S.L. Benfica (2006/07), Portland Trail Blazers (2004/05);
          - RASTKO CVETKOVIC (undrafted): C.F. Belenenses (2000/01), Seixal F.C. (2001/02), Denver Nuggets (1995/96);
          - BEN DAVIS (Arizona; 1996 NBA Draft: 2/43): S.L. Benfica (2005/06), Phoenix Suns (1996/97, 1999/00), New York Knicks (1997/99);
          - MATT FISH (North Carolina-Wilmington; 1992 NBA Draft: 2/50): F.C. Porto (2000/01), Los Angeles Clippers (1994/95), New York Knicks / Denver Nuggets (1995/96), Washington Bullets / Miami Heat (1996/97);
          - NATE JOHNSTON (Tampa; 1988 NBA Draft: 3/59): A.D. Ovarense (1999/00), A.D. Oliveirense (2000/01), C.A.B. Madeira (2003/04), Utah Jazz / Portland Trail Blazers (1989/90);
          - ASKIA JONES (Kansas State; undrafted): Illiabum Ílhavo (1994/95), Minnesota Timberwolves (1994/95);
          - FORREST McKENZIE (Loyola Marymount; 1986 NBA Draft: 3/48): Imortal Albufeira (1989/90), San Antonio Spurs (1986/87);
          - IVANO NEWBILL (Georgia Tech; undrafted): C.T.M. Vila Pouca de Aguiar (2006/07), Detroit Pistons (1994/95), Atlanta Hawks (1996/97), Vancouver Grizzlies (1997/98);
          - ANTHONY PULLARD (McNeese State; undrafted): A.D. Ovarense (1995/96), Milwaukee Bucks (1992/93);
          - LOGAN VANDER VELDEN (Wisconsin-Green Bay; undrafted): Atlético Queluz (2000/01), Los Angeles Clippers (1995/96);
          - JAMIE WATSON (South Carolina; 1994 NBA Draft: 2/47): S.L. Benfica (2002/03), Utah Jazz (1994/96), Dallas Mavericks / Utah Jazz (1996/97), Miami Heat (1998/99);
          - TYSON WHEELER (Rhode Island; 1998 NBA Draft: 2/47): S.L. Benfica (2006/2007), Denver Nuggets (1998/99).
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            Rastko Cvetkovic...I think even Cezary Trybanski had more talent.

            I from Wisconsin!



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              Two more NBAers

              TOM HOVASSE (Penn State, PF, 2.03, 1967) played for Sporting C.P. during the 1989-90 season and 2 (two) games for the Atlanta Hawks (1994-95). There’s an interesting article about his experience in «The Daily Collegian» (Penn State’s alumni newspaper) available online. If only I could find out how to establish a link…

              REGINALD KING (Alabama, F, 2.01, 1957), a first-round draft pick in 1979 (#18), played for the Kansas City Kings (1979-1983), Seattle SuperSonics (1983-1985) and for S. C. Beira-Mar (1991-92). In case you are wondering, S.C. Beira Mar is the non-NBA team.


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                28th player

                ART LONG (PF, 2.06, 1972, Cincinnati) played for Estrelas da Avenida (1996-97), Sacramento Kings (2000-01, 9 games), Seattle SuperSonics (2001-02, 63 games) and spent the 2002-03 season with the Philadelphia 76ers (19 games) and the Toronto Raptors (7 games).


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                  DAVID COOKE (Saint Mary’s College of California, Undrafted) played for Sporting C.P. (1987-88) and for the Sacramento Kings (1985-86, 6 games).


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                    30th NBAer

                    Mark Crow, from the prestigious Duke University, played 15 games for the New Jersey Nets (1977-1978) after being drafted in 1977 (6th round, #111). He was also one of the most prominent American players in Sporting C.P.’s basketball history (played for them in the 1979-80 season).

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                      31th NBAer

                      Earnie Killum (Stetson University) ‒ a second-round draft pick in 1970 (#30) ‒ played 4 games for the Los Angeles Lakers (1970-71 season) and was on F.C. Barreirense's roster for the 1972-73 season.



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