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    Is Marton Bader clubless or is he playing outside of europe perhaps?

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    Originally posted by Wu-Tang View Post
    Is Marton Bader clubless or is he playing outside of europe perhaps?
    According to his agency site, he's free agent


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      Thank you.
      Quite remarkable that Bader is a free agent, even more for such a long period of time. He did a good half-season with Hemofarm and played well for Hungarian NT this year. Zvezda ought to acquire Bader and not unknown material from overseas.


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        Hungarian transactions 2010 Summer

        Albacomp signed Hungarian international forward Roland Hendlein from Kaposvár who some years and some major injuries ago gained some attention from Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Some weeks ago Hendlein injured seriously again. He'll miss 5-6 months.

        They released national team member Attila Farkas who got a ban from playing basketball (marijuana).

        The new coach is Branislav Dzunic, coach of the national team.

        Atomerőmű SE signed their former player, neutralized czech guard Jan Pavlík and Hungarian guard Péter Tóth who returns from Luxembourg.

        Former Euroleague star and Hungarian national team member giant center Róbert Gulyás announced his retirement from basketball.

        Rookie SZTE Szedeák got shooter Zsolt Kiss from Atomerőmű SE and prospect Ádám Hájer from Nyíregyháza.

        Cash-strapped Dombóvár KC inked American Thomas Kennedy.

        Falco KC signed their former center Mikhalai Aliakseyeu (Körmend) and point guard László Simon from ZTE.

        Donald Wilson left the team for Reims.

        Kaposvár signed young players Máté Medve (Atomerőmű SE) and Soma Kovács (Kecskemét) and their former center Gábor Fülöp.

        The point guards of the team will be Josh Wilson (Erdgas Ehingen) and Gergely Kutasi (Körmend)

        Kecskemét signed forward Hrvoje Orulic guard-forward Péter Lakatos (PVSK) and young György Cseh (Szolnok)

        The coach of all their youth teams will be Goran Miljkovic.

        Nyíregyháza signed veteran defensive specialist center László Czigler (PVSK) and young Csaba Kaluha

        Körmend signed outside shooter power forward Gergely Dávid from Kaposvár and backup point guard András Ruják from PVSK.

        Point guard Jermaine Thomas left team to join Eisbaren Bremerhaven in Germany.

        Former Eurolague player and Hungarian international István Németh seems to be healthy for the start of next season.

        PVSK signed its former player Hungarian international forward Norbert Tóth. Hungarian international guard Kornél Kiss (Kaposvár) and former national team member Levente Gémes (SZTE Szedeák) will also play for them.

        They got American Anthony Fisher from Frankfurt.

        Nenad Canak left the team for AEK Larnaca.

        Salgótarján signed Mario Kovacik from Banska Bystrica but lost head coach Csaba Déri, scorer Gytis Sirutavicius and point guard Eddy Barlow (All to BC Mures, Romania)

        Sopron signed former Szolnok player Thomas Kelley but lost Matthew Knight (Melbourne) and P.J. Couisinard.

        Szolnok signed Hungarian international Zoltán Trepák from champions ZTE.

        They also signed Hungarian international guard Ákos Horváth and athletic forward Ivory Clark from Atomerőmű.

        Obadiah Trotter came from Helsinki.

        They re-signed former Euroleague and Eurocup player Márton Báder.

        Champions ZTE keep three point shooting forward Kyle Wilson but lost playmaker Louis Hinnant (Kiev) and scorer Calvin Watson (Evreux).

        They signed national team member prospect Dávid Vojvoda from Kaposvár and former Zaragoza project center György Kinter from Dombóvár.
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          Falco KC signed veteran power forward Charles Gosa who has played in France, Israel, Australia and Austria previously. Earlier he played for Hungarian side Atomerőmű SE as well.


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            Great updates GH Keep them coming.
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              Go Adam Hanga!Impressive stats from the youngster in the qualifying round so far.


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                Very interesting. It would be nice to have this kind of updates for Hungarian basketball.

                BTW: I watched Hanga play several times with his club, he really impressed me since the first times (First games I watched him play was 3 years ago, he was only 18), but when I watched him with Hungary he never played well. I'm glad to see he's an impact player now even with his NT.
                Is he going to stay in Albacomp?

                Bam Doyne is another veteran of Hungarian league who impressed me when he played for Falco, he was about to sign here in Italian LegaDue a couple of years ago, but it didn't happen.

                Sorry for Hendlein I didn't know about his injuries, I personally watched him play in a Summer League here in Italy (Jesolo) some years ago. He was among the most interesting players, I thought he was going to get a contract here in LegaDue, but nothing again.


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                  89-born Adam Hanga and 90-born Dávid Vojvoda are currently the only Hungarian young players who can attract some interest from abroad. Both of them are really talented but maybe they rely too much on shooting threes all the time. Hanga is a great slasher and he has some playmaking skill as well, added to his athleticism so he should use them more often. Now he plays well in the national team but during last season he had some problems with consistency and decision-making mostly because his role in the team wasn't so clear. Vojvoda is a way better outside shooter and it's clear that it's his main weapon but as being a talent in other aspects of a game as well he should develop them too. His decision-making and maturity is above his age level. Hanga is going to stay in Albacomp for the next season. Volvoda left Kaposvár and joined champion ZTE for one season. After next season both of them want to go abroad.

                  Hendlein had an offer from LegaDue last year but after his visit in Italy he got injured and couldn't play for months. At the end of last season the Italians contacted him again but nothing happened. He then went to Székesfehérvár to have personal training sessions with his former coach Branislav Dzunic. Some weeks later he signed for Albacomp trained by Dzunic. Then he got seriously injured again, had surgery and will miss up to 6 months. He is a talent but his lack of motivation and injuries can ruin his career.

                  Jara Rubin "Bam" Doyne signed for Etoile Charleville-Mezieres (French Second Division).
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                    Atomerőmű signed shooting guard Brendan Winters who played for Duesseldorf Giants last season.

                    Kecskemét signed playmaker Jerome LaGrange who has played for several hungarian clubs earlier. Last season he played for Dombóvár and Atomerőmű.

                    PVSK signed American forward Sefton Barrett from Paderborn Baskets.

                    Falco got power forward Tamás Harazin from Szolnok on a season-long loan.


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                      Thanks for your answer, man. Great updates!


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                        The black Hungarian kid is a very nice player


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                          Yes, he is a talented guy. Actually, he is a born Hungarian, so he is not neutralized. His father is from Equatorial Guinea, but his mother and grandfather raised him after the father left them and went back to Africa when he was 2.

                          Here you can see him playing for his club (Albacomp) against Kloestenburg and Novy Jicin


                          Here he plays against Hungarian outfits Hegyvidék and ZTE.


                          These are fan-made videos so they are mostly about nasty dunks


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                            Péter Lóránt center of national team of Hungary said 'no' to Valladolid and Manresa and stays in Ford Burgos. Lóránt - formerly with Benetton Treviso, Körmend, Antwerp Giants, and Manresa - will start his fifth season at the club. Last season he was second-best scorer (behind Budivelnik-bound Zach Morley) and the team just missed promotion.
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                              What about Istvan Nemeth? Did he retire from NT?
                              He went back to Hungary last season and played for Kormend. Do you know whether he'll stay there or sign elsewhere in Hungary or in a foreign league?



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