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Belarus basketball.

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    Grodno-93 signed forward Vyacheslav Bogdanov and guards Valery Gandlin and Dzmitry Paliashchuk.
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      V.Liutych: I do not know why, I can’t adapt very well into the new team

      Vitali Liutych is one of the best players of his generation in Europe and the best in Belorussia. Before this season 197cm height player made long-term contract with Šiauliai and right now he says that he wants to become stronger and play better.

      This season young guy who plays in SG-SF positions experienced what is like to play in Lithuania, in NKL. And this year he is doing quite well but not as good as he wants to. 11,6 points (2P – 53,6%, 3P – 16,3%, FT – 64,6), 4,6 rebounds, 1 steal per game, 7,3 efficiency – that‘s what Vitali shows this season. 18 years old player this season is struggling playing beyond the arc and doesn‘t feel very good because of many changes that happened this autumn. „“ asked a few questions about Belorussian NT, life in Lithuanian and himself.

      Hi, Vitali. Tell our readers something about yourself – Your first steps in basketball, daily life in Šiauliai and things like that.

      Hello, I was born and began playing basketball in the small town of Birch, it’s not far from Brest. I started playing football, tennis but then our coach at the school decided to create a sports class on basketball and my parents let me to play it. After eighth grade, I was noticed and invited to study at Minsk, the Republican College of Olympic Reserve in the Department of basketball. There I trained with older guys than me. After that, I was invited to play for U-16 and twice for the U-18 teams. At the European championships I was able to show good statistics and then I started to receive a various options for continuing basketball career. As you already know I picked the club in Lithuania – Šiauliai. There are all conditions for training and skill growth as well as and living conditions.
      Full interview here.
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        Artsiom Parakhouski is playing for Olin Edirne at TBL this year... He was the starter for the first game of the season and helped his team win with 9 pts 3 rebs.

        This is a small team from a small city in European part of Turkey, and the atmosphere in the arena is usually very warm... Seibutis, Samardziski and Deliboa was playing here 2 years ago.
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