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A1 league 2016/2017

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  • A1 league 2016/2017

    difference bewteen this and last 16 seasons is that in this season our regional league teams will also play A1 league from the beginning.

    Cibona played and won against Hermes 96-78
    but today Cedevita played it's first game and lost to Split at home 69-76

    Split looked great, great team effort.
    Cedevita ofcourse didn't play with it's first team as they have formed a a huge roster but they had 5 players who played and demolished Zadar yesterday.

    Filipović with 8+7+6..
    God let him be injury free and we will finally got ourselves a PG for the NT.
    great game to watch as it was televised by Arena Sport, one game a week will also be live on national tv.
    "Heja, heja Cibosi, hrabri kao vukovi,

    heja, heja cibosi, vodite nas k pobjedi. "

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    Zadar won in Rijeka against Kvarner but it was a hard fought victory 77-72, they missed all of their 3p attempts.
    and Zadar played it's starters to exhaustion.
    Vladović, Brzoja and Marinković all played entire 40 minutes

    Cibona lost in Osijek to Vrijednosnice Osijek 78-71.

    First couple of games already showed that A1 league won't be a walk in the park for our regional league teams.
    not if they will continue to play with combined team (Cedevita and Cibona) or without a longer bench (Zadar).

    I was in Osijek at the game yesterday, when I was coming to the hall I was surprised by the number of cars on the parking lot and for a minute was afraid that I won't be able to get in as it was a full house.
    they played in a smaller of two halls as I don't think even host expected this kind of attendance but Cibona is a good attraction and the hall was packed. people sitting at the stairs.
    it was nice to see.
    quality of the game was bad though, mostly from Cibona side as home team is limited in quality but they deservedly won the game.
    "Heja, heja Cibosi, hrabri kao vukovi,

    heja, heja cibosi, vodite nas k pobjedi. "



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