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The Future of The Greek NT

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  • The Future of The Greek NT

    Obviously there's the certain decline ATM with Calathes, Sloukas getting old and Giannis not being 100% committed, and Greece doesn't have instant substitution for them. So it's the crisis of transition and the bad stretch for Greek NT. But heading to the future, the picture may not be all that bleak. There's definitely 2 pieces which are true prospects globally. 2004 Andrej Stojakovic, who will choose Greece as I understand, potentially great shooting guard, NBA prospect, and specially Alexandros Samodurov as versatile 4. He can go on the drafts somewhere high potentially. Interesting that both are not purely Geeks, one nearly Serbian, other Georgian. Definitely legit 2 pieces. The problem is that there's no dominant PG yet, at least IDK him yet. Naturalization sucks and I hated how Greece went cheap with Walkup. Rogkavopoulos and Kalaitzakis bros (or one) can grow into solid rotation pieces. Also Evangelos Zougris​ should be mentioned.

    Not too many top prospects on the horizon ATM, but if Stojakovic and Samodurov prevails, that's a good pieces to build around. Add elite true guard and you have nice big trio. Hope it won't be random American.

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    I agree that Sloukas and Calathes have to be replaced but allthough we dont have crystal clear potential candidates I am not afraid too much about the guard situation. I am more afraid about the PF/C position because you cannot teach height.

    I see things contrary. You won't have problems with forwards (maybe centers, but even Samo can go small ball 5). The problem is that there's no elite true guards, specially point guards. That's the key to get them.
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    You are right that at the moment there is no PG prospect that stands out. But also fasoulaki is correct in the sense that there is *also* no C prospect. Moraitis could be a decent PG but he made the mistake of coming to Pao so I expect him to be buried into obscurity pretty soon. But who knows? I agree that we're going to be relatively ok at the SF/PF position but I also think that our development is bad overall and we will still lack shooting.
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      Lefteris Liotopoulos is the next best thing in regards to point guards. Kostas Missas said at a bball camp that he's highly rated. He's 190cm and still has a couple years to gain more height.

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        November was the supposed month in which we'd learn the hosts of the OQT but so far no news available.
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          Originally posted by R1ou View Post
          November was the supposed month in which we'd learn the hosts of the OQT but so far no news available.
          As announced, the decision about the hosts of the OQT will be made on November 27.



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