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Greek-Americans in '70s - short question

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  • Greek-Americans in '70s - short question

    I've few quick question about the Greek-Americans who played in Greece in last century's 70s.
    In particular, those who came before Galis or right after and are sort of "less known":

    - Chris Kefalos (Panathinaikos, 1969-1978);
    - Steve Young-Giatzoglou (Olympiakos, 1972);
    - George Kastrinakis (Olympiakos, 1972);
    - Paul Diakoulas (Olympiakos, 1972);
    - Paul Melini (Olympiakos, 1974);
    - David Nelson-Stergakos (Panathinaikos, 1978);
    - Kurt Rambis-Rambidis (AEK, 1980);
    - Albert Mallah (Panellinios, 19XX);
    - Chris Roupas (various teams, 1982).

    Questions are:
    1) According to some sources, not all of them had real Greek roots. Is that true? And, if yes, whose of them were "fake Greek-Americans"? and got citizenship thanks to documents released by Greek Orthodox Churches in the USA that were enough for Greek administration to give them citizenship;
    2) Whose of them remained in Greece after their career ended? (I'd say just Giatzoglou, Stergakos and - later - Galis and Korfas);
    3) Did I miss anyone in the period I mentioned (so, practically, until John Korfas)?

    Third queston is about Korfas, because I really can't remember it. France had doubts about his Greek citizenship and asked FIBA to stop him. At Eurobasket 1989 he never played. But was he relegated to bench and "DNP" or he was sitting on the stands before entering official list of games? So, practically, Greece had at Yugoslavia's Eurobasket just 11 players at roster because the stop to Korfas came after lists were closed?

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    Question no.1 is exactly what I'm wondering
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      Among the players you listed, Steve Young-Giatzoglou and David Nelson-Stergakos remained in Greece after their playing careers ended. Nikos Galis and John Korfas are also notable Greek-American players who stayed in Greece after their careers.

      In the period you mentioned (until John Korfas), it seems you covered the key Greek-American players who played in Greece. If there are others, they might be less known or have limited information available.

      Regarding John Korfas at Eurobasket 1989, there were indeed issues with his Greek citizenship. He did not play in the tournament, and Greece had 11 players on the official roster due to the complications with Korfas' eligibility. Whether he was relegated to the bench or sitting in the stands may not be well-documented, and further research or contemporary reports may provide more specific details about his status during the tournament.
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