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France National Team 2015

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  • France National Team 2015

    Roster Player

    4 Leo Westermann 197-PG-92 Limoges
    5 Nicolas Batum 203-SF-88 Charlotte Hornets
    7 Joffrey Lauvergne 209-PF-91 Denver Nuggets
    8 Charles Kahudi 199-SF-86 ASVEL Villeurbanne
    9 Tony Parker 188-PG-82 San Antonio Spurs
    10 Evan Fournier 197-SG-92 Orlando Magic
    11 Florent Pietrus 201-PF-81 Nancy
    12 Nando de Colo 195-PG-87 CSKA Moscow
    13 Boris Diaw 205-PF-82 San Antonio Spurs
    15 Mickael Gelabale 201-SF-83 Le Mans
    16 Rudy Gobert 213-C-92 Utah Jazz
    19 Mouhammadou Jaiteh 208-C-94 JSF Nanterre

    Friendly Games

    01/08 France 67 Finland 76
    07/08 France 78 Serbia 65
    09/08 France 93 Russia 55
    12/08 France 63 Serbia 73
    14/08 France 90 Ukraine 57
    16/08 France 95 Ukraine 63
    21/08 France 95 Georgia 53
    22/08 France 74 Belgium 72
    28/08 France 76 Germany 52
    30/08 France 68 Germany 63

    39th European Championship

    05/09 France 97 Finland 87
    06/09 France 81 BIH 54
    07/09 France 69 Poland 66
    09/09 France 74 Russia 67
    10/09 France 86 Israel 61
    12/09 France 76 Turkey 53
    15/09 France 84 Latvia 70
    17/09 France 75 Spain 80
    20/09 France 81 Serbia 68
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    As far as I've read, Noah won't be there
    Originally posted by Jon_Koncak
    That's funny shit.I cant believe there are sports fans thinking like it.It's like Federer losing to random Japanese player in round 1 of French Open but tournament director stepping in and saying "hey it was a fluke win who wants to watch a random Japanese guy in next round,Federer qualifies"


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      Collet just gave a 24 names pre-list :

      Thomas Heurtel (Efes Istanbul, Turquie)
      Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs, NBA)
      Léo Westermann (Limoges)
      Nando De Colo (CSKA Moscou, Russie)
      Fabien Causeur (Vitoria, Espagne)
      Antoine Diot (Strasbourg)
      Evan Fournier (Orlando Magic, NBA)
      Nicolas Batum (Portland Trail Blazers, NBA)
      Nobel Boungou-Colo (Limoges)
      Mickaël Gelabale (Limoges)
      Edwin Jackson (FC Barcelone, Espagne)
      Charles Kahudi (Le Mans)
      Jérémy Leloup (Strasbourg)
      Boris Diaw (San Antonio Spurs, NBA)
      Adrien Moerman (Limoges)
      Florent Piétrus (Nancy)
      Mam Jaiteh (Nanterre)
      Joffrey Lauvergne (Denver Nuggets, NBA)
      Kim Tillie (Vitoria, Espagne)
      Ali Traoré (Strasbourg)
      Alexis Ajinça (New Orleans Pelicans, NBA)
      Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz, NBA)
      Ian Mahinmi (Indiana Pacers, NBA)
      Kevin Séraphin (Washington Wizards, NBA)

      No surprises at this point.


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